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Sunday, July 30, 2006
30th July 2006
was darn tired ytd so didnt post till now. so IT WAS LEISURE CAMP ytd!!!! it was fun, excluding the cooking comp n some real lame games where u are supposed to squeeze a whooping amt of ppl into 4 benches and then those at the ends must go to the other end. how i wish fats didnt exist. and the process was quite eeks actually coz oh well, u can imagine... and we got our house tees. erm, my was orange. nt bad really but M is kinda small for me so i looked kinda toot wearing it coz its short WHICH MEANS following the oh-so-freaking-strict rules that shirts cannot be tucked out, my shirt was short.
oh boy.
then we had water parade!!!
the officers go cheat us, ask us YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM and the Ms go on SHENG!!!! then started splashing water on us!!!!
MUAHAHHA. then i started splashing like some crazy maniac from woodbridge. MuahAHAHA then started runnning like crazy and ducking splashes from others.
poured water on stef who poured at me. poured whoever i saw. then me and stef went hunting, double teaming ppl but we end up being drenched.
so everyone was real SOAKED except for some humji kias who went hiding in some corner protecting their clothes from the hands of the evil water splashers!!!!
I LOVE BEING DRENCHED!!! then the wind blow onto my face WHOOSH and then this cold feel went up my spine. honestly fun was all i can say.
then we, as a squad, prepared for this peformance for the sec4s and the 2 sirs who were passing out. later i'll show u one of them.
we sang this erm, hui you na me yi tian till the end where there was this wo ai ni then we started frantically singing lao su ai da mi. LOLS. and we wore bandanas. got a pic lar but quite blur.
then me and stef start jokiing that we were from cheap amah services de COE. LMAO.
then the performance started!!!! and then the emcee asked us to look at the vending machine. i was like wat vending machine? u mean there are free drinks? then music start booming out from the speakers near the vendings then this sir burst out from newspaer which was held across the corners.
then he started sashaying and then turned around to beckon someone.
gods knows who. then this figure walked out and everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE bursted out laughing coz...

he was the always jao sia that sir but imagine him in balloon boobs, hairbands and make up? WAHAHAHAHA.
u see that guy raising up his arms? he is oso a sir so both sirs, both gays. then they performed HOT DANCE! LMAO. that gaylo bigboobs shook his butt and like pole dance liddat. OMG. SIR LEHS!!! that dua nh is still tang tang zheng zheng de JC student act till liddat.
the dance me and stef took it on stefs phone. FULL AND COMPLETE VIDEO. u wan i send u but excuse the maniacal screams from a kesiao, i tihnk is me ba =.=
this photo was taken during camp, all in our house tees:

HEY! first time i post my photo on it but who noes which is me?

so liddat lar.
wahahah expect more photos on me blog~

Friday, July 28, 2006
28th July 2006
SOBS. i m real guilty about something right now.
but wat's done IS done i guess.
but anway i started off the day wif a bad mood lols i dun noe why either.
ytd was the same, real pissed off too. probably coz i was pissed of ytd i m pissed off today. so my mood was bad enuf and it was topped up by some idiot saying things she dont haf the bloody right to say.
AND THEN something made me real guilty.
so i guess that's my day of being pissed.
i think typing this pisses me off too so i think i gonna stop NOW.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
26th July 2006
MY THUMB IS DARN PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the same thumb was cut TWICE!!! and one bled quite so much.
so now, my thumb hurts so much.. that when i bathe...
the wound stung with ACUTE PAIN
i could only use one hand to spread shampoo on my hair not-so-evenly
i could only use one hand to hold the towel
i could only use one hand to spread facial soap on my face
i'll NEVER use a penknife again
i will only use it for that freaking merlion again
MUAHAHAH BOOBERI got a green guy for a fren =)
i think i will call it greenguy LMAO
so after schl went to 7-11 wif sherlyn, ls, jp, eunice then over there met astrid and crystal. then jp had to go back for dance...
so we kept gossiping n gossiping.
then we went to blk 308 there buy BOOBERI SPECIES! and we bot 8 =]
my advertisement work wonders!!! hahah jst kidding i dun get paid sadly.
oh well. GREENGUY RAWRS BOOBERI TOO minus his stupid fractured hand
it was supposed to be sherlyn then i traded blue for hers coz she didnt noe it was limited ed. and then lishan begged me to trade the pink for it and so i did.
SHUD HAF KEPT IT1!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006
22nd July 2006
hm. today was like any other boring old day... i mean, since when is freaking schl NOT BORING????!!!!!
u just sit in class whole day, listen to teachers and then do ur work.
AND then tests come, followed by more tests then the exams AND THEN FINALLY THE HOLS.
so basicall, there's p.e and art today. thats good coz that means there are 2 hrs of non-related-to-textbook subjects WHICH MEANS we saved 2h from reading the textbook.
p.e did shuttle run, got a 10.5.
then after that played capt ball again. yes, again. and we used an exceptionally OUT-OF-SHAPE ball, which gets kinda no-air after being thrown for awhile. get wat i mean? so this ball probably has a HUGE hole somewhere other than the silly hole used to insert the freaking needle when pumping it. and pumping it isnt much use anyway coz the air still leaks. so we throw ball, air leaks, we still throw ball. anyway wats the point of this? yea i m typing nonsense.
so during art had to mess wif the retarded merlion. we added some clay to his BLANK eyes but his eys were already made of clay so adding clay still make it smae old blank.
and started scrapping off the hardened disgusting-POPPING-OUT-LUMP-of-clay from the merlion's forehead. and the penknife was uber rusty so the rust kinda stained the merlion... sighs. merlion, see that wall? now crash into it.
and then we dunked the hardened tail into this chalky tub of clay water oreo style LOLS, no i was just joking. we soaked it inside thinking we would use it but we didnt in the end so we just threw it into a bag.
hhaaha so u see, disorganisation causes stupid merlion or actually --- stupid merlion causes disorganisation.
met this idiot noob in maple who keeps asking me to cc in mushmom. but i ignored him and clinged onto the rope. and then he started saying "plz i beg u i have to kill this mm to take revenge. i was killed by it when i was a noob"
like LMAO? when u were a noob u shudnt haf even gone there! actually he STILL is a noob.

Friday, July 21, 2006
21st July 2006
today was real down.
the atmosphere was so low coz mr lim is leaving.
everyone was real sad, really sad. he was a great teacher, honestly.
you dont see me praising teachers on my blog but this time, i m praising MR CHRISTOPHER LIM.
we stayed back for recess coz some ppl in our class bought choco cake and vanilla COKE! the cake was nt bad so was the coke.
at that point of time, everyone was quite cheerful till...
a presentation for mr lim was made. and THE MUSIC WAS SO FREAKING SAD. but it showed lots of pics of mr lim, in his funny poses. the presentation was kinda funny coz there was one pic where mr lim actually sucked in his lips? and LOOKED SO LIKE TWEETY! but really noone wanted to laugh. it was all so sad.
that was his last lesson, and we probably wont see him anymore in schl. hais
then lishan came to my seat, and started crying. =[ but when she cried she started screaming and moaning (oh boy wat am i thinking of???!!!). then jiapei turned round, saw us, and came.
guess wat?
i didnt cry ok. i dun cry easily. muahahahaha.
mr lim was an awesome teacher who:
-tolerate our nonsense and sometime joins in too
-makes up lame jokes to entertain us
-show us video clips to again entertain us
-provide consultations for science, this he volunteered himself
-gave us his MSN email, unlike dat shortie thats gonna replace him who said he dont want to receive junk emails from us
-he's a good fren to all of us
-he sends me songs upon request from me=]
-he used his own extra time to stay back to help ppl wif stuff
if i shall continue this list, it would probably never end...
lets talk about that crying stuff.
i can only remember 1 occasion which i really sobbed coz i she bu de.
the first was when i had to leave SIS (my old schl in hk). i did control till the really end when took the schl bus and it started moving off. at that moment tears just welled up in my eyes. missed my real good frens and my schl .i kept the tears back =]
i mean who wont cry when u have to leave a schl u have been ever since u can remember things? 7 years of wonderful memories were from there and u have to leave. LIKE WHO WONT FEEL SAD?
i didnt cry when i left ncps... i just dun like getting too emotional...
but every beginning has an end so i guess we have to just accept it.
but before i end this post, i wud like to express my gratitude to mr lim!!!
thanks a million for teaching us!
everyone will MISS YOU....!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006
20th July 2006
not much to do lately so have been messing up wif my webcam anyway let me introduce to you my FAVE DE-STRESS TOOL!!!

this is booberi

this is booberi's hand

this is Booberi WITHOUT his hand
this is booberi STILL SMILING WITHOUT his hand =.=

so you see, Booberi's attitude towards life is something worth learning from

you scold he vulgar, he smiles

you hit him with ur pen, he smiles

you break his freaking hand, he STILL smiles.

actually it wasnt on purpose to break his lil' hand. YOU SEE, i still keep it for souvenir =/

so sian. seriously, i'm sick of schl. SCHOOL SUCKS. SCHOOL SUCKS! SCHOOL SUCKS!! HAIZ.

i wan a holiday. I NEED A HOLIDAY.

*smacks booberi, who smiles in return*


he smiles again

Tuesday, July 18, 2006
18th July 2008
went ot cp AGAIN.
for lunch and for buying CLAY.
so guess where i ate?
u guessed it, KFC
so WHAT i ate?
u guessed it, fish OLE.
MUAHAHA and cheese fries.
and then went to popular to buy 4 packets of clay at they each cost a freaking $3.80!!! dam ex lor.
and then we went back to schl
and we did the school, the environment AND THE WORLD A HUGE FAVOUR...
we recycled OLD BOTTLES!!! which we picked from the bin =/
thats for the structure of the freaking merlion we need to do for art project.
and the merlion looked real weird, believe i mean what i say. REAL WEIRD.
it looked like a medium-stage-evolved-ape-to-human kinda thingy with a mane, fish scales and a a duck's beak.
HAIZ. so i went home at 6.30+

Monday, July 17, 2006
17th July 2006
sian today no p.e
good oso lar coz the teacher sux and my legs are killling me
damn pissed by some teacher again. why do i ALWAYS get pissed?
teacher S relieved sucky P.E teacher.
teacher S told me this "tell ur class to keep quiet or else i'll hold them back for recess. i dont want to shout"
excuse me fool. does the m.o.e employ you to come here to order pple round so that u can sit at ur fucking table and do no fucking thing??!!!
i may be the chairperson but i aint ur slave. i just have to lock the doors, open the doors keep the class quiet when THERE'S NO TEACHER AROUND. get that part, freak?
i repeat and stress this part:WHEN THERE'S NO TEACHER AROUND. but u r there ok so open ur god damn mouth and scold the class.
you dont want shout, like i want liddat.
and what's a mouth for? communication OK. SO TELL THE CLASS WHATEVER U WANT TO TELL THEM and dun expect me to be ur messenger or smth coz I AINT UR MESSENGER!!!
I AINT UR FREAKING OWL TO HELP PASS MESSAGES AND U AINT MY FREAKING OWNER!!! if you're afraid to strain ur freaking voice, DONT TALK THEN. and dun expect pple SO KIND to help transfer ur messages.
u've got a mouth so USE it before it rusts.
TO HELL YOU TEACHERS GO!!!! *slams door and smacks wall*
i've finsihed my speech, thank you.
and the CME made me and fy stand during class. guess i deserved that too coz we were smacking each other with newspaper =/
but she went round confiscating pple's property and threatening with a real menacing and EVIL voice "be more participative and i'll return it to u"
yea yea, first time i see some weird teacher gg to the extent of doing threatening to get more active participation.
i noe our class dun participate in class often and such, making teachers REAL depressed after our lessons. but dont always blame it on us, jus blame on ur lessons for being too boring.
no offence really teachers but if u feel offended, thats not my prob too. blame it on urself for reading my blog coz as u can see my warning on the right... so yea.
viewer's discreet advisable.

JP hates me for pulling her hairband off =.=

Saturday, July 15, 2006
15th July 2006
woke up at 6.50, left home at 7.25, and reached cp at 7.35. and i was supposed to meet stef at 7.45 in CP.
so i called her and she told me she was STILL EATING. so since the lrt to ranggung had already come, i told her i wait for her in ranggung.
so she reached at 7.51, she's never punctual. haish but who cares and we werent the latest thou. LOLS
so i played capt ball like i siad in my previous post. and our first match was againt greendale, the new schl just opened this year ad so we fought againt the teeny weeny SEC 1s. SO CUTE got one fat fat de lols.
but we were kinda slacking oso lar coz no matter how fast they run, how accurate they shoot, how far they pass, the balls is always blocked by the real TALL guy from sec 3 in our team. MUAHAHAHA.
so we thrashed then 8:0 =.=
but i fell lots of time coz when i see the ball i chiong then its either i chiong lost my balnce fall or chiong then the opponent oso chiong so crashed and fell.
HAIZ. i think the match against seng kang, which was the next after greendale, i fell =/ and...
made a perfect hole on my track pants and a bleeding wound for my knee =/
i didnt realise that i actually injured i just thought it was some pain until after the match...
and that was my fave track pants =(
so we went to semi finals. played against punggol. they were freaking strong lor. the 3 guys in their team like all bball de and they start faking here n there and the other guy was a big blabbermouth. he just CANT shut his freaking mouth and stop crapping and play the game.
but since i admitted they were damn strong, we lost quite willingly lar.
then the next match is against north vista.
won them by dunno how much coz their defence honestly sux.
so we ended up 2nd lar. nt bad already last year frisbee 3rd nia.
WE WERE OVERALL CHAMPS!!!! OMGOMGOMG like once in dunno how many years le coz u see, soccer we 2nd, capt ball 2nd oso, tug-of-war boys 1st, girls 1st oso!!! SO WE WON...
YIPPPPE and we were like so happy.
twe got a late dismissal it was stated somehwere it ends at 12 but it turned up it ended at 1++.
so me stef and beatrice went to rivervale plaze there eat kfc.
and then it started to rain. so we ling yu run run run to the hdb there.
then KFC so freaking many ppl all from NP de. they oso come eat.
then we bot paopaocha =]
then went home lo.
really enjoyable day if minus the silly wound and the torn track pants.

Friday, July 14, 2006
14th July 2006
today was a REAL memorable day.
first i came to schl to see my chair MISSING.
yea, its gone, no where to be found. I was so pissed off, that explains my un-enthusiasm when we gave shrlyn a present. sighs
anyways we bought her a pig, it was SO DAMN CUTE. eeeeku eeeeku. *squeezes piggies's cheeks* i wan to hug u to sleep.... =]
yea bac to the pissed off incident. so what i did was to go down to the general office, with ls, sherlyn and jp accompanying me. thanks peeps.
and i had to meet the freaking staff in there who showed me attitude. she was this short hair lady who was quite short and this was how our conversation go:
"My chair is missing. i need another"
"HUH? chair missing, gone?"
"yea, when i came already dun have"
"which class u from?"
"aiyo. confirm ar, sure ar got find anot" she said very buay songly.
"YEAAAAAA." i replied even more buay songly.
"what class u from" short ppl have short term memory.
"22222 IIIII" i dragged my words and twitch the side of my mouth.
then she start handling the paper matters and did not tell me wat to do so she left me standing there like some dumb abbit waiting to be shot.
just then she received a call for her, who was answered by another staff so she was like kao-pehing "tsik. i dun wan"
for goodness sake dun behave like a 5-year-old little girl.
1) you are too OLD
2) your act cute voice is totally disgusting so dun try
so she led me to this place and i took my chiar and went.
so assembly, sing song then back to class when i noticed a chair at the right corner of the class.
and everybody was telling me my chair was missing and its not there.
and now i see it over there.
you know like how much i would not like to, i really haf to curse those idiots who go around taking ppls chair and not returning it.
YOUR FREAKING FUN N CONVENIENCE WAS AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHER'S INCONVENIENCE. have a conscience ok. at least return it after playing or whatsoever and not leave ppl finding a chair which u so conveniently disposed at some corner of the class and leave. t('-'t)
mayb its my retribution though for making 2 ppl FALL DOWN by pulling their chair away when the're bout to sit. MUAHAHA. yea probably ba. LOLS.
small actions can mean big things, really.
and btw i noe how to recognise MY chair. so whoever took it i'll noe one day.
and anyway went to police hq whatever home team academy thingy but i cant shoot coz i didnt attend 2 practices. lets not talk bout it, i feel so demoralised.
lets talk bout this: I GOT PROMOTED!!! weeeee. CORPORAL! YIPEEEE.
i was so happy but i didnt get this badge thou. sian dunno why leh. but when i didnt hear my name called i didnt really feel anything
and the NCOs were assigned their respective jobs and the sec 4 passed out, not as in faint. and when the officer finsihed their speech the sec 4s n 5s threw up their berets.
it was quite touching that moment, when all the berets flew up and rained onto the ground. and then i thought one of those throwing the beret would be me 2 years from now.
really touching and unforgettable.
and then the sec 4 wan ka jiao the juniors saying it was a game and then make us do push ups. but it was the first time everyone was actually NOT COMPLAINING when doing.
btw, new pig.ka.boos

Thursday, July 13, 2006
13th July 2006
so today had this life science lesson
and mr lim made it sound like we will be handling some dangerous toxic radioactive MAN-EATING MONSTER that is minute and cant be seen by the naked eye. LMAO
honestly he made it sound like that ok? and he make some power point sides on the many safety precautions, must wear gloves, must wear apron, must dispose those used equipment into this bag that wrote BIOHAZARD in big bold letters.
and i got ethanol on my arm, which was unprotected by the useless gloves, which formed some sort of white powder on my hands. EEKS the ethanol has this really really COOOLLLL feeling on my hand =]
and anyway had lunch at schl wif jp n ls.
then we keep talking and talking until we reached the schl gate and we even paused there like some silly fools BLOCKING the schl gate.
and anyway, like i said we kept talking and then i walked home.
its only until i have almost reached my house did i realise I DID NOT RETURN THE SCHL CLASS LOG to the general office so i had to walk back to schl.
sighs. walked till i had this freaking stitch on my left side.
tmr got np, actual shooting but i cant partcipate coz i only went for the practise once.
and anyway what we do in practises is just to hold the revolver and start aiming at the target and pull the trigger and no bullets will come out. make us look like a pure idiot really.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006
12th July 206
there r no bullets though, obviously. the police wont want 30 over NPCC cadets massacre-ing the evil ma'ams in amk police centre though a thousand metres deep down everyone would like to. =.=
but we must have looked really bai chi coz there were only "click click" noises but there arent any bullets or stuff and we HAD to imitate putting on the mufflers and the goggles when there aint mufflers or goggles.
and the damn trigger is SO HARD TO PULL!!!! and the stupid bullet thingy nt sure what its called cant open when i tried forcing it out.
honestly, it was still really fun. I MEAN WHO'S LUCKY ENUF TO TOUCH A REVOLVER AT DA AGE OF 13. MUAHAHA, me =]
and i'll be participating in capt ball for inter-schl games. LOLS the ma'am asked me ok, i wasnt the only one interested in playing =.=
and today i gave a really disgusting and dirty red-tuned-black rubber band to my form teacher. MUAHAHAHA. well it isnt my fault she said just pick any from the flr and gif her so i did exactly what she said.
hahaa and she grunted in disgust and remarked in chinese "eeeee, u shuf gif me a cleaner one"
and the whole class burst out in laughter.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006
11th July 2006
had 2 incredibly disgusting zits on my face
met mrs lam's EVIL TWIN today.
she relieved english teacher tan.
when she entered the class i heard dunno-whose-voice saying that teacher very xiang mrs lam then when i turned to look i cant stop laughing.
haha but she was kinda bad and she tot herself very dua.
u cant imagine the growing desire in me to actually HOLD A REVOLVER.
OMG! CANT WAIT! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyway i just received a mail from HD Promotion Dept. WAT THE HELL IS THAT. SPAM MAIL again i mean i keep deleting them and they keep coming in. DARN THEM!!!!
haiz so sian later then i edit this post ba now nth write

Monday, July 10, 2006
10th July 2006
kinda pissed off today.
but who cares?
haha anyway i am busy playing alien shooter. its a lil' violent, i mean u use all sorts of weapons trying to kill aliens? i think its fine as long as u dun grab guns and start shooting T.T
today got p.e and the teacher was erm, quite sucky. i m making my blog sound like a anti-teacher society or smth like dat and I KNOW there are teachers or a teacher reading my blog *raises eyebrows*
muahaha coz lishan was beside doing the sit -up thingy so while doing i was staring at her and competing wif her. LMAO.
MUAHAHAH and i won her.
then today actually got art but then the art teacher wasnt there so me lishan and jp was toking bout all sorts of things and we went into some gruesome topics. so gruesome till ls started screaming like some lunatic until the grp beside ours stared at her.
oh and FRANCE LOST!!! sobs. but actually it didnt really matter LOLS coz i didnt bet anything.
had a feeling i shudnt and i didnt!!! heng sia.
but this world cup really ends fast. sighs. it was like ytd it had just started and this morning it just ended. OH BOY! SOMEONE STOP TIME!

Sunday, July 09, 2006
9th July 2006
my encounter with a werewolf
episode 1:
lots more episodes to come, yea thats definitely gonna to happen.
my life is never easy with an asshole always harrassing me, fighting for the comp and such, even with HIS OWN laptop, he never fails to irritate me.
after a morning breakfast of roti prata, the "ww" and i walked back home. as the werewolf unfortunately got the key, he unlocked the door gate first and used his disgustingly furry paws to block my way. he murmured in his werewolf language which i had diificulty understanding "meeee onluck dooor birst".
i was helpless and had no other choice but to allow him to do wateva he wants with his sharp claws. after unlocking the gate, he ran all the way into the house, aiming straight for the computer table. expecting and seeing this action take place, i sprinted after the wobbly figure, which (he's not human, he's inhumane) somehow managed to keep his balance. it must have xperienced increasing difficulty trying to control the immense weight on his head on his body.
as he got the head start, he reached first and seated his butt onto the comp chiar, which al,most collapsed under his weight.
i let off a ear-piercing scream. "ARHHHH. LET ME PLAY FIRST! I ON THE COMP FIRSt!!!!"
it answered, once again, in an alien language "noooo! caaaannnooot meee swit dooown birst"
"but i havent finsih playing!"
"oou gibbbbb me a thumb(time he meant)"
"12 o clock lor. almost 11 le"
"VAH?!!!! shooooo LONNNGGG? elewen-four-five"
"no! 12 take or leave it!"
"wenything. meee swit here euuu so cannnot plaeee"
" siam lar. let me plae!"
somehow i managed to shoo the pesky GIANT and he moved himself off the seat.
it used its own laptop, great but it positioned the fan blowing toawrds IT ONLY.
i glared at it, then using one hand i jerked the fan till it was blowing towards me.
he uttered, "oi. meee berry hot ok!" his sharp teeth must have been a nuisance coz if he opened his mouth too big his fangs would cut into his lips, hence the poor pronounciation.
"meee pee-pire more ok" his fangs again.
then we kept moving the fan and switching it off till it and i could tolerate no more.
he stood up with some balance and pushed the fan to the other side of him, so that i coudnt do anything to the fan w/o getting off my chair.
but actually, i could do somth. muahahaha. i stretched my body to the back of the comp table and switched off the socket.I M EVIL.
"ROARRRRR!" he roared, and approached em menacingly, his eyes flashing.
he didnt exactly approach me ba, he approached the comp actually and peered behind the comp table.
"bhere the plug?" really, werewolves, do u think humans r dumb enuf to tell u where the socket is so that u can unplug it and plug it somewhere else where they cant do anything?
"LOLS. why must i tell u?"
he somehow found it with help from his HUGE rock eyes.
haiz. i cursed him.
"euuu wouldnt onnnneee to vhallenge meeee. euuu noe wat i can do"
"and u noe wat i CAN DO too huh. there's always a phone, and there's always 999."
then he diam diam LmAO.
but he continued moving the fan to the other side of him.
haha the fan blew towards me oso lar so i didnt really do anything to recounter his launched attack on the fan =]
but i couldnt stop cursing him T.T
end of episode 1
can u imagine that?

Saturday, July 08, 2006
8th July 2006
just woke up then ate my noodles then blog liaos.
gratz lishan for getting her blog right!!! =]
maple is getting really boring, dun really noe why but just lost the interest overnight. LOLS
ytd went to cp for lunch and to er... buy some stuff although we didnt buy anything coz it was quite a last-minute decision so we didnt bring enuf $$$.
ate kfc, fish ole! but the fih was quite burnt and the cream had no taste =.=
kept stealing fries from ls & jp. muahahaha I AM EVIL.
we kept going in and out of mini toons. we somehow attracted those minitoons ppl, who kept following us. lols i dun steal =/ (exception for the fries =.=)
k ba, enuf for today coz its the morning now and NOTHING HAPPENS in the morning =.=
so i added this part in when its 6.13.
my mum and i went to ps coz there was this idiotic john little sale which SHE DESPERATELY NEEDS TO GO or she will deeply regret and might start blaming me and stuff. for my safety purposes, i decided to go with her. she treated me to ajisen ramen wahahaha. anyway it always her who pays, u dun expect a 13-gg-on-14 sec student to PAY IZZIT!!!???
so she pays and it was freaking ex! coz this indian waitress with the 5-birds-for-my-brother slang took our orders as single orders, not as a set meal.
and then when we paid, the cashier was this inexperienced trainee who absolutely wasted MY TIME. he press a button, then pause for at least 30 sec before pushing another and then ponders over what's next b4 he clicks the huge green button and the till comes out.
when we finally got our payment done, it was a whooping $32.55 but the receipt stated we order 2 bowls of ramen and a MISO SOUP, which we didnt order. so my mum questioned the more-xperience-cashier-guiding-the-idiot-though-she-later-proved-she-wasnt-any-better, hoping to get back some money. yes, she took the wrong order slip so she took the CORRECT one, and it turned out we had TO PAY ANOTHER 45 cents.
you have caused as incredily lots of inconvenience and u expect us to pay 45 more cents?
we r civilised peeps, so we paid, and left cursing (thats me)
we shudnt haf asked.
and we vowed never to step into that freaking store again =.=
so blah blah blah. we went bac home taking the mrt when i saw this mother n daughter. the mum was reading the newpaper where the front cover was toking bout this murder case? izzit that it i think so coz i fell into a well and was a few hundred miles under civilisation and didnt noe wat was happening until a rope came down one day and pulled me up. so i didnt noe anything bout wats happenning in the cruel world. then the mum started telling her duaghter who was peering into her newspaper "this lady deserves to die." and she quoted "her husband takes his shower without switching on the lights" blah blah blah.
and here comes the funny part she said "her mother was so angry she held a knife at her daughter's throat" and then she motioned her hand to her daughters throat and asked "wat will u do if urmother pointed a knife at ur thorat =.=
erps. how can a mother ask such a foolish question.
then i told my mum and she said "and how does she expect her daughter to answer?"
i laughed.

Thursday, July 06, 2006
6th July 2006
quite active posts now, nt gonna let this blog rot =.= at least for now.
but i was wondering who cares about my life? quoted from eunice "they cant even care about their own life who would care for urs"
that's true i agree.
but since i have started this blog, it would be a real pity to stop it just like that so whether there are ppl reading or not, i will still post. take it as my hobby or... an online no privacy diary. typing is betta then writing.
anyway, i am currently very irritated by some freaks who are screaming in a really high-pitch glass-shattering kind of voice. oh boy.
but today was the same old boring normal schl day. lessons and lessons. oh and that relief teacher whom i mentioned, she made herself look dumb again but this time its different, its in front of the whole class.
coz she was a trainee teacher, she actually follows a permanent teacher who will teach and guide her (she REALLY NEEDS that). and how unfortunately, that teacher whom she follows is my form teacher. so form teacher X was late coz she was taking the radio. and relief teacher F (you noe wat it stands for) was loitering outside the classroom. hell noes why she didnt come in. we noe she's w8ing for permanent teacher X but she could always go into the classroom first?
but come to think of it, i think she quite respect X. basically a form of respect probably? hey i m contradicting myself =.=
ok then there were 3 boys who came finding some1 from our class. she was beside them but the boys heck care her LMAO and continued toking amongst themselves. then dunno wat she said to them and they sort of walked off. AND FINALLY SHE STEPS INTO OUR CLASSROOM, but instead of gg in, she just stood and the door edge and leaned out her body and asked "are they ur fren?" in english.
err? u're a chinese teacher? shudnt u be speaking chinese especially when its chinese lesson. i noe i also speak english even to the chinese teacher until she couldnt tolerate anymore and stressed that she WAS a chinese teacher and i responded by nodding my head. but i think she kinda given up hope on me coz she speak to me in english now =] i mean only when we're handling admin matters.
yippee tmr no np!!! czo the teachers are gg somewhere? i think so ba.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006
5th July 2006
there was this npcc police heritage thingy today
and we were told there is gg to be a LEISURE CAMP.
no idea whether shud i feel happy or not coz:
5) I MISS MY...errr. TV?

so, kinda contradicts, but who cares? its not the first time i am gg for a camp rite?
anyway, after the police heritage thingy which was REALLY BORING wif the old retired policeman telling us that he was once a traffic police on duty in the old NCHS in kim yam rd and emphasizing that the food was cheap cheap good good, me and frens went to cp. we ate yoshinoya haha.
and this cashier was called nito or rito? cant rmb and he speaks in a odd slang. nice to hear actually but reminds me of the "5 birds, for my brother" advertisement starring richard gere and his gray hair.
and good to hear, my box of lakerol DIDNT SPILL wahahah. u cant imagine how careful i was when i removed it from my pocket. somehow miraculously i managed to control my uncontrollable urge for sweets and saved like 6 of them for the police heritage, and no, its not for the police, its for MEEEEEEEEE.
oh and D&T today was really boring too. three cheers coz we gonna haf practical nxt week and guess what i m making?
you guessed it PIG.KA.BOO!
gonna make a collection!
er, let me count. i have 1 PKB fridge magnet which is on my fridge, er 2 PKB pencil boxes which i left in my drawer to rot and.. coming out is the PKB HP HOLDER~
the sketches that the teacher drew on my jotter book was a design of yes, a pig but with a incredibly small nose and eyes so damn far apart.
but of coz i m gonna change the alien pig into my adorable PKB~
thats all for now~

Tuesday, July 04, 2006
4th July 2006
today was doing proj in comp lab
typed a whole bunch of crap for PW, and then we were told the printer cant work.
so we went to another comp where the printer was supposingly to be able to work.
but no, it would nt work. so we spent like 45 mins rolling the roller chairs here and there, removing catridges from the bloody printers, typing the same old paragraph a hundred times, and then cursing the faulty old printers.
however, the printer STILL wouldnt work after SO MANY ATTEMPTS
unlucky day~ so we sent the file to lishan ask her print lors. LOLS, easiest n most practical solution =).
haha and lishan go her bloggiie... not yet complete rite?
btw, today very suay sia. i bought this pack of lakerols to schl to repay fy coz she always gif me when she got hers. then when i removed it from my pocket with a rather hard swing, the sweets flew out =.=. LMAO. it was all over the floor. lucky it was a relief teacher who was teaching so she blur blur didnt see anything. LOLS. then i paiseh paiseh go pick up the sweets.
i opened the box and looked, there were 4 left nia. WTF
$1.75 fly away lo
haiz so gif fy one i ate 3 LOLS

Monday, July 03, 2006
3rd July 2006
yay, completed world cup pig.ka.boo!
see my msn dp if u dun get me =)
todae went to cp wif my bro n mum, then aw fy n sher LOLS.
so qiao.
at the atrium, there was some cold storage discounts and there were a WHOLE CROWD of KIASU ppl searching a moutain full of this blue-boxed choco bears (is that wat that is?). they were searching for these particular bears wif a date of significance to them coz there's a different bear for every different date and somehow these pple find it INCREASING exciting to find one with their bdae on it.
and if u were one of them, i gt nothing to say =.=
desperate in need of a scanner, nid to scan my pigs~~~~
and anyway, i have tot of a fabulous design for my new house room door.
i gonna use velcro and stick these strips of them on my room door. then i gonna use the PKBs to decorate my door which means i gonna print them out then stick the other sides of the velcro onto the back of the pigs and them attach them to my door. and of coz i'll try to conceal the ugly velcro =.=
whoosh~ *wipes sweat*
how nice it would be.
today would be the last day of the 3 day weekend.

Saturday, July 01, 2006
1st July 2006
yesterday, i was really tired so i didnt post. so now i gonna post for yesterday.
there was np and to my delight, NO DRILLS! like wat that ma'am always say, miracles does happen =) there were lectures on planning n public speaking. some times i really wonder if that ma'am is any better than us =.=. anyway we went for speech n communication course that the instructors were ang-moh and obviously much betta than her.
what i enjoyed most was the captain's ball. it was originally supposed to be played using a ball of twine but the results were disastrously. lots of interruptions during play coz that stupid twine keep coming out. so we decided to use a relatively SMALL softball instead.
as i stressed that word small, loads of people keep missing the ball LOLS. hahah had lots of laughs. the ma'am was lousy, honestly. i was standing behind those peeps who was trying o catch the ball, hoping they might miss so that the ball will roll towards me... weeee~
but since i ve not played any sports for AGES n AGES, my muscles killed me. ouch. OUCH. *screams in pain*
hahah so after that i requested my mum to buy me a treadmill so i can run wahahaha. and she conplaint that it was so expensive. forget it then mum.

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