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Saturday, September 20, 2008
Nonsensical update
Few things to note:
My supposedly pleasant weekend sleep was disrupted by a E Maths Mock Exam.
I just discovered my phone camera zoom function.
I got pissed off with A Maths.
I don't feel like doing anything.
TV shows on Saturdays are boring.
I have a huge pimple above my lip it looks I've just been beaten up.
It hurts too.

Friday, September 19, 2008
Get them fresh from the oven!
Basically, we are back to the everyday remedial drill. Everything is getting immensely boring nowadays and I lost count of the number of days to the O Levels.
Graduation day is on the 16th October, which I am so not looking forward to. Because it signifies the approach of the dreaded exams and it means we are leaving the school soon, the place which holds our memory for 4 solid years.
It's definitely one memorable schooling experience I've had, considering the limited number of my experiences. The people I've met are great, excluding some pesky imps who annoy the hell out of people.
Sulphur dioxide-like irritants aside, let me introduce you to the LATEST ALBUM from...
*drums roll*
Girl-band S.P.A! Consisting of 3 fabulous singers, they make up a legendary music machine! The newest album SPA: The Excess-ment, was launched just yesterday in the Chemistry Lab. The inundating response was anything but surprising. After all, they were well-known for their vocals (especially the helium voice of lead singer, LCN), their dressings (freshly-poached leopard prints is THE THING for back-up singer TMNR) and their exaggerating facial expressions (geisha-like small lips for the other back-up singer, Babara, only that it is natural).

The list of the long-awaited tracks include:

1. "SPA is a treat" 3:40
2."How to Dig a Grave" solo by TMNR 3:12
3."How to lie in one" solo by TMNR 3:13
3. "The Right Chloride!" solo by LCN 6:00 (a lengthy treat for the ears)
4. "The Bookshelf is shaded, the Book is White" solo by Babara
5. "A1 A1 A1" 3:26
6. "Touch my Bunny" solo by TMNR 4:12
7. "Your results are disgusting!" 2:44
8. "Obviously I don't know how a clock works" 3:87
9. "Nothing is Impossible. Oops, I got sued." solo by LCN 3:55
10. "Blank"

The DVD version includes the making of the MV of Track 2: How to dig a Grave and Track 3: How to Lie in One!

We managed to get an exclusive interview with the singing prodigies. When questioned, the 3 females giggled shyly and covered their faces with used filter paper.

Me: "So why is it called the SPA?"
LCN, grabbing the mic: That's so easy! Still dare ask, go check internet!
Me *eyes watering*: "Please..."
LCN: Ok la. At first we wanted to call ourselves SPCA, but we thought it made us look like animals! Ingeniously, we excluded the C. And now, we are the SPA!
Me: Very ingenious indeed!
LCN: Of course la, I thought of that.
Me: You mean the idea of excluding the C?
LCN: No, I mean the name SPCA.

Me: You must be an animal love? Especially leopards?
TMNR: How do you know? Is it very obvious?
Me *glancing at leopard print blouse TMNR is donning*: No, actually not really.
TMNR: I love leopards since I was young. They are fascinating creatures. Their speed, their agility, always on top of the food web. Being on the highest trophic level, they are definitely equivalent to humans.
Me: If you love them so much, why poach them for their skin?
TMNR: Oh no no no. I don't poach them, I borrow it from them. After wearing it for a day, I return it to them and borrow another one from another leopard. See, it's a win-win situation.
Me: Erm, more like a leopard genocide.

Me: So what do you think of Crocs?
Babara: Well, it aids in the evaporation of sweat. You know, the holes here and there allows water from my feet to evaporate. You do know water has a high specific heat capacity? The friction while walking generates heat in our body. We need to get rid of that.
Me: Yeah, yeah sure. Then why don't you walk barefooted instead?
Babara: Oh!That's one of my childhood ambition and hobby. When I was really young, I loved to walk around bare-footed on the streets. But everything ceased when my foot landed onto a pile of shit --- which I think I egested.
Me *awkward*: Wow, that sounds... special.

It was enjoyable talking to the 3 divas and I am sure their album will be a blast! Purchase them right now! Hurry, good things don't last!

Friday, September 12, 2008
One exam down, another to go
Today's Biology P1 ended with little frustration and sorrow. Hopefully, it will last forever. After a short going-through-of-answers for the SS paper, we ate our brunch at the school canteen. A drizzle caused us to board the bus to CP, and then took Bus 86 to AMK Hub.
The journey is horrendously long! I know travelling from the starting bus terminal to the ending one isn't short, but seriously, it's only from Sengkang to AMK?! The bus drove around Sengkang area in carousel fashion, travelled around Jalan Kayu in a conveyor-belt-like motion and merried-go-round in Yio Chu Kang, before finally reaching the destination. Wow, I can't be more impressed that the transport system bears an uncanny resemblance to carnival rides and sushi conveyer belts. Kudos. Now I know who to pity --- my brother, who takes this bus to school. Awww.
Bought the tickets immediately. While waiting for the showtime, which was a lengthy an hour and 45 mins, we went to the supermarket downstairs and purchased cheapskate popcorn, which costed the 5 of us a measly 70 cents each. Exhausted and lazy, the ice cream cones we bought from McDonalds gave us enough credit and rights to occupy their tables for 1 hour.
Babylon A.D was great, even though I don't really know the story and the ending was much less that satisfactory. The ending was so unclear and undefined, like the Iraq and Kuwait borders.
Yesterday when I was watching the trailer for the movie, I read a comment that stated the ending was like, "Hey kids, a storm is coming". By the way, many commented the ending sucked, so I guessed I rather expected it.
When the scene depicted the lead actor holding the hands of his daughters, I knew what to wait for. A dumb ending and the QUOTE. Alas, it came and the credits rolled before our eyes with a few even realising that the movie had already ended.
But I still recommend the show. I personally believe that's the best movie amongst the others showing right now. What's that, 12 Lotus? Well, if 881 bored me to tears, I don't see why that won't.
After the movie, we took a bus to Tzumi's house. Wanted to play Bishi-Bashi on PS2 but apparently the disk took cover and she couldnt find it. Got bored playing the PS, so we proceeded to take pictures with her built-in camera on her Vaio.
It was fun, doing all the stupid things you can ever imagine. Whenever we take a seemingly lame picture or video, we console ourselves by saying we only have a few months left together in the same school. Ahh, that's depressing.
The 2 nicest pictures that survived Tzumi's wreckless deletion.

There are still LOADS more unglam pictures but Tzumi forgot to save it, resulting in the wastage of our efforts as well as the loss of several great photos. Ah well, a perfect scenario to describe how technology fails you. But nevermind, we will find another chance. I hope so.
As I welcome the end of Prelims, I feel the Os coming too.

Thursday, September 11, 2008
It's OVER! Not just yet.
Thank goodness, the prelims are ending tomorrow. Phew!
It was Biology P2 today. It was okay, but it is hard to score, seeing the rate at which my marks are being deducted for not including the damned elusive main points. Grr.
Anyway, tomorrow's paper will end really early, 9am in fact, which is and hour and a half earlier than the time I usually wake up during holidays.
Basically, as a simple end-of-exam celebration, we might be going out for a movie, KBox or mahjong. Most slightly a movie though, maybe Babylon AD or something. There is a lack of good movies at this moment. Sad.
Oh I forgot, after the 9am paper we still have to stay back to go through the SS paper. I am more than willing to do so. After all, all it does it to disrupt my celebration, resting, recreational, leisure, slacking, daydreaming and enjoyment plans. For the sake of SS, I am willing to sacrifice all the time I have, just to learn about HUBS, MOTIVE LANGUAGE and maybe the proper techniques to shield yourself from approaching flood dangers which contains a delightful mixture of salivary amylase and residue of fried chicken and noodles.
I hope you sensed the sarcasm though.
As usual, you'll expect a CRY-FOR-JOY post tomorrow to signify the end of the exams, which everyone apparently knows.

Monday, September 08, 2008
You Know it when Disasters come knocking
Today's A Maths paper 2 was...
Many questions were so difficult and the bloody 2 and a half hours is too little! My whole question paper is filled with angry circles of frustration and hopelessness! That's just great. C'mon, it's not like the O Levels will be so tough? So why make it mission impossible for everyone, or maybe just me?
*takes a deep breath and sighs*
Since the catastrophe ended at 10.30am, the PJs and I went to Yoshinoya for lunch. Beef bowl was savouring, excluding the ugly carrots and long beans, but I gulped them down anyway, forcefully. Chatted a while, discussed about questions from the cataclysmic misadventure which were usually responded with sighs of sorrow, but not relief.
Next, went home and started studying Physics. Got bored, so here I am, staring at a small lighted screen, fingers resting on the keyboard and pondering what bombastic words to use to effectively describe the disaster as well as what to add on to this boring post to make it a little longer.

Saturday, September 06, 2008
Holidays are ending!
I hate holidays, they end too fast!
Great, I have loads left to study. That's fantastic.
I'd spent a few days of my measly 1 week holiday out. One day was for Comex at Suntec City. It was seriously overcrowded, we literally had to squeeze our way through. I feel like getting a new laptop now, oh no.
Another day was my mum's birthday, so we went out for the movie, Meet Dave. It was quite funny. Movie tickets were incredibly cheap! It's only $6, even for adults, if you use UOB credit cards or NETS to foot the bill. It's damn worth it, and now I feel like I am advertising for Cathay cineplexes, except that I don't get paid. =(
Taking advantage of th $6 promotion, we went for another movie, Money No Enough 2. It was quite nice I would say and politically daring. Seah would definitely rattle on how they have the moral courage to stand up and speak the truth... But enough of school curriculum, it spoils the holiday atmosphere! I would say the movie is a little unrealistic because it is really such a COINCIDENCE that both the grandmother and granddaughter need the 2 packets of blood at exactly the same time and if the grandmother was suffering from internal bleeding, how could she be mentally conscious enough to rip off the whatever tube from her mouth?
Yes, I know, I know, it's just a movie. Point taken.
And before I end this meaningless post, listen the David Archuleta's Crush, it's very nice.

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