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Saturday, December 27, 2008
Guangzhou = cheap cheap good good
I'm in Guangzhou again, getting a little bored and hungry.
Seriously, something must be wrong with my digestive system because I always don't feel full! I can't believe the extent I have been eating and snacking these days. It's a little terrifying actually, but I choose to ignore it and pretend I can shed all that weight soon enough after the whole vacation thing.
If you don't believe me, let me list out the shocking amounts of food I have been sinfully consuming these days.

1. Dessert for 3 nights from 许留山 and another dessert shop. Their desserts are incredible! They have mango pudding, some pomelo thing and other fabulous local desserts they don't have in Singapore.

2. Korean BBQ Buffet. Something like Seoul Garden, except they serve pork. All-you-can-eat. We grabbed the meat to make our money worth.

3. Sichuan Steamboat Buffet. All-you-can-eat. Attacked the meat once again. Their ice cream sucked. They placed a weighing machine near their entrance. I stepped on it, gasped and hastily returned to my seat, warning myself not to eat anymore. My brother stepped on it too, and complained that he weighed much heavier too. We held a discussion and came to an unanimous conclusion that they had already adjusted the weighing machine to make people seem heavier so that they will eat less. Smart restaurant eh.

4. (going to eat soon) Japanese Buffet. Sure adds on to my already growing weight.

5. Seafood ala-carte. Thankfully, it's an ala-carte.

6. (going to eat when I go back to HK) Sushi buffet. Wah piang eh.

WAH LAO, the list totally scares me la! I am not blaming anyone, because I am totally enjoying the food myself.
Today's Dim Sum brunch in a restaurant in the hotel was delicious. I think the Dim Sum is better than some in HK.
The small sweet oranges sitting beside the laptop looks appetising =(

P.S The Ocean Park update will be coming out sometime when I get back to SG. The pandas are so cute!

Monday, December 22, 2008
random road post

Posted this using my phone as i am seated in the food centre in Taikoo Shing, drinking my cup of ice lemon tea. The picture is of three giant king statues collecting dust somewhere in the mall. Didnt bother to rotate the picture, so just tilt your head sideways:)

Saturday, December 20, 2008
off for vacation!
Muahahahaha, I'm finally going to HK tomorrow!
Hopefully the results come out AFTER 8th Jan, or else it'll be much of a hassle to reschedule the itinerary.
Anyway, I rebonded my hair again, but just the roots only, as in the newly grown hair which weren't rebonded before. I won't have to wash for hair for 2 days then, lol and let the salon smell diffuse away naturally. But diffusion is a slow process!
All of you should watch Prison Break! I'm watching Season 4 right now. I watched most of the episodes from the previous three seasons, except for some (or many) in Season 2. Season 4 is equally good, as it appears. I'm letting Episode 8 load this very moment I am typing, but the loading is so agonisingly slow, it pisses me off. Alot.
Shall look forward to the cold weather, the food, the scenery and the shopping for the next two weeks then!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
She's finally the big big girl in the big big world
Happy birthday to Lishan aka Joan Lin!
To celebrate her birthday, our two-man-strong team (only Jiapei and I, other PJs out of town) met up at CP to get her a slice of mango cake from Emi Cakes, before rudely intruding her home. Yay.
Jiapei told her previously to meet at CP at 12.30pm. By the time we got everything ready and stationed under her block, it was around 12pm, so we decided to prank call her to make sure she's at home.
I asked very hurriedly where she was even though I called her house number (duh, which means she's at home) and argued that we were supposed to meet at 12pm, and that Jiapei and I have already reached.
And she BELIEVED it. Kudos to my bluffing skills. =)
Prepared the cake, lit the candle, rang the door bell which was responded by an ear-piercing scream from the interior of the house. Oops. Lishan told me yesterday she had six sense that we'll come surprise knocking onto her door and kept telling us NOT to do so. Well, the only thing I can tell you, your sixth sense is pretty accurate.

Well... Now for the card content!!! I've editted a grand of total of FOUR masterpieces which I very gladly included into the card! Since Lishan's favourite local movie is the wonderful Sing to the Dawn, the least I could do is incorporate her into the local animation!

The original: Dawan pointing at some random flying UFO while holding on tightly to her jar of cookies, with the whole neighbourhood of kaypoh onlookers watching as she protects her cookies from the hungry aliens.

The editted: PJ incorpated features. A retarded stroke-stricken face of Lishan, pointing at the the disgusting mucus dripping from the corner of the alien's mouth while holding on tightly to her jar because she refuses to used it to capture the gross alien. She was advised several times by the wise old woman on the right, the Tseng (aka Tzumi) to capture the alien with her magical jar. The scrunched-up face of the little boy on the left belongs to Jiapei, who got so traumatised by the presence of the alien, she had to squish all her face features together. The pilot with the thick eyebrows is skeptical about the alien's intentions.

The original: Dawan raising both her arms to embrace the oblique light rays of the Sun while feeling the difference in texture of bird droppings from different species.

The editted: Lishan raising both her arms to embrace the oblique light rays of the Sun while feeling the difference in texture of bird droppings from different species.

The original: Kai passing the Scroll Of Dawn to Dawan for her to safekeep as he takes on a battle against the darn monkeys, which keep harassing him (evidence in next set of pictures).

The editted: Pixellated man pass a love note to Lishan, who is too happy for words.

The original: Dawan reading a book and Kai getting annoyed by the stupid orang-utan which keeps scratching his head. Both are pretending to be very joyful, but are actually planning an evil scheme to push the parrot and the monkey into the river.

The editted: Lishan pretending to be very refined by reading her book, but actually is enjoying the presence of Pixellated Man, who is STILL being irritated by the pestilential monkey.
Forgot to take photos of the card, so these pictures will do, lol.
Hanged out at Lishan's home for a while, before eating Yoshi at CP. Went back to her house again, played the computer, messed with her soft toys and did The Little Nyonya impersonation!

Their hairstyle, to be more precise. Their unique bun hairstyle, as you can refer from below. Damn hilarious. Due to image-preservation measures, won't upload any of those pictures.

One of the photos taken in Yoshi.
I miss their waffles, but they've swapped their waffles in the student meals for some cheap candy cane. Eew.

Shall end the post with another birthday greeting. The PJs must meet again the next time when EVERY single member is back in town!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Back-to-School Goodies!
- all stickers will be 300pcs per set
- new updated list of cartoon available
- dateline is extended to 18 december

Tzumi's speech:
collection of your pretty name stickers will be only after christmas!
Pay via meetups only!
Meetups - to my convenience only. (bishan mrt, amk mrt, serangoon to sengkang mrt =D) and maybe town too if i am going there =D

Tzumi, who is still in Taiwan, made a stunning discovery in a humble shop near her house selling cute personalised NAME STICKERS which is around HALF the price off the Singapore prices! If you were to get a set of name stickers (around 200 to 300 stickers) with cartoon and stuff from the local stores, it can easily go up to S$15 to $20. A complete rip-off! I can totally imagine the store owners sharpening their butcher knives and gearing themselves up to whack that knife into your jugular!

If you don't believe me, check this out.


Those are the prices of the stickers sold by a Singapore online website. Note the quantity for each set of stickers! And then do the math, and calculate the price of a set of around 200 to 300 stickers. Seeing is believing, my friend! The cheapest set is around $12.60, with not-very-appealing cartoons. Most of them are around $15.

Tzumi can help you get your OWN set for only S$10! And NO additional charges for freight cost, handling fee and service fee! Only ten bucks for a set!

They do have tons of cartoon designs to choose from, Tzumi remembered these:

1. Dough (damn cute)

2. Little angel (damn cute)
3. Hamtaro
4. Hello Kitty
5. Panda ( I don't know the name but it's that series of panda as shown below)

6. Doraemon
7. Snoopy
8. Ginny Bunny
9. Mickey mouse (the number of stickers will be slightly lesser)
10. Pooh family
11. Pokemon
12. Astro boy
13. Powerpuff girls

*14. Xiao Wan Zi

*15. The Dog (100 designs)

*16. The Black and White Pig

Each cartoon itself has like 100 designs. They have many other cartoons I believe, so you can enquire from Tzumi.

Fonts will be chosen by Tzumi herself. Please trust Tzumi's taste, it should be alright.

You can use these stickers for lots of purposes! Stick them on your textbooks, handphone (I personally won't do that), stationery or electronic gadgets! Especially good to use if you lose things easily.
You can also get a set for your cousin, friends or kins as a christmas gifts! $10 is rather affordable.

If you're interested in ordering a set for yourself, please email Tzumi at tzumi92@hotmail.com
or myself (Brenda) at oe.thumb@hotmail.com.
Things to include:

1. How you want the name to be spelt. Every capital letter, small letter, spacing, dots and whatnot must be shown clearly.

2. The design you want.

3. Number of sets.

She entertain bulk orders!
1 set - $10
2 sets - $20
3 sets - $30
I can imagine you cursing under your breath at this stupid pricing. Well, of course not! The real one is below!

1 set- $10
2 sets - $19.80
3 sets - $29.50

So gather all your friends and family who want to have their own set and buy together to get cheaper prices! Dateline: 18 DEC. Tzumi isn't gonna stay in Taiwan forever, you know.

Live Your Life on Receipts
Wanted to post this when I get the photos of the boarding passes JetStar provides, but decided to post this earlier since it actually doesn't make much difference.

I've taken Jetstar Asia several times, but there is always one thing that never fails to pique my interest (and cause my distaste)--- their unique boarding passes printed on thin and flimsy RECEIPT paper. One apparent reason must be the cost. Well, receipt paper is undoubtedly much more cheaper compared to the thicker paper normal boarding passes are printed on. Definitely cost-saving, but not exactly reputation-saving, unless the reputation they want to uphold revolves primarily around the word “budget”, which may actually be true. And if anyone complains about it, they’ll just answer nonchalantly, “Which part of budget do you not understand?”

[Insert boarding pass picture when I get it]

If boarding passes can be printed on receipt paper, imagine the other possibilities it presents!
Receipt books, called Book Rolls! The next thing you know, Harry Potter books will be printed on receipt paper! Books will be sold in rolls, just like an indispensible item in your life --- the legendary toilet roll! Pocket-size and handy! Good when you’re travelling, and when you’re stuck in a toilet cubicle without toilet paper. All you have to do is unroll the Book Roll when you want to read. You can even borrow the toilet roll holder for a moment for convenience's sake. Ingenious!

Receipt homework! Imagine all your homework, tests and assignments printed on receipts. The best thing about it is… the printing fades over time! So all your pestilent Maths questions, paragraphs of English text and weird Chemistry equations will vaporize into the air soon enough! Moreover, no more school bags filled to the brim with loose sheets of paper, but instead, neat and spiffy rolls of paper!
Not long after the receipt paper take over the publishing industry, your bookshelves will undergo a complete head-to-toe plastic surgery!

BEFORE: Disastrous mess of books, disorderly arrangement, deposited at random places like nobody's business. A big fat NO-NO.

AFTER: Like particles of solids, orderly arrangement. A delight to the eyes of yourself, your mum and your maid.

Nice and spiffy, no mess!

The top shelf can be reserved for your spare toilet rolls, your mum won’t spot the difference!
Soon, the receipt-paper idea will be used in many other industries as well. Movie tickets, shopping vouchers and whatnot will be printed on receipt paper! Witness as the world works towards a CHEAP future, a green future, the RECEIPT-PAPER future.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008
I've been having dreams lately. Not exactly nightmare-ish, but rather just neutral dreams. The dreams seem so real sometimes that I'll wake up trying the diffrentiate fact from fiction. Funny thing is, I'll only remember a few striking details, or just the gist. The whole memory of whatever I dreamt is always very vague, and I'll forget about it soon.
Well, yesterday night (or this morning), I dreamt that we got back our O Level results on 27th December. I remember the date vividly because I remember telling this person next to me that I didn't expect to get the results so early.
But the setting wasn't the hall though, it was in the classroom. And the class wasn't 4I, but a mixture of people from my primary school (NCPS) and some unfamiliar people, who gave me the impression that they were new students. This dream is like a continuation from another of my previous dream, because there was once I dreamt about this setting, complete with this class of people.
I remember a teacher writting the statistics on the board. He wrote 3 people got 6 points, 11 (can't really remember) got 7 points, and 1 person got 55 points. But it's impossible to get 55 points in the first place. If this unlucky person got F9 for all his subjects, the most he'll get for his L1R5 is 54. I ain't sure why I didnt find it peculiar when I was dreaming, maybe because I was too engrossed sleeping or too anxious to find out about how I scored.

Anyhow, I found out I got a total of... (BEHOLD!!!)

I didn't find out in the end. I got interrupted and wrenched from my womb of sleep. Argh, why do I always get interrupted at the climax?!
The last part I remember was engaging in a talk with a primary school teacher (this time from SIS, lol) who I was not even familiar with, as the male teacher scribbled the class's performance on the whiteboard. And then, I remembered no more.
It's funny because the people in the class were like, a mixture from SIS and NCPS. I don't remember any NCHS people there though. Weird dream. *shrugs*
I heard the O Level results will be released on 9 Jan or somewhere there, but I'm not sure. I thought I read the papers once that they will only be released in late or mid January. Anyhow, I'm sure it's definitely not 27th December.

Sunday, December 07, 2008
Introducing my new foe, Bruce
It's not like I want to notice it, but it's too glaringly obvious to even avoid an average person's scrutiny.
I want to ignore it and give it the same cold treatment that other menial things will receive from me, but I can't.
I want it gone as much as I want a new laptop, but time it requires. A week, at the very least. Another week I have to bear with the agony.
I don't even want to dedicate a blog post to such seemingly unimportant details, but do I have a choice after taking into account the lack of content and updates?
I don't. I'm left with no choice, that's why I'm here.
Here to tell the truth.
Here to make a difference.
Here to make people cry out 'lame!'.
Because the issue I'm talking about here is no serious matter, just another short story of a clumsy teenager walking into the bench at the bus stop and leaving unsightly marks on her thigh.
The friggin' bruise is so bloody huge and obvious even a blind person can spot it! Erm, maybe not actually.


Maybe I should name it Bruce, the bruise or something.

Kill Bruce!

Friday, December 05, 2008
Please completely ignore this
Yes, please completely ignore this post. It is...
Great, I just wasted 5 seconds of your time! Oops, you should have listened to instructions =(
I'll give you another chance!
Now, please read NO FURTHER!
I'll bet you 20 cents you will read this!
Oops, I think I won the bet. There's no need to give me the coins, just click the ads on the sidebar and on the top! =D

Thursday, December 04, 2008
Forensic Heroes II

Bobby Au-Yeung (the guy in the centre) looks a bit cock-eyed, lol.
Yet another awesome drama from TVB! *bursts out into maniacal laughter*
Forensic Heroes II! The first series was broadcasted some time ago so I can't really remember it, except that it was great as well and the cast were almost the same, like duh. Or else how can this *prods poster above* be considered part II if the cast is a completely different one?
To make my following comments understandable, a synopsis plagiarised from the ever-so-convenient Wikipedia is vital!

WARNING: A little spoilers there.

Bomb disposal expert Yeung Yat-Sing, Ivan, (Kevin Cheng) returns from England to visit relatives and he comes across a grenade case by accident. Ivan's skills are highly appreciated by Senior Chemist Ko Yin-Pok (Bobby Au-Yeung) and he is invited to join the Forensic Division. Ivan soon becomes the division's rising star. Sing gets back in touch with his long-lost best friend Koo Chak-Sam (Frankie Lam). Sam serves as a forensic writer and he is going to get married soon.
During a case, Sam's fiancée Lam Ding-Ding (Linda Chung) and Pok's police girlfriend Leung Siu-Yau (Yoyo Mung) are caught in an explosion meant to kill two drug dealers. Ding-Ding dies of her injuries, while Siu-Yau loses movement in her right hand. Yau's duties are passed to Ma Kwok-Ying (Charmaine Sheh) from the Narcotics Bureau. Both Sam and Ivan find Ying extremely charming with her smart and unfathomable characteristics in case handling.
Integrating laboratory techniques, logical reasoning, and forensic knowledge, the trio strive to fight against crimes tremendously. As they get to know each other more and more, the entangled triangle of love also starts to hinder their working relationships...
At the end of the series, Ivan and Ma Kwok-Ying end up in a car crash while chasing a fugitive, but through that experience, Ivan knows that Ma Kwok-Ying is committed to him, with her efforts to pull him out of the car in which they were trapped in. In the end, Ivan suffers from an explosion by a bomb planted by a fugitive to get revenge on Bell, which leads him into a coma. Right before the explosion, Ivan planned to propose to Bell. After the last case, Tim and Siu Yau get married. During the wedding, Ivan wakes up, although the frame only shows Ma Kwok-Ying receiving a call on her mobile phone, then running ecstatically, while crying, from the wedding, ripping her dress as she did in the first episode to aid running. The remaining wedding crowd finds out, and runs after Bell to see Ivan.

Now for my two cents worth of comments! Fantastic show, nary a moment of boredom! Interesting cases, mostly involving murder but all the same, exciting! Extremely informative, especially if you are planning to be a criminal. They show you the equipment they use, their potential to make evidence "talk" as well as how even the most meticulous criminals leave their evidence behind, all which inform criminals-to-be what to be wary of.

Remember times when you proclaim confidently, "Aiya, this person sure won't die one lah! If he dies then no show to watch already what!" when this lead actor or something gets injured in a car accident or bomb explosion in dramas? Then when the actor really wakes up, reconcile with his lover and live happily ever after, you say happily, "Told you. Expected one lah, typical."
NO! Not in this drama, the first part at least.

When Lam Ding-Ding (Linda Chung) was hospitalised because of a bomb explosion, my brother and I were betting on whether she will wake up. He wanted to bet that she WILL wake up, and I certainly refused to bet with him because I thought she will indisputably wake up. Darn, should have betted with him because she died. Tsk. *grabs flying dollar bill*

Directors are getting smart. If the audience think the person must NOT die, they kill them. =( Harsh reality. Oh wait, dramas aren't reality in the first place. Happy endings are getting typical in dramas, so much that we can guess the ending just by watching the first few minutes of the first episode. The happy ending is no exception in this drama nonetheless, except the part where that girl died.

One funny detail in the show though! Haha, these forensic people gather evidence like a piece of fibre stuck in the victim's fingernail. They will then go examine it and match it with like, another piece of similar fibre from another victim. Here comes a ridiculous part (which happened MANY times), the forensic person will show on his computer, the two pieces of fibre which then approach each other, fuse together and the words "MATCH" appear. Haha, I think the actual procedure is much more complicated lah.
Also, there was another REDICULOUS (like the previous Neopets NOOB spelt it) part, which showed the cock-eyed botak man I mentioned right in the beginning playing the "MATCH" video on Windows Media Player to explain his point to his colleagues!!! At least make it in Full-screen lah! So bloody obvious!
Lol. Like if you fart in public, you don't make things so obvious by giggling and turning red right? At least pinch your nose and pretend to start asking who farted even though you jolly well know it was you, and so does everyone else.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008
Encounter with a moron
Hilarious. I was roaming the Trading boards in Neopets just now and saw a person selling a plushie. Neomailed her to ask for her lowest. That neomail marked the beginning of the encounter with an absolute moron. An exceptionally thick-skinned one, to make it worst.

I'll copy and paste the exchange of neomails for the first part, and then add in screenies as evidence of the existence of such imbecilic human beings.

You wrote:
hi, what's your lowest for the plushie?

The moron replied:
well u have to offer a price please

You wrote:
You won't like my offer. It's a r95 an unpriced on TP except for yours. I'll only go around 120k, sorry.

The moron replied:
nope llike everyone else wants 400k for it sorry
(notice the double Ls. Does she have 6 fingers?)

You wrote:
Really? I'm not so sure. TP only has yours priced, unless I checked wrongly?

The moron replied:
yeah i checked i neomailed them and 400k is what they want? do u only have 120k or do u just want me to go that low
(of course I have more than that, noob)

You wrote:
Oh, I see. Tell me the really lowest price you can go, I'll see if I can compromise.

The moron wrote:
lets se i said 385k which is 15k cheaper what about 370k that is 30k cheaper
(I think I can do simple maths, thank you)

You wrote:
Nah, I won't pay that much. It's hard to sell.

The moron wrote:
what about 350k that is 50k cheaper for the plushie
also i've got some gelert armor that is worth 225k in my trades and for u i could give it to u for 200k

You wrote:
Nty for the armour. I am a reseller actually, so I can't really go too high for the plushie and I'll expect more discount. 140k

The moron wrote:
that is a rip off that is more than half off

You wrote:
I can't offer too high, sorry. HTS are usually sold at very discounted prices. Anyway, good luck selling.

The moron wrote:
what r HTS
(Oh PURRLEASE! She don't get claimed as a moron for nothing)

You wrote:
Hard to sell. ETS - Easy to sell. ETS are items like paintbrushes. They sell more easily and quickly so the discounts are limited. The highest I'll go is 175k for the plushie.

The moron wrote:
yeah not even half the price of it rip off and plus before they were 800k so it is a big discount
oh i get it i have 2 baby paintbrushes im not going to use in my SDB i should sell them
(Haha, why don't you tell me it's worth 10 million yesterday)

You wrote:
Oh well, then nevermind. Check the TP boards and see people's offers on plushies.
You can sell them if you want. How much are you selling them?

The moron wrote:
well y should i tell u u wanted to rip me off on my plushie
Give me a good reason
(=.= Maybe because I want to rob you)

You wrote:
Lol, I'm not ripping you off. Please, it's just a reseller offer. If you can't accept, then don't, nobody is forcing you.
Good luck selling.

The moron wrote:
yeah u r trying to rip me off because less than half the price of what an item is worth at that price is ripping me off
(The only thing I want to rip off is your hair)

You wrote:
Well, this is neopets. Accept reality.

The moron wrote:
Oh cool U r from Hong Kong sweet
i accepted it, people are stupid and try to rip u off
(What has I, living in HK got to do with you, pesky imp?)

You wrote:
Whatever you say. I hope you get a good buyer who pays full price for it then. There are, but you've to be patient. Good luck once again, have a great day.

The moron wrote:
oh i dont need full price, items worth it r good to,im very patient
(Awww! I'm so proud of you!)

You wrote:
Good to know.

The moron wrote:
u shouldnt care its nt like u r buying anything from me unless u want the Kanrik Plushie worth 1million and my price is 950k lol u probably want it for 450k or some rediculous price
(sell it to your mother lor)

You wrote:
In case you didnt realise, my very short reply actually meant I would like this conversation to end. And it was more of a polite gesture, not because I care. Lol.
(duh, little kid. Read between the lines)

The moron wrote:
well u should have just said bye it would have been much easier now wouldnt it

You wrote:
Yeah, I know, but I figured out you probably don't deserve such politeness.

The moron wrote:
no not really

LMAO, I didnt reply her after that, because she didnt deserve even a "bye" from me. Just as I thought all this crap was over...

The moron neomailed me again:
it's a good thing u live in Hong Kong
so do u speak english or is there some special translater thing that translates it to english
(Have you ever seen someone so thick-skinned? Translator also spell wrong. Tsk!)

You wrote:
Erm, I speak. And type, evidently.

The moron replied:
thats cool so do u know 2 different languages or just english
do a lot of people speak english in Hong Kong or just Chinese and Japanese mostly
(Erm, we speak Tamil, Spanish, Malay, Latin and a bit of Arabic too. LMAO, since when did HK people speak Japanese mostly?! Ignorant.)

You wrote: (screenie on top)
I know English and Chinese. Most HK people speak Cantonese. Never heard many people speaking fluent Japanese here, I wonder where you heard that from.

The moron wrote:
thats cool i only know one language but i think everyone should know sine language because sine language is the same in every language
i dont know sine language just english
(LMAO, anyone interested in the cosine language?)

You wrote:
Oh. You mean sign language? Yeah, I guess. But I don't think it's easy to learn.

The moron wrote:
yeah sign language well i guess so but it would still be cool

You wrote:
Haha, yeah. Take up a course or something if you're interested.

The moron wrote:
yeah but i dont want to if i dont have to cause its not like many people know sigh language. OMG the Game Master Challenge this week was like so easy it wasn't even a challenge im like wheres the challenge.....still waiting...unless there is a final game it's not a challenge. oh did u get the event calendar gift for today? i did its pretty good
(*sigh* You are beyond hope. Jump down the building or something)

The conversation continued about some random Neopets stuff. LOL, she started chatting with me like I was her friend. Sorry, but I don't know idiots.

I think she is incredibly stupid la! If she didn't like my offer, just say NTY. She is apparently a NOOB. A reseller's offer is of course low, or else how can they earn money? Please.

Some advice to her:
1. Learn spelling. English is the only language you know. Screw it up, good game to you. Wait, I forgot... You got SINE language to back you up!
2. Gain some common sense. You need it. Remember, Indians speak French while the Chinese speak Korean! Moron.
3. Just disappear from the virtual world completely. I'll go into hiding even if I had DOUBLE your brain capacity.

Solution for boredom?
After weeks of boredom and nothing-better-to-do, I've finally resorted to the universal solution for bored people --- NEOPETS!
I don't feel like playing Maple or Audition, so naturally Neopets is the only option left on my pathetic To-do list.
Anyway, I've watched Twilight already! Haha, I thought it was quite nice. Rather good adaptation from the book and sufficient emphasis on the important details. AND, I'm finally done with Breaking Dawn, which I believe is the last book for the Twilight series. I think Breaking Dawn was awesome! Especially the last part where the Volturi confronted the Cullens, and the Cullens started gathering witnesses. Oops, getting spoiler-ish here! But that part was exciting and captivating! And the small details start fitting together like nitrogenous bases according to the rules of complementary base pairing!
I just realised that the villians (or powerful people. The Volutri aren't actually villians, they're considered as the coven that ensures peace in the vampiric community, except that they are abusing their authority) in Harry Potter and Twilight have names that start with Vol.
Well, there is Voldemort and then, the Volturi. Is Vol supposed to represent fear and trepidation? Is Vol a reflection on the despotic nature of the individuals?
I shall name the evil dog villains in my stories Volbara from now on.

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and disclaimers

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too vulgar or too biased
so if you feel that your heart would not be able to take such emotional blows
kindly... PISS OFF!
your kind understanding is much appreciated

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