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Friday, February 16, 2007
17th Feb 2006
Wow. It's like, already the eve of chinese new year eve. Haa, it's really amazingly shocking how time really flies.
So today was really relaxing, except for the Buo Bao Xin Wen part.
First period was Mrs Sim's. She's really a good teacher thought Like during Valentine's Day we asked her where are our chocolates, she said she would buy and give us tomorrow and unexpectedly she really did. Which, is so unlike other teachers who make up with truckloads of excuses to cover up their stingyness to spend some $5 to buy a box of candy.
And she's really a joker. LMAO, literally. Today she dressed up in a pink laced skirt and a white knit jacket and tied a pink ribbon around her waist. It's funny how we take so much notice of what teachers wear. Yeah, so back to my story. Erm, you know those kind of CNY decorations, miniature wire-as-branches, rolled-up-orange-netting0mandarin-oranges-plant kinda thing. Yeah so it was placed on the teachers table, harmless and innocent. BUT, when Mrs Sim half-sat on the table, the wires got caught in her ribbon. ROFLMAO. Just when the wires are clinging on her ribbon for dear life, she took the ribbon off and thrust the ever-innocent object aside.
AND she claimed the "plant" was dangerous. but i kinda thought everything in her hands are dangerous. *shrugs*
Anyway, we were in charged of making the hamper for this year's competition. We even had to go Popular to buy those materials and I had to take cardboard for the base of the hamper from Popular. It made me look like I was one of those super irritating asses who keep pressing their horns and walk around the whole bloody block asking for old newspaper they hope to exchange for such minute amounts of money that can't even buy me a cup of coffee from the coffeeshop.(I mean karung guni man). It was utterly embarassing.
But all's well ends well! We WON! 1st!!!!!
OMG. We were like so happy! THREE CHEERS.
AHAHA. The sense of achievement is priceless.
But so much for the crap prizes LOL. One word - Cheapscape.
the efforts we made were worth it. WEEEEEEEEEEEE~
the hand-painted pig was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!
oh well you get me.

Friday, February 09, 2007
9 feb 2007
This post shall salvage my undergoing-DA-rotting-process BLOG!
ok to start with, lets talk about?
1. I want my blog to rot!
2. But I'm contradicting myself since I am typing a post and I claimed so proudly in the header that it shall save my blog from the devastating rotting process.
4. 25 ppl flunked Physics. I so hope it isnt me.
5. A gigantic lump of lipids, who thought that fat content embedded underneath his skin is muscles, is teaching us how to HIPHOP PROFESSIONALLY.
6. I end up laughing at him every lesson.
7. I sometimes wonder why PE teachers are plump.
8. And why they wear the honourable Emperor's underwear, which in my dictionary means BRIGHT YELLOW SHORTS.
9. Had a great laugh too, at him, the Emperor's underwear wearer.
10. Got 2005 yearbook, laughed at myself and a couple of weird pictures... and teachers.
11. Wondered why the school took 2 years to publish 84-page glossy-papered book. *shakes head in disgust*
12. And why I was caught in another photo other than the class photo.
13. And why school is boring me.
14. And why the designs I drew on my PIG.KA.FILE are fading off.
15. Wondering why the whiteboard is so black
16. Wondering why Sim gives so much homework.
17. Wondering why Sim's face turn tomato red when she mentions her immature and childish memories with her son
18. Wondering why she had to tell us that her son is born on 03-03-03.
19. Wondering why Kim is so short.
20. Wondering why Kim's ass is just above her knee.
21. Wondering why Kim's pronounciation is worst than mine.
22. Wondering why Kim thought the neck of the OHP is 360 degrees turnable.
23. Wondering why Kim wears bright red lipstick
24. Wondering why Kim got a bing bing you li de nan zi.
25. Wondering why I am mentioning so much on Kim.

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