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Saturday, May 27, 2006
27th May 2006
Ok, lets see... hm. later on gonna haf dinner in seoul garden... wahaha bbq. yay. gonna maple le see u

Thursday, May 25, 2006
25th May 2006
DAMN it. I chiong home just to do Maple ludi PQ, and guess wat??? patching from 2 to 3. FUCK. Haiz. so now i'm here, blogging when i shud have been in PQ.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006
23rd May 2006
i really dun noe how to put it in words, but today was really confusing, really puzzling... ... haiz. went to cp with some frens, then met xiao jun. and then met wif my OLD OLD OLD pri 6 teacher, ms lim bee hoon. nvr visit nan chiau pri, no chance to visit the OLD teacher at the old folks home. kinda surprised to meet her, but i just said HELLo quite loudy and waved my hand then off i went. siann. everything's getting boring. homework sarks. chinese hw one whole stack + the freaking history project. i mean like, dont think bac to the past, and there're sayings dun cry over spilled milk and stuff like that, so why learn history? WHY LEARN WHAT THE OLD FOLKS HAVE DONE WRONG DURING THEIR TIME? WHY? *messes hair in despair* oh come on, it's HOLIDAY, H-O-L-I-D-A-Y! not some normal workday HUH. if there's smth related to schl during holidays, then why call it holidays huh. it shud be SCHOOLDAY-WITH-SHORTER-SCHOOL-HOURS.

Sunday, May 21, 2006
21st May 2006
WEEKENDS ARE ENDING!!! sobs. i m so looking forward to the hols, and i mean it. just another week, YES just another week of tolerance and then PLAYTIME! i was playing the com whole dae. xin ku ni le comp. *pats the cpu. good boy. LOLS. i was pondering over wat exactly i shud do during the hols and i have come out wif some things which i can do and i will do:
1. PLAY the comp like mad
2. draw more PKBs
3. draw and colour PKBs using photoshop
4. use coloured PKB on blog
5. update blog

places i wish to go when i in HK:
1. OCEAN PARK! new jellyfish exhibition i wan go!
2. my fren's house???
3. any where wif my frens
4. ICE-SKATING (*grabs knee-guards and helmet... HELMET? do we use helmets?)
5. home sweet home HK de

Friday, May 19, 2006
19th May 2006
hi peeps. haiz, todae got np... MONDAE OSO GG TO HAF! promotion test somemore. CAN I PASS? haiz. who cares. finally saturday arrived! yayYAY! anyway, todae skip P.E for these 2 DJs who came to our schl. AND THEN THERE WAS THESE FREAKING LONG-leg spider on me. and eunice started screaming and trying a lil' too hard trying to remove that freaking creature from my back. Thanks. after that, the spider disappeared. then we were like finding and lookinfg for it when eunice strted freaking out coz there was this itchy feeling on her hand. u guessed it - the spider was on her arm! *evi l laughter. HAHAHA. then she started flinging her arms and then the spider was somehow squashed on the floor. EEEKS. during the talk, we kept observing the spider. THE NEXT MOMENT, it was GONE! we're like, so scared that the spider will once again be on us. ILL. ILL. ILL. you cant imagine how glad i was when i finally left the hall.

Thursday, May 18, 2006
18th May 2006
today was like any other day - nothing interesting, nothing that really worth my deepest concern... decided to join captains ball on monday for 2i. hope we win. school is like SO BORING. lessons arent interesting, and ah bian showed us very interersting, very worth-my-attention, very informative, very longggggg video clip of s'pore's education - from history till now. i was so interested, i almost fell asleep. in fact, the video even made me more drowsy. really, can they hire more interesting teachers, at least some wif betta taste? i mean, who wud be interested in such movies from moe's educational webbies? HECK! wateva ba. had a really sleepy day.
i 4got to bring my journal again! great. mayb tmr in the morning i tou tou put into teacher's pigeon hole. pigeon hole? make teachers sound like birds eh? especially pigeons... heard pigeon's sai is poisonous. LOLs. teachers are too.
ok ba enuf for todae.

Saturday, May 13, 2006
13th May 2006
wah. long time nvr update. yea, kinda busy wif everything. hmm, everything's fine. WE GONNA KNOW OUR RESULTS ON MONDAY!!! ARGH! was busy editing a picture *raises eyebrows*. Nice picture indeed. see my dp on msn ba, if you wan to know wat pic exactly am i toking about. ate like SO MUCH todae. from lamien to yoghurt ice cream. *wipes head*. will be updating more often, hopefully ba.
btw, here's the link. http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i78/zhenzhu/lukhereplsgif.gif =) check it out. thanks pearl for helping me upload

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