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Friday, August 24, 2007
24 aug 2007
finally. after a week deprived of my technological needs (my computer), OH YES I AM BACK.
hm. Common test ended with a rather tough CHEMISTRY paper.
ARGHHH. but anyway, it'ok since i aint alone and the whole class probably, didnt know how to solve the blooday question too.
When I was doing the paper, it was so depressing ok! I was like looking at my neighbours and they seemed all so calm, as if they knew EVERY question in the paper! Then I was freaking out coz I met alot of mind-bloggling MCQs and the darn titration question. URGH.
You know, sometimes I wonder is it worth it, to spend like DAYS or even weeks to revise all the textbooks and then come to school and let some twenty sheets of processed WOOD PULP that is printed with blobs of ink (printing quality sux too) to decide our fates? It's downright pathetic we must admit, but we will still let it happen coz it is unfortunately, something we haf to accept, especially if you are studying in some place so proudly named SINGAPORE, where studying is 50% of your life while the other 50% will the results.
A rather long sentence yea.
Ok so let me guess how i fared for the tests.
A and E Maths, did fine.
Chem, screw me.
Bio, alright but somehow there's this jinx or curse in these bio papers tt whenever u think it's easy you'll still get many points deducted coz you're missing keypoints, so the teachers say. *roll eyes*
Higher Chinese. HOHOHOHOHO. failed the 1st paper. How good can it be.
Physics. Explanations wrong = 5 marks gone = someone has found another reason to kpkb.
(if only Physics was about equations i can write a million of those above, at least its more interesting than Heat gained = Heat loss)
E Geog. Hours of memorising facts, shud be ok, I hope.
Eng. Erm, I hope i do well.
6 wks to EYE. good luck to myself and everyone out there.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Today was incredibly fun.
Went to schl as usual for National Day celeb till 10.30, got our cheapskate souvenir of BOOKMARKS (we expected to get erasers). After that, Stef, Tzumi, Lishan and I went to Hougang Mall for kfc. Ate shrooms, then wanted to take neo but SOMEHOW ALL THE NEOPRINTS SHOPS HAD CLOSED DOWN!!!
Neglecting Plan A (which is the neo), we walked over to Hougang Central for K-Box. LOLS! Probably inspired by today's NC superstar. LMAO. At the counter we were asking for the prices and hesitating and pondering (and praying) we had enuf money to pay for our entertainment.
The guy over there was pressing hard on the calculator to show us how much we had to pay. $14.90 for one person for 3 and a half hours. Relatively OK. I expected it to be like much more expensive.
Inside, we anyhow press the remote control. At first it was mute or something. In the end we managed and selected a couple of songs. I think Lishan grabbed the mike first and started showing off her MELODIOUS voice. LMAO. ok la, her voice nt bad.
Then the TZZZUUUU chia zui dun dare sing, paiseh paiseh like dat. Sing as soft as a mosquito sia, cant hear but after that she was ok. She said she was very embarrassed but she had to do it since she wanted to dedicate the song to her aiai. =] the power of love~
Stef very daring hor. She started blasting off her voice when she managed to grab hold of the mike.
HHOHO. I was ok la.
Everyone took turns to zhao sia. LMAO it was DARN hilarious.
Had loads of fun!
But unfortunately 4 out of 6 pajiaos turned up. OH WELL~

Thursday, August 02, 2007
2 august 2007
Tseng Tzumi, aged 15, married to tee****, caring mother of 7 kids, winner of Nobel prize for selfless contributions for her 7 kids, a Guiness world record holder for having a delivery of 7 kids in one go, namely Teemi, Tammi, Tommi, Teletubies (tts 4).
Well if it all sounds oh-so-perfect, and that this tzumi gal must be some angel from heaven who has somehow made her way to Earth humbly (so she claims). YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG. ABSOLUTELY!
in true fact, she is a patient in Mount Babara Hospital for the Severely Mentals and her condition is beyond treament. Her brain has been comfirmed to be somehow damaged by countless tiny teethmarks, which, as she clarified, were from her 7 kids (seemingly crazy too from what appears like).
Dr a(Bbr), spokesperson for MBSSM said that it was only a matter of time that her whole family except her husband will have to go for mental analysation tests in the hospital.
Her condition is far more that bitten brains. She has appeared to be hallucinating, imagining that her 7 kids belonged to her other friends, who accepted all these wild accusations because they were very concerned and wished for her to recover ASAP.
But just accepting her claims aren't enough for the patient. Her mental disability has caused the violent nature she possess. For example, she would push her friends in the canteen for no reason at all and laugh out loud CONTINOUSLY (just think of a machine gun), each laugh with the exact same pitch and interval.
Her ability to manage her vocal chords so perfectly has earned her a role in the hospital's choir but the mental insisted on playing the piano (she was only grade 2 MIND YOU!) and has indeed made many contributions to the noise pollution of our society.
She is highly dangerous and the possibilities she might attack her kids with her teeth (that is, if she still have them because she mouthed coke for 10 hrs) and braces just for the fun of it.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007
HOORAY, it's officially MY 100th post!!!
Which is actually kind of pathetic, especially since my blog is like, more than 1 year n a couple of months OLD.
HOWEVER, I was telling the ever so BHB tzumi that we care for quality, not QUANTITY. HOHOHO.
Anyway, today, every pajiao, except jiapei, went to yoshinoya for lunch. As usual, the usual beef bowl for the usual me for the usual day. Quite nice, better than salmon or chicken and wateva else they can offer.
When we bought our food, we were like taking hundreds of straws and hiding it behind our side of the counter. Why leh? Coz after tt, we roll the straw up in a very professional way and then snap it with our fingers. WOOTS, I did a fabulous powerful shot and broke the straw in two. A record no one can ever break, not even the self-acclaimed shifu.
Then after that we stayed on, yes after finishing up the food, just to fool around and take some photos. LOL. There were some really NICE shots such as the close -up pictures of some retarded look and the well-posed Kim edition photos. LOLLOLOLOL.
AND THEN, the stupid stefani babara oh somehow took a horredous shot of me
and started cropping my head out and adding god noes wat.
So here is revenge time, as promised, Teemi, Tammi, Tommi, Teletubies' MUM!
BBBBB...BBBB..BBBBUUUUTTT *Kim's Bao Qian style* i shall not risk my patience and endanger the life of my laptop by deciding not to open up photoshop as its lagginess and imcompentence drive me nuts.
SSSSS...SSSSSS....SSSSSOOOOO, the sweet revenge shall be postponed a week, and a series of LOVELY photos of wu mei dong ren de Tzumi will be guaranteed. And yup, they will be editted beautifully, to enlarge her minute eyes a thousand times so that we can at least SPOT IT (and not presume what we're looking at is an eye-less creature) and probably add some screws between her head to aid her in attaining mental equilibrium.
Have a nice day, everyone.

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