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Friday, October 27, 2006
The Tragic Tale of Two Trashbins
proudly authored by PIGs Co. Ltd

The Tragic Tale of Two Trashbins, LMAO. but boy do i mean TRAGIC.
let me start this tragic tale with... an oil rig.
dont ask me why i have to start with an oil rig, just read on yea?
In 1977 (woah that's bloody history!), an oil rig successfuly managed to dig up a few million galleons of crude oil. the boss was extremely and absolutely exhilirated with the fruitful results of his first oil rig project.
He decided to give 100k galleons of crude oil to his brother, Harcharchar, as a token of gratitude for his endless support to him.
Harcharchar developed a humongous oil industry, manufacturing things from plastic bags to trashbins. On one particular day when the sky was remarkably blue and the clouds abnormally white, 2 trashbins were manufactured.
one was dark, or actually it's black, real black, so let's call him Blacky the other was grey, we'll call it Greybay.
So blacky and greybay, it was love at first sight. However, the evil and cruel Harcharchar sold both of them to NCHS, and ever since they were separated by a thick concrete wall. one was at the corridor outside 2i, the other was inside 2i. the only chance they can meet was when someone opens the door, but usually then, it'll only be a glimpse, a glimpse to determine whether the other was still alive and jumping.
fine, alive and jumping as in not literally...
two whole years, being separated by concrete walls and massive improper disposal of garbage, was not easy to overcome but still they did. the constant reminder of the day when they can really meet kept them going and moving on.
However, doom somehow tracks them , find them and then KILL them.
It was the last day to freedom, both bins were jubilant and promised to survive till then. however, it was exactly the last day when something so unfortunate, so TRAGIC happened.
the students of 2i and 2h carelessly and i-dont-care-i-need-to-get-rid-of-this-crap-ly threw all their unwanted. it highly resembles this

and in 10 minutes... *shakes head profusely*

as for greybay... she wasnt any much better either.

AND THEN, here comes the most tragic part. Blacky can stand no more! He stumbled and struggled to regain his balance but the immense weight of the garbage on it and beside it prevented it from happening...
"GreyBAY! I LOVE YOU!" Blacky shouted. He fell onto the ground with a eardrum-damaging bang. Its contents spilled out from it and onto the ground, blocking the corridor it's culprit needed to walk.

Greybay screamed and cried as long as she could but she knows, it doesnt matter how long her volume is, her cries can never be heard by the one she loves. Blacky was pronounced DEAD.
The cleaners were called in. The principal and level coordinator also came to handle the situation. Even the security guard came, for reason god knows.
The tragic end to two loving rubbish bins was sad and depressing.
R.I.P 2i Rubbishbins.
What a lame story I have here. But for entertainment purposes, there is no harm right?
So the REALLY tragic tale of two trashbins shall end here, but the love between them shall not...
they'll wait for Harcharchar to manufacture another 2 bins where they'll be reincarnted into. till then, i hope for them everlasting love.
*snowman ski down slope*

Thursday, October 26, 2006
26th oct 2006
so this shall be the crucial post that salvage this blog from serious decomposition and severe rotting.
poor blog...
erm, today was the last day of school.
had this strange mixture of feelings. oh well, sad coz it's streaming and 2i wouldnt be 2i no more, happy coz DAMN IT'S HOLIDAYS! WHO WOULDNT BE EXHILARATED WITH HOLS?
yea, so you get me, at least i hope.
lishan brought her digital camera today to school, you know, to snap pictures of the present which would soon be the pathetic old past. photos are the only form of pictorial evidence yea?
so we were snapping away... really wanted to post them on the blog but lishan wasnt online.
anyway after schl went to 7-11 for lunch. ate craze hottis & gulp. then was kinda pissed.
haha but who cares? LOL

Thursday, October 12, 2006
12th oct 2006
so tmr will be our last paper weeeeeeeee~
it's just 1 more paper and 2mths hols!!!!
but it'll be time for streaming
WHICH means...
2i wont be 2i no more.
i guess that's just life...
anyway, for the sake of my pkb collection and for the sake of 2i,
here enclosed is a $50 Goodfood Cafe voucher...
erps, wats getting into me. too much formal letter writing sia.
the pigkaboo internation graphicS (pigS) proudly presents...
behold my frens
as PIGs present to you, a one and only opportunity to witness the first ever created, first ever designed, first ever ...

so here are they, making their first release on me blog!!!

so this is a completed graduation pig

added some text. this is dedicated to 2i anyway

and this was my initial design BUT as you can se obviously the pig cant squeeze its HUGE FAT BODY into the suit!!!! yea i noe his body is like, miniature compared to its gigantic head but, yea...
BUT it's so damn cute!!!!
hope all 2inspiration peeps enjoy =]
proudly brot to you by pigkaboo international graphicS, really cool people with GRAPHICs.

please click when you see them! they're as harmless as a drop of water. every click earns me some cents!

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kindly... PISS OFF!
your kind understanding is much appreciated

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