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Saturday, August 30, 2008
30 august 2008
Oh ya, please visit Tzumi's blog at http://tzumiisanicegirl.blogspot.com
and Fangyin's blog at http://all-boutyfy.blogspot.com/

Friday, August 29, 2008
29 August 2008
Today was Teacher's Day Celebration, the last teacher's day celebration the graduating classes will have in NCHS...

Went to school as usual, wore half-uniform instead. Now here comes the irony, if we are supposed to specially wear PE for ACES day, why can't we just remain in our PE attire for the whole day? It's completely non-sensical, coming to school in half-u or full-u, then change to PE, after doing a series of maniacal exercise routines, AND THEN change back to uniform for the performances. That, my friend, is completely redundant!

The performance was well, normal, like every other performances we had for the previous three years. The most memorable part was the video about Miss Pey and Miss Ng donning the school uniform. It was hilarious because they looked incredibly like one of us.

After the performances was Physics lessons, such a party pooper. But before we went for the lessons, we grabbed the cards and the pens and roamed the school for The Massive Teacher Hunt. We found Mrs Sim so easily, it felt like she was the one finding us, because we had barely reached the stairs when she almost banged into us. Passed her the card and the pens, told her we DID sponsor her red pens (she once complained that her 80 cents pens were very expensive..., and when I commented the pens were already very cheap, she asked me to sponsor), and continued the Hunt. One down, 7 more to go.

The other two preys, YAP and LCN were strategically located outside the hall, but we almost missed LCN as her red shirt provided her a much-needed camouflage in the stage curtains. Hastily passed YAP whatever was for her, then proceeded to LCN.

Now here comes the fun part. *laughs mirthlessly*

We insisted for LCN to open her card, but since she was already carrying so many gifts, we opened it for her, to reveal...

THE LCN EMPIRE. With an overwhelming armed force of 5, the LCN is not one to be trifled with.

Located in Tiger Woods, a forest in India, the LCN empire prospered under the good governance of Dowager Low. Being pragmatic, transparent, meritocratic and morally-courageous are few of the inordinate number of reasons for the Rise of This Empire. But, not everything was smooth-sailing for Dowager Low. There were times, traced back to the BCs and Ice Ages, when difficulties and obstacles were as common as our Common Tests.

Sources which included scorched scrolls and burnt parchments reflected on the cruel reality of this Empire and proved that her journey to success was anything but an easy task. To begin the story, lets rewind to the Ice Age, when Dowager Low was a CUTE infant, her body wrapped in mammoth skin and sleeping soundly in her crib made of mammoth bones.

Suddenly, her crib caved in - unsurprisingly, considering the oversized baby and the poor workmanship. But that break in her crib signified a revolutionary Age - The OLD AGE, for that fall caused a spontaneous change in gene structure or chromosome number, also known as mutation (due to complications, the records were uncertain as well) in the omnipotent being. As cavemen and cavewomen of that time witnessed the birth of a potential leader, they placed whatever little hopes they have for the Tribe, onto an infant who was crying in pain.

The wunderkind's growth process was like any other children, except for one factor, one factor so important it can bring about the entire tribe's subsistence - and extinction. The factor was none other than the exposure to chemicals. The unexplained mutation made her an instant prodigy in Chemistry. At the age of 4, she invented a potion to slow down her growth. At 6, she inscribed a Chemistry manual onto the skin of jaguars, which are now well-preserved under the ground as fossil fuels. At the age of 12, her disgust for pests inspired her greatest invention of all times - the DDT, a pesticide, except that she felt everyone except herself (or someone that looks like her) is pestilent.

In a matter of seconds, half of the Tribe was wiped out. Afraid of losing company, she came up with a cloning potion, and took 4 big gulps...

The results were instantaneous. Standing before her were four persons. Four very different persons, yet they look exactly similar. (Some records stated that it wasn't the cloning potion, it was asexual reproduction, which resulted in genetically (and physically, in this case) identical offsprings).

Pleased with the addition of 4 new members to her dying tribe, she skipped out of her humble abode made of banana leaves (records say she used zinc roofs instead, reduce corrosion or something). What welcomed her shocked her utterly. Staring aghast at mountains of diamonds, she yelped in joy when she regained her senses. She dived into these diamonds, did a back flip, almost breaking her bone, and squealed in excitement. For she knew that her tribe was saved.

Selling 1 ton of the diamonds and keeping the remaining 99 tonnes for her collection, she collected a huge amount of profit. She rebuild her district, but it was a Tribe no more, it was an Empire. The Low Empire. The LCN Empire, the empire whose slightest mention of its name is responded by quivers and shivers.

The army of 5, the truckload of diamonds and the formiable Dowager signified the Rise of the Empire, which was anything but easy to build.


As for the other teachers, well, they received the gifts and politely said thanks. What else will they do? Like, what else can they do that the legendary Dowager can't?

Thursday, August 28, 2008
28 August 2008
Finally, a well-deserved break!
At least we are given a week to prepare for our remaining Prelim exams. Better than nothing.
When the principal announced that each class will be honoured enough to plant a tree for the school, everyone was stifling their laughter. It was, well, LAME. Maybe he was hoping twenty years from now, we will return to our alma mater, perhaps see the tree, start getting nostalgic, remember how the school nurtured and groomed us, AND then donate half of your assets, and maybe half of the land you own to build another koi pond or something. That is his primary motive!
But, land fragmentation results in small plots of land, which are extremely not productive. Maybe the kois will feel too overcrowded and jump out of the water, and possibly become scorched to death. There you go, free salted fish.
Soon, the school will transform into a fish farm. A salted fish farm. And salinisation will be such a problem the school decides to abandon it. The land where the kois thrived is now a desert.
Oops, you have just witnessed me DISTORTING Geography facts, partially influenced by today Geography Prelim. Well, I answered one 8 mark question with a measly 6 lines. Great.
Tomorrow is Teacher's Day celebration, and for once in 4 fringin' years, I, as well as the PJs, have decided to make something for the teachers.
I made a dirty-rotting-leaves-green card for LCN. Can't wait to see her expression when she opens it tomorrow, to see another 5 of her candid shots looking back at her =)

Saturday, August 02, 2008
2nd august 2008
It's hard to deny that the stress is building up with the ongoing Pre-Prelim Mock, upcoming Prelims, Post-Prelim Mock and the O Levels itself.
We just had the Geography Mock, which got interrupted by the glaring sun and saw us shifting to another bench (we're in the canteen, conducive, I know) all amidst an ongoing exam. After that was the Chemistry paper, which I didn't really study for due to the lack of time and a bit of laziness.
Erm, basically am busy most of the days. The carefree days where there are 4 days in a school week where I can easily reach home by 3pm... But that was history. And if you insist history always repeats itself, I assure you this will not.
I probably won't be posting much. You know, just let things rot. Maybe I should attach some litmus paper to the blog so that when it rots, some acidic thing will turn blue litmus red and warn others that this is not fit for viewing.

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