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Thursday, June 28, 2007
28 june
Since it has been a millenium ago since i last blogged, I SHALL BLOG RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!
*thundering claps*
Thank you thank you.
SO anyway, loads happened. Yes, I am back from HK, like duh since schl has started like 4 days ago. HK was AWESOME.
Not to mention my dad rented a new place which is on the 45th flr. And the mountain view is MAJESTIC. Full condo facilities, in and outdoor swimming pool, gym (i tried to enter but the lady stopped me and questioned my age. sadly i dont look 16, WHICH MEANS I LOOK TOUNG WEEEEEE), basketball court, pingpong and plenty more. It's highest floor is like 60++, and this kind of skyscrapers are SO common in HK's new developments. In singapore, speciafically in sengkang, LOOK EVERYWHERE, all HDB and landed property that looks old and dirty.
Went to guangzhou too, bot some stuff, ate great food. Then back.
Schl's first day, glad to see my frens, talked and crapped alot.
Ytd went to stef house, style her hair till its horrendous and claimed it looked like her audi character hair. HOHOHO. We were like stifling our giggles and laughter all the time, till i got the stitches. LMAO.
Then left her house, almost got lost, but i did find my bearings after that.
SIGHS. Tmr got np, we're in charged. But lucky i in charged of admin nia, take attendance etc. etc.
Dad's coming tmr. =)
have a happy day

Wednesday, June 06, 2007
6th June 2007
Today was the Bring Your Own Bag Day thingy.
Sian la, totally spoiled my at-home-sleep-and-slack routine.
Anyway, met Jiapei at 11.30 for brunch, and copied a bit of homework from her. I exchanged my English compres for her chinese and a maths. good deal eh. lols. I brought her a maths home by mistake 0_o
Then we walked to schl, found out the side gate was closed, which was kinda expected and in utter disgust and with not much haste, we strolled to the schl main gate coz we aint that late anyway, just 5 mintues, unlike Stef aka late queen, whopping record of say 20 minutes?
Lol, then after a seemingly common-logical briefing for wat we had to do (as stated on the paper but obviously the teacher tot we were illegitimate [however spelt]), we set off again to cp.
During the walk, we used our handphone camera to take surprise shots. You know as in the eh eh eh look here, snap and burst out laughing hysterically kinda thing.
Yeah, laughed all our way then went to Cold Storage at the basement.
Saw a guy in the manager kinda attire and asked him if he was Peter Loke, the manager of the store. He said Peter Loke pon ten work. LOL, he didnt come for work.
then he said he help us find the assistant manager then as we were folloing him we lost track of him LOL so we stood there like pure idiots. wateva.
After that, jobzs were assigned. Me and Jia Pei 1 team, Tzumi n Stef 1 team and Isabella n Mingrong one team. We were in charged of Survey, so was stef's team.
The 1st attempt to approach ppl was somehow terrifying but we got the hang of it eventually.
Yea la. Then there was one lady, auntie la actually come in, took a basket the we apporached her and asked her if she knew today was BYOBD (part of survey q). Her response, "Oh ya hor! (in chinese). She hesistated a bit, put bac the basket and scram. LMAO. WE CHASED OFF A CUSTOMER. MUAHAHAHA.
There was one guy who approached us instead of us approaching him lol. He was SO AGAInST the whole thing.
We were like do you noe today was blah blah blah, he said yes.
"Do you support it". NO!!!
"Why?" Stupid idea.
"How often do you think it shud be held" NEVER!
We smiled and thanked him for his time, then turned to one corner and started commenting he was anti-govt. LOL. maybe he is the boss of a plastic bag manufacturing company. Discouraging ppl to use less plastic bag he no business! LOL
after that, accompanied Tzumi n Stef go pierce their dunno how many piercing.
HAHA their expressions were heavenly LOL. Yea, i was being sarcastic. Especially Tzumi. After that salesgirl shot that thing into her earlobe, she let out a "AHHH" LOL so funny.
After met my mum for dinner.
Finish dinner le walk out saw my bro, who wanted to haf dinner. So went in again, sit down for some dessert.
Went home, bathed and here blogging. Here ending.

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