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Thursday, June 29, 2006
29th June 2006
long time since last post.
its really depressing, to go schl, to go study, and to tolerate those pesky petty teachers.
it have just met one todae, and she was only a relief.
i was using this erasble highlitghter to write some crap on fy's table. when i was erasing it, she walked past and stared at me, as if i have just murdered someone (and if i did murder anyone it would be her). i turned my head and look at her and she looked back with icy cold eyes.
i believe she's a university graduate yet such laughable questions could come out ehr mouth. she asked "what's this called". ROFL.
i stifled a laugh.
i didnt really get her question coz i didnt noe she was refering to the fan, the table, or wateva i was writing, so the best solution was to keep quiet.
and then she answered her question by herself, in not-slanged-average-mandarin:"zhe ge shi tu ya" (this is grafitti) LOL. grafitti is considered an ART BTW!
duh~ then i murmured "it can be erased" and demostrated to her who obviously never used erasable highlighters before. then she walked away, giving me a few moments of sarcastic laughter. she was just trying to make herself sound really strict, trying to let me know she was a teacher, and getting some freaking respect though she is trying TOO HARD. she made herself look really stupid.
but these moments of silence from a irritating parrot didnt last long. she came bac ask asked, again another laughable question "how many chances should a teacher give?" errr, dude i think it should be u deciding. thanks for asking anyway, it comfirmed my suspisions, she was previously a clown before she was fired for her lack of humour and then rehired as a teacher. and anyways, writing on the table ISNT A HUGE HUGE CRIME. especially when it can be erased easily. c'mon teachers. dun be so dumb.
i shrugged my shoulders, who can be bothered to answer so silly questions?
and i continued erasing the words when she said nosily "no no no, leave it there. excuse me? i wrote something, u buay song, now i erase, u oso buay song. oi, u mrs muttttoo ar? (mr mutttoooo is a imp of a man who goes around catching people who r stepping on his grass and he's in charged of the tables too. ) i wonder why the circus sacked her, she is so funny.
i m nt gonna write her name though, coz i heard there are teachers who are so thick-skinned the actually go search their names on google to find out how many ppl hates them. teachers these days.
they expect the best of their students, yet they cant even expect the best from themselves.
of course that excludes the really good teachers there. jia you! and dont use this partivcular one as ur goal. it isnt gg to work.

Sunday, June 11, 2006
11th June 2006
wah, so long nvr blog le. haha todae was boring, really BORING. so, i gonna talk bout ytd. Yesterdae, coz its my parents wedding anniversary, we went to eat SUSHI BUFFET. hahaha. we went there at 5, dam early rite? u r wrong. early it is, we had to wait for 1 HR for a table. so, when we managed to get to the table, we were already so buay song. anyway, the food wasnt very awesome, coz our seat is rite at the back(which means the last) of the bar, so those greedy peeps in front of us gets the best first. great. anyway, we ate till we're full.
in the mtr station, i was walking in front of this freak of a man. when i turned bac to look for my mum, he was like "oi oi oi", he was murmuring for me to hear. fuck man, he's so idiotic, then i was like so pissed off. people walk ok? and people walk in front of u. keep ur one cent worth of comments for urself freak. then I got MY revenge. muahaha. i told my mum bout it and i kept pointing to the man who stopped a dist in front of me. i guessed he knew. when we walked pass him, we went like "oi oi oi oi oi oi" really loud. muahahahaha. then later he kept looking bac at us. serve u rite idiot, serve u right to offend me muahahahahaha.

Sunday, June 04, 2006
4th June 2006
Watched Poseidon wif joyce. i noe its been out in sg for like so long??? but its just out in hk. kinda nice but lots of dead ppl and corpse. eeeks. then we were like commenting or probably scolding the one who made the story for making that little little LITTLE boy stuck in a cage? is that a cage? HAHA who cares. then after that we walked around but didnt buy anything. then we had lunch in a food center. joyce ate roti prata and she asked me to order one too. i was like, i'm eating lots of those when i'm in sg. we passed by the ice-skating ring. Oh my, i wud lurve to skate HAHA. mayb nxt time. anyway the falling i was not really looking forward too. o.O *raises eyebrows* when i reached home, my parents and my bro werent there. they apparently went out so i took my pair of keys. AND WAT AN IDIOT I M, i kept turning the key bac and forth in the first keyhole. i completely 4gotten about the 2nd keyhole underneath it. i was kinda sweating coz it's damn hot out there. i spent like 5 minutes desperately unlocking the door b4 i realised the 2nd one. call me dumb, i m. great but finally i managed to come in or else i wudnt be here posting. =/

Thursday, June 01, 2006
1st June 2006
Yea, I m bac in HK =). I was gg to post ytd but was busy wif SOOO many things, I cant. Let me recall my my journey here.hmm AH-HA! i was surrounded by MILlIONS OF CLOUDS!!!! it was totally awesome. being bombarded by COTTON CANDY!!! *licks lips and drools* LOLS. i realised smth, whenever the aeroplane go thru a cloud, there's kinda a lil' turbulence. hahaha. then i saw the Shatin Racecourse, complete with spotlights. i didnt noe it was the racecourse until this guy who keep moving in his chair, sitting in front of me, mr-pretend-to-noe-it-all guy announced so proudly:" This is the Shatin Racecourse". OK, fine i dont noe. then we flew ;past the magnificent tsing ma bridge, which have broken some world record for smth i am not sure of. i can imagine the wise guy standing up, stroking his extremely long white beard, and announcing in such proud and smart-alec voice:" This... is the Tsing Ma Bridge". DUH. hk was famous for dat and u expect us not to noe???? who cares about mr old guy. (he was quite young actually). haha then i reached home at 9+. =) got my own bedroom to sleep =)

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