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Saturday, December 16, 2006
16th dec
it's bren, from guangzhou LOL.
sorry i cant wish u happy bdae personally but... hey girl, you're 14!!!
may ur wishes come true!!!
anw, cant go to sis reunion. had to choose between reunion dinner and funfair so apparently i chose funfair. =/
it's cold here. teeheehee. i love the wind blowing into my face!
bought loads of things!!!
and converse shoes are like 60% to 70% of the SG price!
AND!!! I BOUGHT A PAIR OF the jin sanshun pig-lookalikes! they're uber adorable and cuddly!
WAHAHAHAHAHA. and they're cheap too.
wanted to buy another huge one which was so cheap but my mum said no. big bleh.
so nvm ba, holidays are FUN!

Monday, December 11, 2006
11 dec
2 days ago, which was a BEAUTIFUL saturday, joyce and I went to DA SIS FUNFAIR.
we met at my mtr station at 11.30 then went to causeway bay coz:
1) we are hungry
2)there's neoprints in times sq
3)bus to SIS is there
so apparently becoz of 3 perfectly perfect reasons, we had to go there.
so first up, we walked the really long mtr tunnel, not those dark and poorly-ventilated train tunnels la. the well-lit for commuters tunnels.
and we laughed at this guy for wateva he does that we interpreted as neck cramps ^^.
so we finally reached times square and went to some this shop with clearance sales.
and they were selling a really cute CUBED tigger!!! and it was darn cheap, $29 nia. which is like, $6 SGD and it wasnt small. i wont say it's big coz it aint really that big to call it big. get me?
it makes no sense to carry a CUBED toy from here to SIS then back home yea?
so no it doesnt make sense.
so after that we went to the neoprints shop to take NEO!
the shop, which appeared quite small from the outside, was actually quite deep and has LOADS of machines!!!
we chose one with chairs... ahaha and we were flying on the moon!!!
after that, joyce had to return some books which were ALREADY overdued and so we had to literally RUN to the library which was kinda far.
i feel tired even when i'm talking bout it. LOL
then we took the tram, alighted at KFC, bought burgers then walked to bus stop which has hundreds of ppl queuing up. DANG.
and DAMN IT we waited like 45 mins for the bloody bus 72A to come! till then my legs were already killing me. we ate our KFC meanwhile, with regular extra ingredients from the exhaust (wateva u call it) of ALL buses except for 72A. carbon monoxide taste bad!
so when we reached, we spent like 10 mins taking photos of SIS from far. LOL.
then when we were walking up the slope to schl when this little boy who just left the funfair was holding two candycanes and was pretending to shoot us.
we gladly joined in his game by screaming "BOOOMMM!!!! OWWWWWW!"
and went off, laughing our asses off.
anyway, we went to the rooftop that has the tricycles and this dunno wat thing for the PY kids.
and ROFL, we rode the tricycles ahahaha.
around and around the rooftop. and we climbed over the plastic house and stuff. and played like 5 y.o kiddies.
it's only when we left,when we realised that there was a surveilance camera all along.
=/ DANG.
ahaha but who cares.
then went to the gym and saw HAI TO!!! my chinese tcher.
coz she was in front of me, i was like following her but i cant rmb her chinese name so i was like "joyce, wats her name?"
so anw, when she finally saw me i waved hi and the first thing she said was "AIYO I DONT RMB YOU!" in chinese.
sobs. she dont rmb me.
so she was like talking talking but i didnt say anything. then she asked me "dont tell me you dont noe how to speak chinese!"
damn, i should have acted dumb. LOL
so after a short convo, she still dont rmb me, so... oh well...
then after that went for joyce's bro (who gladly, remembers my name)'s BBQ with his friends.
hahaha and went back home with my legs really painful. OWWW
why am i saying owww when it doesnt heard now? it's been 2 days LOL!

Saturday, December 02, 2006
2 dec
so great, i'm now in hk.
and the temperature is coool. as in, u noe, erm nvr on aircon at night still must cover ur blanket. yea, u get wat i mean. so it's something really awesome especially when sg is hot all yer round.
but anyway winter in hk isnt something i nvr experience before, in fact i have experienced that for DAMN, more than half of my life!
anyway, journey to hk wasnt that great. met a fucking old man who stole my table at the canteen. if given another chance i'll kick his ass real hard and make sure he gets constipated the rest of his life.
then on the plane, yet another fucking fat middle-aged mean angmoh sat in front, beside of me. and the prob is, it was all crampy and stuff and this fat ass still pulled back his chair all the way. so it made everything all the worst. and when my bro asked him to push up his chair slightly,which he did, but posed the dumbest question in the world. he actually asked why?
*knocks some sense into his bloody head* Duh, It's exactly the same reason why you pull back your chair in the first place!
well, he's fucking fat, he's old and he's god damn STUPID. wat a UNPLEASANT mixture. oh and PLUS, he has no common sense and he's unlogical.
but on the plane with us were 2 REALLLLY CUTE angmohkia. SO CUTE. and they were like, running all over the place. but they werent noisy... in fact, they were entertaining =]
so blah blah blah, we reached home at 11pm. kinda late...
and i found out that HK CABLE TV is like, a few zillion times better than Sg cable tv. I mean, look at the channels!
there's MTV mandarin, Mtv sea, mtv china, there's HMC (movies and stuff), there's KBS World (korean chnl but not as if i watch it coz everything is in korean), there's AXN, erm and tonnes more.
and normal TV, that is, not cable tv, is already great enuf! you know those hk drams u watch on starhub chnl 55, yea! there're all from the NORMAL hk tv and they're much better than sg dramas! i mean, look at sg dramas, the cast are always the same, BORING everyone of us out with the same old story etc.
anyway, today went for lunch in this cafe thingy near my home.
they were selling roasted food, duck and chicken. and the amusing thing is instead of selling ROASTED SUCKLING PIG, they sell ROAST SUCKING PIG.
AHAHAHA. honestly can they spell. sighs. that got me, mum and bro cracking up.
i want a roast sucking pig too.

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