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Friday, January 18, 2008
18 Jan 2008
It's Friday!
The weekends are here, finally my well-deserved sleep!
Nothing interesting happening these days, but something worth mentioning are the uber noisy community of midgets beside my class during morning assembly.
Reaching school at 7.10am isn't considered early but me and Jia Pei (we take the same bus) are always one of the first few to be seated, as in, among our class.
And everyday without fail, will be a group of vertically challenged kids (Sec 1s) screaming at the top of their voices. Either they are screaming or they are running about, obstructing my vision when I was happily staring into blank space.
Argh, and I especially recognised a fat boy who like to project his squeaky and erm, undeveloped voice across the whole Quadrangle, the sound waves with so much energy they bounce off the walls of the classrooms opposite and then return to fight for supremacy in our ears. Oh please, spare us the noise.
With their socks equivalent to skyscrapers and helium-voiced screams similar to that of the Chipmunks, they sure are one irritating lot.
Anyway, it was Queen Susie Tabita Chia-Tsai's birthday a few days back. Intentionally made an extremely ugly "birthday card" with the aid of HIGHLIGHTERS to write words (we all dread that). Actually, she requested for it for she said so excitedly, "MUST HAVE CARD! Use foolscap write some wishes can le!"
Rest assured, we did just that, and even included some lovey-dovey eye candies! *hint hint*
Bought for her a HUGE Eeyore. It was SOOOO adorable, I might as well buy one for myself too!
Then we gave her theREAL card, which she now displayed in her file, at the page with photos of her honeymoon and wedding, understandably.
Okay, post shall end here.

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