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Tuesday, June 10, 2008
10 June 2007
I am BORED to my nerve endings!!!
I have so much homework waiting for me that I am doubtful whether I can finish the whole bloody load! Sigh.
Enough of lamenting, let's go on to the more interesting thing I have been doing! HEHE, I am watching HK dramas! They are really nice, compared to Channel 8's fabulous broadcasts. They (S'pore shows) are either dumb, stupid, imbecilic or are direct replicas of some dumbass drama from a few years back except for a different, but equally lousy, cast.
And I'm totally done with Prison Break 3! It was fantastic! And the last episode in which Scofield outwitted Susan, the evil bitch, was so satisfactory I was laughing at her stupidity and of course, commending his intelligence.
Anyway, have been doing some hours of CIP at the Sengkang library. Our shelving duties were so boring, we slacked a couple of times and got caught. We can only blame ourselves --- not for being lazy but for reading the magazines in such an obvious place easily spotted by the library staff.
School will be re-opening soon! Why must all good things come to an end, why can't HOMEWORK come to an end?!!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008
3 June 2008
With the increased occurrence of natural disasters like the Sichaun earthquake and the Myammar cyclone, we can't help but ponder, will the Earth come to an eventual end? And if so, when?
Oracles, psychics and whatnot have unanimously predicted that Doomsday will be on 21 December 2012, which is barely 4 years from now. I got this information from a video Stef sent me, which is posted on Youtube. It is an episode shown on the History Channel. Before going onto an SS reliability SBQ frenzy, let's just presume that the History Channel is a reliable source. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecTE6lXI-m0

Here is the link.

Let's just do a really quick summary of the video for those who don't bother to watch it. Various INDEPENDENT sources, such as the Mayan calendar, invented by some tribe in South America or something, the I Ching (some Chinese fortune telling thingy) and the Book of Relevations have miraculously concluded that the day the world end will be 4 years from now.

The Mayan Calendar can predict, extremely accurately, the occurrences of solar eclipses 1000 years later. The funny thing is, it predicted that on the eventful day in 2012, the Earth will be aligned to the Sun and the Milkway Way of something and this uncommon linear arrangement may be the spark to a global catastrophe as the plates may move, earthquakes and tsunamis will occur, killing millions and probably causing the world to sink.

The I Ching is an ingenious way of fortune telling, consisting of throwing 3 coins. When most of the coins are heads, a broken (or straight) line is drawn. When most of the coins are tails, a straight (or broken, I really can't remember the sequence). This is repeated 6 times and the pattern obtained is checked against a book which contains the explanations for the possible 64 patterns. This genius or something observed that this pattern occurred 64 times and plotted a graph, which sadly, ended at 2012. Does that mark the end of the world?

Then comes various Oracles, Merlin and ladies that live in caves, whose predictions are claimed to be cut-throat accurate. All of them predicted that disasters will occur in the 21st century. Scientists however, conducted several tests on the caves the ladies lived in and discovered the presence of a gas that causes hallocinations. Here comes the big question: Are these simply hallucinations, or accurate forecasts of the future?

To think about it, it is remarkedly amazing how so many independent sources, who supposedly did not come together in any forms of interaction, can come out with so similar predictions. Is it just purely coincidence, or is there more that meets the eye?

Nobody knows, not even the profs and smarty pants called to give their intelligent speeches on the video.

Well, after I watched the video, what I found most convincing and scientific was the alignment of the Sun, Earth and the Milky Way, which may result in the Earth changing its axis. I thought that was the most believable.

If the world is going to end, why do we still have to study?! And if tsunamis are predicted and the earth expected to sink, why don't everyone pack up and get ready for a yacht holiday or fishing trip on Dec 2012?

And if the world really ends, who will replace us? Will it be the dinosaurs again or some new species never known to exist by humans (nudges image below)?

I guess we have to wait till 2012.

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