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Wednesday, June 29, 2011
I told you I'm a slacker
Wow, honestly I had trouble accessing Blogger after such a long hiatus. I forgot the email I registered my blog under and I had to go through a series of trial and error before I'm here. *wipes sweat*
Yes, it has been ages and I'm here with the sole purpose of injecting the slightest form of life into an otherwise pulse-less blog.
Half of 2011 has already passed and truth be told I have been slacking for the past few months. And slacking is so freaking awesome, especially when you know that in a matter of a few months you'll be as busy as hell. Rise and shine at 11am almost everyday is a luxury, albeit at the expense of having a monthly income of a big fat zero.
But I see no point in working my butt off like every day. It's my holiday and I should enjoy it.
Hmmmm, I sense a mild pulse rate on this poor thing. At this rate of one post per year, I think my blog needs a miracle. Bye bye.

Saturday, March 06, 2010
Say hi again
Wow, it feels weird blogging again though this is probably just one more post (until months later). Another I-need-to-blog inducing factor will typically be when the holidays are gonna end and I will be here virtually screaming that "HOLIDAYS ARE ENDING!" as though nobody else realises.

Well, things are getting pretty serious for JC2 already, considering it's the A Level year. GP which used to be let's-listen-to-the-teacher-talk-crap-for-1-hour became pretty serious brain cell-diminishing stuff (talk about AQ, man)

Gonna work hard this year! And for every year, as a matter of fact.

Saturday, November 07, 2009
I still remember I have a blog. I think.
I am finally liberated from the evil clutches of PW!

Today was my Oral Presentation and well, I screwed up my Q & A. The question I got was okay, not exactly weird, but it's just that I did not think of that question beforehand. Just my luck. I prepared 13 questions beforehand and none of them came out. *sigh*

Oh well. Bad news aside, PW is over!!!


Sunday, August 30, 2009
Forever and ever
Okay, I know it's taking FOREVER for me to blog. But anyway, I am like seriously busy (the only day I have CCA is on Tuesday!). I am seriously in mug-till-your-pen-drops mode (I always spin my pens, so it's not surprising if they drop frequently)
But anyway, tomorrow is half-day for Teacher's Day celebrations. Can't wait to go back to NCHS to meet the PAJIAO gang! Long time since we all met. Might catch a movie after that!

Signing off here, with a super short post!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Make your holiday a FRUITFUL one!
Just digress from the title a little bit, I know I have been neglecting this blog so badly I can hear it whining but it isn't really my fault. I am so busy and I need somemore to tell me the definition of tired because I was so tired I forgot.

Okay anyway, my holiday is COMPLETELY not a holiday at all. Absolutely not. And if you think I'm just exaggerating and making a big fuss out of a week when we got to go back for school, think again. I've got to travel allllllll the way to NTU every single weekday for my H3 Star Programme. Just like a 9 - 5 job. *gasp*

Seriously, I don't know what I got myself into.

Anyway, for all of you out there whose holidays are very free and relaxed, make your holidays more meaningful! Do your part for the Singapore Cancer Society by volunteering yourself as a volunteer (duh). Basically, all you have to do is to help sell some goods (I know my phrasing somehow makes it sound illegal, but rest assured, perfectly legal) like fruits and some really cute badges during the street sales. Well of course CIP hours are awarded accordingly.

Oh well, shall abandon my blog again for now. If you're interested in the CIP thingy I was talking about, check out http://sunshineyourheart.blogspot.com. I'm the Finance Director okay! =)

Saturday, April 11, 2009
Tick tock
I can feel my laptop is gonna die out soon because I have experienced temporary hardware failure and erm, lagging. I am considering a MacBook (the cheapest one la, I am very budget) or just some random laptop with good specifications.

Anyway, my laptop is ageing and it's quite obvious it's greying! (FYI, my laptop is grey to begin with) Haha, going back to NCHS the coming Friday for the school anniversary. Going for dinner with PJ after that! Looking forward to it! It has been ages since we last met! Okay, not exactly. We just met during the March holidays.

PI SUCKS! My PW teacher sucks even more. So does PW to begin with.

Friday, March 13, 2009
Now I see the difference
I just keep recalling how free I always was when I was in NCHS. It's like, so few projects and stuff. And now, exhibiting themselves in front of me are truckloads of tutorials, projects, CCA camps and some lame class video contest.

Lol, although I agree that the very thought of having a class MV contest for April's Fool Day is rather stupid and time-wasting, we still have to do it since its MANDATORY for reasons a sane mind will fail to discover.

Since we got to do it anyway, must as well make the best of it. And since the whole idea is LAME in the first place, it actually suits LAME and crappy people like myself. Haha, so Tzumi, Yicen and I were discussing about what we can include in the video and came up with parts we thought were funny. Notice the keyword is 'thought'.

We were discussing during the Chem lecture and I was so distracted that I didn't really catch what the lecturer said.

A picture of my class!!! Somehow, I feel that we are blending into the background as well. I guess, apart from mugging, NJCians are pretty good at camouflaging too.

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