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Saturday, January 06, 2007
6th jan 2006
in case you didnt notice, i FINALLY change my blogskin!!!
anyway, refering to my previous post, machine gun sim told us the next day that she completely forgotten the 5 names she REPEATED called.
so much for the keep-calling-name thing.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007
3 jan 2006
it's first day of schl and i'm missing my holidays.
ok anyway, i was really happy to see my friends when i first stepped in the classroom.
kinda weird when you dont seem to know anyone except for like 10 people?
so our form tcher was mdm yeo. she was ok...
and then for maths is machine-gun sim, she's like toking so fast as if if she's a bit slower the sky might fall on her. AND she doesnt give us a break AND she calls 5 people every lesson who will answer ALL her questions in class. why?
coz she claims that that will aid her in remembering our names and she seems proud about this whole dumb idea. AND she gave us homework on the very first day of school.
goodness me.
anyway dont noe why i didnt really have appetite to eat but i remarkably finished eating the plate of chicken rice and mixed veg rice (the rice tasted like rock). what's wrong with me?
ok fine. then i took the bloody 372 bus back and had to w8 for like, 20minutes for the god damn bus to come.
i cant imagine myself taking bus to schl and back home when for the past 4 yrs i've been walking a reasonal distance to schl. bus sucks.
guess life have to change...
but my mindset wouldnt. BUS STILL SUCK.

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