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Saturday, April 05, 2008
5 april 2007
For once, I shall feign ignorance to the unnatural decay of my blog and pretend that it is flourishing at a rate similar to that of the trade in Venice before her fall.
School is pretty much boring, but extremely busy for me. Last Friday was the school's 61st Anniversary and I, self-proclaimed but widely-recognised slacker of NPCC, was involved in the parade. Ardous training followed. We had training almost everyday for two weeks, sacrificing recreation and study time for the sake of wearing the Number One uniform, which HQ so kindly lent us but on one harmless condition --- pay for the full set ($300-400, the Sir mendaciously said) if you misplace any single item, for example, a measly button, or even worst, the ring to secure the button.
Since I am planning not to post events in chronological order, let's rewind to last Tuesday. I was supposed to have training but I excused myself from it due to some very urgent, personal matters. I was hesitating whether to skip training because the sirs had been emphasising that full attendence will 90% guarantee a spot in the GOH. It turned out that skipping that particular training was a correct decision anyway, or else it will be VERY VERY VERY regretful.
Yesterday, after a session of NPCC, which included a 1 and half hour card session in the class, 10 minute break in the library scaning copies of the year book and laughing at pictures of Babara and LCN, Stef and I stayed back to watch the Secondary School Debating Competition so rarely and miraculously held in our school premises. Yes, NCHS WAS the host.
There was a 6pm match, Raffles Instituion vs United World College. We sheepishly entered debate room 1 a.k.a a normal classroom, and seated ourselves next to a sea of guys in white uniforms holding white notepads to copy notes on and behind a few Caucasian and one particularly irritating Chinese supporter who kept nodding his head when the speaker delivered their speeches, from UWC with the accent. Phew, that was a long sentence.
It was a VERY interesting debate, and rather heated as well. It was totally worth that one hour. RI won.
At 7.30pm was NCHS debate team and some Indian school. Their speakers were unexpectedly really good, but their accent got stronger and stronger with every speaker. NCHS speakers were better. And yes, we WON! Congratulations to the debate team, and nice screaming cheers.

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