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Saturday, November 29, 2008
The Ultimate Crime Fighter
I've just finished watching this HK drama, The Ultimate Crime Fighter. I always think their English names for their shows suck though. It's like, most shows involving crime will definitely get an English title with the word "crime" in it. A great example will be... *points below*. I prefer their original Cantonese names though. More catchy. 通天幹探.

A synopsis taken directly from Wikipedia:
Famous for his unparalleled kung-fu skills, Police Officer Yuen Fo-Sung (Yuen Biao) has cracked a large number of difficult cases, which makes him very popular within the police force. Despite the recognition he has achieved, Fo quits his job to become a monk. But later, as luck would have it, he gets back to Hong Kong again, where he experiences a series of mysterious, supernatural events…
With the assistance of Fo, Wai Chun-Lung (Moses Chan), an undercover police officer, manages to solve the most complicated cases. Fo believes that there is a special bond between him and Lung. Lung and his bosom friend Keung Nga-Yue (Yoyo Mung) have been very close to each other. Feeling so upset, Lung’s girlfriend Wong Chi-Ying (Gigi Lai) starts going out with her boss Chong Man-Hei (Kevin Cheng), which leads her to the point of no return…
To seek revenge, Lung has shown his complete disregard for law and order. He is ready to sacrifice himself and even Fo to reach his goal. Things are happening as Fo predicts. Will the long-running feud between them be eventually settled? Fate will decide…

Moderately long drama, with 37 episodes. I can't tolerate those bloody draggy ones they show on Channel 8 and some other channels. The what Taiwan Tornado (or is it Hurricane) or something is so draggy, it lasts about a few hundred episodes. I think only my grandmother watches it.

So anyway, back to the drama. The first case was very interesting, about some black magic case. After that, it got very boring because even though it was very evidently a crime-investigation show (as the English name very obviously suggests), there were like 3 episodes consequetively that has no crimes in it.

But after those parts, the drama was getting better and more exciting. Kudos to all the amazing producers, directors and script-writers who are able to let the audience's emotions sway with the characters. Well, this drama isn't touching, but it's damn frustrating when the villian gets his way all the time (except the end la, or else everyone will call up TVB to complain).

Even when very coincidentally, there was a photographer filming the whole process where the culprit repeatedly submerged the girl's head into the water to drown her, the culprit was still able to escape unscathed because that piece of evidence was not valid since it was found by the girl's boyfriend. Somehow, there is this law that made it legally invalid because there is a possibility that the deceased's kin will do something to the evidence being presenting to court. Weird. And very frustrating.

In the end, it still wasn't the law take caught on the villian, although he died in the end as well. Tsk tsk. Does justice always prevail? Or is the legal system a game controlled by the lawyers and the rich? I don't know reality enough to comment.

Thursday, November 27, 2008
The Ultimate PJ edition
Nothing much to blog about, so I decided to do an exclusive PJ memorial edition! Haha. Well, probably the five of us will be off to different JCs, so the PJ Club will not exactly exist tangibly anymore, but the spirit will live on! Long live the PJ spirit!

Tracing the PJ history will bring us back to 25th May 2007, during the Sec 3 Camp. Six (including Huijing, who used to be in) seemingly bored students of 4I decided to bring their boredom to a whole new level. Amidst their random-ness and boliao-ness, they started nudging people, but instead of looking them into the eye, they intentionally looked at another direction. They started diverting people's attention to empty spaces by pointing at random directions, and then walk away so that the victims look like fools when they turn back clueless. As such, a brilliant association was established - The Pajiao Club.

It may be lame stuff, as many people will say, but isn't that what high school is all about? If you want to talk about seriousness and whatnot, save that breath and use it when you go to office. High school should be fun and memorable!

I must selectively select selectable photos, or else I have to suffer the wrath of the furious people's fury.

First up, a so called "group" photo taken during our ice-skating trip. Quite a failure, evidently. The photo only successfully captured Jiapei, Stef and my sideviews. The more fortunate Lishan got half her face in, while pitiful Tzumi only got her sclera. Lol.

Neoprints! Usually we take neoprints at the same old place, which is at Orchard Cineleisure. Not like there are many neoprint shops around nowadays, but so far, that's the only place we went for them! The existence of the handy, pocket-sized and user-friendly in-built phone cameras must have killed most neoprint shops. I can imagine the owners screaming, "PIANG EH! Now everyone use phone camera take picture, go home photoshop edit can already! This machine so big so expensive, who the bloody hell use?!" and send a flying kick with uncanny precision into the hole where the pictures drop out and have his leg stuck inside. With a huge thump on the machine, the stylus drops off from its holder and gets deposited into his boogie-filled nostrils. Eew.

"I'm sick of this!" he says, and grabs the stylus from his nose openings and places it back onto its holder, where it continues dripping semi-liquid mucus. Hard luck to the next user or owner who vents his frustration.

Haha, there was this very embarrassing time when we were selecting how the photos are to be printed so that it is easy to divide. In the hustle, we accidentally clicked a random format. When the photo developed, one stupid picture occupied 90% of the photo paper. XIA SWAY lah! Where got people take neoprint take until like that? LOL! We rapidly hid that particular neoprint in our bags and left hurriedly.

Get what I mean? Haha. Total disgrace =/

Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Another day closer...
Hmm. Currently reading a 754-page novel, called Breaking Dawn, sequel to the Twilight saga. It's quite nice actually, but a little boring at some parts. Only half-way through it though, most of the time I am too lazy to read it. And to add on, I read quite slow too. But eventually, I'll finish it anyway. It's only a matter of time.
Anyway, went to Hougang Mall for lunch today with my mum. Ate at Ajisen Ramen. Bought a new DVD player because my dad accidentally dropped the old player on the floor and now it can't stop opening and closing, even when there is no disc inside.
The new DVD player we got was a Phillips one, at $89! It's damn good! It can directly read movies from your thumb drive or external hard disk by just plugging the device into the USB port!
Absolutely awesome!
Just another boring detail, it's raining again. I am no expert in the study of the weather, neither am I a climatologist, but maybe it's the monsoon season or something arriving. That may not be a bad change, since Singapore only has a one-season policy (like China's one-child policy). Summer, summer, summer! This sounds a little like the start of HSM 2, where the cast started chanting "summer summer summer" as if it was some spell to kill the teacher, and then break into the song, "What Time Is It". Lol, I have a great memory for stupid details, and most of them come from HSM. Like the part where Gabriella screamed "TROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYY" in the basketball court when Troy "can hardly breathe" and start panting like a dog suffering from hyperthermia.
Some of the HSM songs are nice, but usually the plot that follows it is just... erm, unrealistic.
Oh anyway, good news is... I'll be staying at Disney's Hollywood Hotel for 3 nights during my trip to HK! I'll love to see how it is inside. It also means that I'll be going to Disneyland again, because there is this promotion which allowed us to go to the theme park for 2 days. Maybe I can catch the fireworks two nights in a row then. The fireworks is quite spectacular actually, watched it like, two or three years ago and was rather impressed.
Looking forward to my HK trip!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
I was busy the whole morning and afternoon. That's an overstatement because I don't have much of the morning, considering I wake up at 10+. Haha, so a just statement will be I was busy the whole afternoon and a bit of the morning.
Packing my stuff and clearing my poor room was part of today's agenda. The aftermath of the O Levels was clearly reflected in my room lah. It was very messy! Notice the past tense! =)
Books and loose sheets of notes are everywhere on my table, drawers and cupboard. I gathered two huge boxes, you know those kind used to contain fruits? Yup, dumped everything I didn't want to keep into them.
I think my mum and I went out to empty the boxes like three or four times! So exaggerating. To think I managed to keep all the rubbish in a small room like mine.

And I am proud to present... The CLEAN room!

*bows in response to the imaginary applause*

My room is officially clean! If the Environment Agency comes to inspect, I'll definitely get an A! Even better than those hawker centre stalls! Yay!

Sunday, November 23, 2008
Stay-home Movie Marathon!
After sending my dad off to the airport in the afternoon, we went to Giant to buy groceries and other necessities. I hate that place. It's so crampy and full of people. And since I wasn't in charged of picking the vegetables, fruits and other stuff, my duty was mainly to watch over the trolleys, which we parked conveniently at a side or pushing it. I also dislike walking in that place. Every step you take marks a mission --- to dodge the incoming trolleys, or manoeuvre the trolley from others if you are the one pushing it.
Back home, I watched The House Bunny.

Haha, it was quite funny. Enjoyed it pretty much. It's about this Playboy girl who got kicked out of the Playboy mansion. Homeless, she decided to stay in the Zeta house where a bunch of socially unaccepted girls lived as a house mother. Well, watch it to know more.
Watched Space Chimps next.

The aliens in the movie were morbidly ugly. Eew. I thought the movie was quite okay. Perhaps I am just easily satisfied when it comes to movies. As long as the plot isn't a mess and is understandable, I think I'll enjoy it. Yay.
Shall watch Wall-E next.

Saturday, November 22, 2008
Tick tock tick tock
My holidays are becoming unfulfilling! Everyday is just another normal day for me, nothing special and nothing worth exclaiming about. It's like, just watching the clock tick towards night time, then go to sleep and everything happens just the same again the next day.
I went to the Gym this afternoon anyway, since I have nothing better to do. Apparently, the frequent snacking and idling these few days have had a profound effect on my weight. Too little activities to burn the calories!
Got back from Gym, bade farewell to my previous efforts as I went for dinner at Hougang.
After dinner, played pool for almost 2 hours. I almost kept my record! Damn, it got broken during the last game. THANKFULLY, actually, because my the record was that the team that has me will definitely lose. It happened almost everytime without fail, except for the last. Phew. Quite embarrassing actually. *shuffles feet*
That's all for today. One word to sum it up: SIAN!

Friday, November 21, 2008
A very necessary photo update
The previous days, I was too busy and indolent to post photos so here is an update.

Group photo taken in the chalet, on the day we were checking out. The setting was the resort lobby.
PJ with Xinyi. A little spooky to take photos at night. *shudders*

PJ with Mr Quek.
WAHAHAHA! And the BIG-HEADED MONKEY PJ gave me for my birthday! It's really cute right? That's a rhetorical question because I already know it is.
I seem to have a liking for big-headed and fat stuff for the case of plushies or cartoons. A excellent example that demonstrates it will be...

My pigkaboo collection is undergoing natural decay in my external hard drive. It has been ages since I last displayed it. So this graduation PKB is in much luck.

Pathetic Mahjong session during the chalet. We used two pillows as the base and a bed sheet to cover both pillows. The result was obviously not to our favour because the tiles kept toppling over. It was more like playing dominos than mahjong.
Sorry for my lack of topic in this post. No inspiration leh.

Thursday, November 20, 2008
Job Hunt!
The chalet is over, rather okay I guess. Everything went smoothly and I thought it was quite fun at times.
On the first day, we checked in and had our BBQ. Our guest of honour, LCN, made a grand entrance. She really likes to complain. Upon seeing our food, she made a grand opening speech, "Like that only ah?" Wah lao, you thought this is a $50 buffet at some 5-star hotel? But anyway, she brought Ferrero Rocher (however it is spelt), which I had to resist due to a sore throat and plenty of ulcers in my mouth.
I only slept like 2 hours on the first night, not because I want to but I just couldn't fall asleep! Argh. Jiapei and I decided to invite another pitiful human, so we woke Tzumi up. Yay. In the end, we played Stress outside for a while, before going back to sleep on the floor.
Escape Theme Park was quite pathetic. Other than the Inverter and the Pirate Ship, the other games aren't even worth a mention. The Inverter was great and very thrilling. The safety bars were held very tight though. The main purpose of the ride was to have yourself inverted (as the name brilliantly suggests) and get spun in mid-air, while screaming and having your hair all over your face. It was the best game they have.
The Haunted House was creepy for me, because I hate these kind of things in the first place. I was looking at the floor the entire time, so all I spotted was a mannequin stained with blood lying on the floor and nothing else.
And lastly, the Pirate Ship was extremely entertaining and absolutely hilarious! Throughout the entire ride, apart from shouting, I was bursting into loud guffaws because there was this middle-aged woman who was sobbing and closing her eyes in fear seated in front of me! Trust me, the entire passengers on the Ship was laughing out loud during the pauses between screams.
This is a rough description of what happened:

*Ship whizzes down*
People from my side of the boat: WAHHHHHH!!! EEEEKKKKKK!
(momentarily lull as the Ship has maximum kinetic energy)
Lady: *weep weep* *sob sob*
*Ship whizzes down again*
People from my side of the boat: WAHHHHHH!!! EEEEKKKKKK! WAHAHAHAHAHA! Look at that auntie in front!!!!
Lady: *weep weep* *sob sob* *wipes tear*

It was seriously hilarious!

Anyway, I just went job-hunting with Lishan and Jiapei. Initially, we went to Rivervale Mall for a Sakae Sushi interview. Not exactly hopeful though. After that we went to Compass Point, and was informed that Metro have vacancies. Took the train the Ngee Ann City, where the HR office was located. I can't apply for the job though, because I will be away in HK for a few weeks during the holidays. Anyway, since there were only 2 vacancies in the Sengkang branch, it's better for the both of them. I hope they get positive news tomorrow! Best of luck!
By the way, if you have any part-time jobs that can allow me to work for like a month only, please introduce them to me!
Thank you in advance.
I can totally visualise my holiday --- lolling on the sofa, lamenting to whoever who bothers to talk to me on MSN on how bored I am and watching whatever HK dramas I can lay my hands on. Not too bad for a holiday actually. Cheers for self-consolation.

Thursday, November 13, 2008
The Life of An Auntie: Grocery Shopping, Comparing Prices and Carrying Bags
Welcome to a blog entry entitled "The Life of An Auntie: Grocery Shopping, Comparing Prices and Carrying Bags". In this short recount, readers will be effectively informed of the lives ordinary aunties are going through as they follow five teenagers into Sheng Siong Hypermarket at Little India to do some serious shopping. Through photos and matching captions, readers' awareness of the duties of housewives, maids and whoever who does the grocery-shopping will be greatly increased. Viewer's discretion is advised due to mind-boggling numbers (of prices), dirt (from dirty vegetables) and mysterious white powder-ish unknown substances (found on weird melons).
The five guinea pigs are the PJs, gearing up to get ready to purchase the food items and whatever else they need for the chalet BBQ on Sunday. Armed with a food list (which a pitiful girl was forced to type out) and a price list (that they obtained from checking prices in Cold Storage previosuly), they stepped into a poorly ventilated supermarket. What they did not know was the staggering amount of difficulties that were awaiting them, but no difficulties were unsurmountable for the PJs.

Introducing the cast,

Obstacle No.1: Finding the right bearings

Stef: Call it intuition or something but I'm dead sure Sheng Siong is just right in front of us!
Determining the correct direction may not be an easy feat, especially when you are confronted by narrow and dimly-lit passageways that never seem to end. An experienced and professional full-time auntie must be able to get her bearings instantaneously, even if she is in a foreign land. Because if you get lost, you waste time, and time is money. They won't want to waste money.

Auntie Rule No. 1: NEVER get lost. Even if it means bringing along compasses, maps and protractors to wet markets and to shopping malls, JUST BRING THEM.

Obstacle No.2: Choosing the right item

Me: We have this weird shitty looking paste here, and a bubbling green mixture there. Which one should we get?
It's every supermarket's marketing strategy to confuse their customers by displaying a wide array of similar products on the same shelf. Their agenda? To make you perplex to an extent you give up finding the right one, and get some of each instead.

Auntie Rule No. 2: KNOW what you want. Even if it means tasting and sampling millions of similar food products, plotting cumulative curves of the prices and creating sophiscated price charts to determine which product is the most value-for-money and taste the best, JUST DO IT.
Obstacle No.3: Getting your hands frozen

Tzumi: Stef, is that a piece of frozen meat that fell out of its packaging or is it your frozen thumb?

When choosing frozen products stored in freezers like the one shown above, do not just be concerned about the product you are choosing but your fingers as well. There have been notorious cases where desperate aunties dug into these freezers for better-frozen meat and had their fingers in these inhumane conditions for a long time. They got publicity though, when they appeared in the newspapers under the Classified ads for frozen body parts.

Auntie Rule No.3: KNOW when to give up. Even if it means bringing data loggers, thermocouples, thermometers and pulse-reading devices to determine your threshold, JUST BRING THEM.

Obstacle No. 3: Deciphering weird labels
The label reads 'COCK FIRE STARTER 40S'. It is of extreme importance that an experienced auntie must realise immediately that the label is not as good as it sounds. An informed auntie will realise that the so called "COCK" in the "COCK FIRE STARTER" is none other than...

The brand.

Auntie Rule No.4: SEEING ISN'T BELIEVING. Even if it means using microscopes, magnifying glasses and ripping open the packaging to make sure you are getting what you think you are getting, JUST USE THEM.

Obstacle No.5: Competition

Lishan: Eh, Jiapei, show your fighting spirit! She's grabbing your potatoes! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!
When you meet a fellow customer choosing the same items as you want, NEVER give way, because it means they have the upper hand to choose the better quality goods. You, my friend, will be left with nothing but leftovers that are stained with the person's fingerprints, to make matters worst.

Auntie Rule No.5: NO FRIGHT, JUST FIGHT! Even if it means pushing the person, poking the ribs and tickling the spine to get rid of the pest, JUST DO IT.

The Life of An Auntie: Grocery Shopping, Comparing Prices and Carrying Bags have come to an end. I hope you have had a great learning experience. With these handy tips, your grocery-shopping adventure can now begin.


Okay, watched Quantum of Solace before experimenting auntie life. It wasn't great. I didn't really understand the story plot. Perhaps my poor comprehension skills is to blame. But the action was laudable. Except that it is a typical hero story, where the hero never dies. Neither will he get shot. Maybe he will get injured, but never dies. The enemies' machine guns are not even comparable to the heroes' stone catapults.

PJ gave me a EXTREMELY CUTE and huge monkey soft toy for my birthday! Thank you thank you! Shall upload the pictures when I'm free. Signing off now.

Slacking time!
Today's Bio P1 marked the end of the O Levels, which means that the dreaded exams have finally ended! Rejoice!

Just a short update. After that, I'll be meeting the PJs to watch Quantum of Solace in Plaza Singapura and to get the food stuff for our chalet BBQ!

It will be a heavy load =( Haha, but nevermind! It'll be fun all the same!

A random PJ photo! Thanks to Eileen for the pictures! Haha.

Monday, November 10, 2008
Fun time is arriving!
Today was Physics Paper 1. It was relatively okay, except that I got 2 MCQs wrong already. Sian.
Anyway, Os are coming to a close soon, the holidays are coming and the class chalet is coming too!!!
I am definitely looking forward to the class chalet!
Since 4I isn't really bonded as a class, this will be a great chance to, even though it's time for separation as well. At least in future when you recall your high school life, you still have pleasant memories like those you're going to get during the chalet, alongside with memories of how there will be lull in class whenever teachers ask questions and many others.
It's incredibly obvious for all to see that our class are separated into several cliques, few which inter-mingle. THIS is the perfect opportunity to you know, get to know each other better. A bit saddening this is, to decide to bond the class not in the beginning but at the end. But at least we get this chance.
It will be fun too! With all the typical chalet activities like BBQ, cycling, mahjong (yay!) and perhaps a trip to Singapore's LARGEST (or rather, ONLY) theme park or Singapore's LARGEST water theme park! (refer to image below. Credit: Costa Sands Resort and Tzumi, which took the effort to circle the most truthful parts)
LARGEST okay? Don't play play ah. LARGEST leh.
Enough of bragging about Singapore's colossal attractions, and back to the main point.
It will be SOOOO fun, it's a pity if you can't come. In case you are thinking I am purely writing this to get those that were not planning to come, to come, true, I am. But more importantly, I am expressing my euphoria and not masking my excitement! AND highlighting what absentees will be, regretfully, missing.
It's true that it's at the end when you will start thinking about the beginning. You know our beginning didn't come out so well. The least you could do: make the END the best.

Friday, November 07, 2008
Ad Aware!
Please do me a favour and click on the advertisements you see after my most recent posts and the one right on top. Thank you. Just click and close the window. Lol.
Went to Suntec yesterday to support my brother, who was involved in some Clean and Green thing exhibition at the Convention Hall. Apparently, it was the last day of the exhibition and the microorganism, Daphnia, which they were researching on was already erm... dead. I was rather enthusiastic when I first arrived, asking him to show me Daphnia through the microscope. My euphoria dissipated when he nonchalantly replied, "Die already lah. Only 1 day lifespan."
Erm, wow. I replied, "Wahlao, I came all the way from Sengkang to see it and you tell me it's dead?!" No wonder their microscope was on the floor, collecting dust and more dead microbes.
Whatever, anyway it is perfectly alright to exhibit dead microorganisms. Yup, perfectly alright. It doesn't matter, not like anyone will really care if they were alive. Except maybe me.
The exhibition was rather boring but there were lots of primary school kids frolicking around who appeared to be having the time of their lives. Well, kids are easily satisfied, as always. I think they will be appalled just by seeing a microscope, even though it is resting peacefully on the floor and there was nothing magnified for them to see except for enlarged specks of dust. Good for them, make their lives happier.
Walked around, bought some stuff, and went home in a school-sponsored cab with my brother and mum.
Talking about the microscope, my bro was supposed to bring it home. I tried to see my cheek cells. Following the usual steps, I used a toothpick to scratch the inner part of my mouth. Then I spread it on a self-made plastic slide. I ingeniously used soya sauce to stain the cells, only to be utterly disappointed when I saw nothing at all. Nothing.
Not giving up, I tried magnifying the bacteria cells in Yakault. Failed.
Skin of a piece of unfortunate garlic. Failed.
Newspaper (hoping to see some fibre). Failed.
My overall conclusion is... the microscope is malfunctioning. Don't blame me for it.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008
3 hours left!!!
Yeps, 3 hours left of papers before the official end of O Levels. Sorry, there isn't a better opening than that sentence, so I'll have to make do with the fact that probably thousands of other people are typing the same sentence on their blogs.
And on 13th November, everyone will spam "IT'S OVER! FINALLY!" on their blogs, MSN nicks and whatnot. It is so typical of an exam candidate to do that.
Other possible messages include:
Bye O Levels, Come HOLIDAYS!
And some emo ones will go "Starting a new phase in my life... I must adapt somehow *wipes tears*" and some confounded ones will shriek "JC OR POLY? HELP ME!!!".
Before I go on about the other potential phrases and words that will bombard every student's blog, let's talk about about today's paper --- Higher Chinese.
It was okay. I won't say it's good because my Chinese standard is... 有限公司.
Well, see if Lady Luck is shining on me! I think I just randomly fitted in bits to my summary. Hopefully, they are the right bits then.
I am currently squeezed dry of my creative brain juice and I seriously can't think of anything interesting to salvage my rotten blog! *inhales deeply and gets suffocated by methane*

Tuesday, November 04, 2008
Take a breather!
It is almost over! Just 4 more papers! HCL, then the MCQs for the sciences!
And then, it will be... *drums roll* FREEDOM!
I will be so free. I miss the days when I can just sit around and do nothing. But these days are nearing! Rejoice! *raises pompoms*
Sadly, I am going to spend a large portion of my holiday in Singapore. I can imagine myself fusing with the couch when I lie on it for too long while watching TV.
Something to look forward to as well, is 4I Class Chalet. Hoho. I've never been to any of the class chalet because I'm always in HK during that time. Now finally there's a chance! Another thing to look forward to is Graduation Camp right after the chalet!
Oh no, physical exhaustion will be too unbearable!
Yes, I know this post is getting rubbishy and nonsensical. I have no idea what I am typing either. *shrugs*
I'll sign off now, to save your time and eye power.

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