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Friday, April 27, 2007
27th April 2007
I have been YEARS since I last blogged.
so anyway when we were having math lessons early in the morning my chair kinda broke. Then i was like sitting on the right side of the chair so as to salvage myself from a situation where Mrs Sim is telling the class to Freak the fraction when suddenly something BAMM and I'm on the flr. It didnt happen=) Heng sia.
Then Lishan accompanied me go change the chair during Kim's lessons. Anyway her lesson is crap. She love to talk about people pathetic stories aka BEI CHAN DE GU SHI. ANd guess wat she gave us a passage toking bout the tsunami. Another pathetic life story, YET.
Yea, bac to the chair thingy. We went down to the G.O then we saw the security guard, who out of pure kindness and boastfulness, demonstarted the correct way to do Qi Gong on his chair so that the chair doesnt break. I was kinda surprised when it didnt break. If he did fell off, I would be laughing my ass off so hard.
Then must go canteen find the fat OM guy. When i told him my chair is broken he said "I just sit down to drink coffeee only leh."
LMAO. As if the schl pay you to come here drink coffee. Get your butt out of the chair and give that student a new chair dumbo. You're paid to do it so shut up.
*roll eyes*
he still added that i have to pay if i broke the chairs too many times. LMAO if i broke the chairs so many times that i have to demand from him a chair everytime, he would have recognised me. BUT IT's THE FIRST TIME HE SAW ME, excluding ytd when we were stopped by him for bringing food up to the class (but we ran past him for dear life anyway)
hate silly old man and broken chairs and silly old man who cant part with his chairs.

Friday, April 13, 2007
13 april 2006
Yes, I know my blog is stagnant. It might breed mosquitoes. I won't be surprised if the the ppl from the environmental bureau or smth come hack into my blog to remove the larvae.
Anyway, I was supposed to go to Hougang Stadium for sports day but I didnt coz I am having such a BAD cough
*cough cough*
but anyway heard it was postponed coz it was raining ^^
which means i made the perfect decision to stay at home and continue to watch my korean drama.
Well actually I did take out my Emaths hw to do but the sight of the text made me nausea or smth and I put it bac.
great i am writing is so broken english.
21st April. It was last year's sports day i think.
erm let me find something to tok about.
i think it was yesterday, there was a so unexpected black out in my classroom and the one beside it for all flrs. HAHA, the schl must haf forgetten to pay the bills or smth \ _ /'''
then today there was like this gas smell in the class.
wah sei, ytd no electricity, today got gas leakage. tsk tsk.

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