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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
27th Feb 2008
I have absolutely no confidence in today's papers, that is Physics and Biology.
Biology - I'm confused, definitely missing out the crucial keypoints. If I'm lucky, I might get a borderline pass like I always do.
Physics- Loads of definitions, glad I learnt them. Had trouble with the current electricity questions, like I had when I was in Sec 2. Have always hated electricity, but again, it powers my computer and my television!
Yesterday, the school has inhumanely organised a dumb English enrichment class, disrupting everyone's study schedules for the heavy tests on the next day. When I went down for lunch with the PJs, I saw a group of teachers surrounding absurdly thick piles of white paper. So much for saving the trees. You know, for Chinese compositions, we are always asked to write about how teenagers like ourselves always don't bother to save the Earth. Really, we aren't the only ones to blame.
And adults who think teenagers are not respecting the elders etc etc, please, I urge you to draw the curtains open and watch as the old uncles and aunties cut OUR queue in coffeeshops shamelessly. Yes, I have personally experienced a few cases of oldhags-feigning-ignorance-and-appearing-right-at-the-counter and I didn't enjoy that.
Anyways back to the main point. Surrounding the table was a couple of unfamiliar teachers. The one who attracted my attention the most was the colossal pot belly and double chin belonging to a fat Indian man. Silently, I wished my teacher wasn't to be him.
You guessed it, it WAS him that appeared in front of my class.
Most of time he was talking rubbish or something common-sensical that he thought we never knew. Being partly-deaf didn't do him much good for he called again and again, the same people he called just a moment ago.
He kept asking me questions too, because unfortunately I was conveniently located just in front of him.
He was boasting of how he selflessly decided to ask his company to replace him with another teacher to teach a class who did not want to learn, criticising other people's country --- a serious case of patriotism, insisting to successfully point out someone who is from uniformed group sbecause he strongly believed that there ought to be at least a person and exhibiting the huge belly of his.
When someone asked when can we go home, he announced that we shouldn't even be here in the first place if we didn't want to learn, blah blah blah.
Honestly, he thinks he teaches very well and that if we didn't attend his lessons it will be as if we have lost a golden opportunity. Oh please.
You should reflect upon yourself, fatass.

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