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Friday, September 29, 2006
28nd sept 2006
EOY are coming~
lots of things have been happening these few weeks and they make me understand loads of things i have nvr realised b4.
so therefore, let me relate LIFE to WILD LIFE...
grassy plains, roaming buffalos, crowds of zebras, a few countable baobab trees which were ALREADY enuf to engulf the whole of the little prince's silly asteroid...
you're in the really remote n probably isolated land of africa.
"WELCOME TO SAVANNAH WILDLIFE!" you screamed in joy, trying really hard to disguise the fear swirling in your heart, the fear of being eaten up by a lion and then being pecked by vultures after your corpse decomposes.
you shook those shivers off.
"HEY, what's this???" you stupidly asked yourself though you obviously saw a group of zebra galloping past you.
Clouds of dust and sand was sent right into your face and you started coughing. Opening your eyes, you saw a weird zebra on its back, lying onto the ground with pathetic scars from the brutal trampling of the fellow zebras on its body.
there was something seriously wrong with it...
letting curiously get the better of you, you went forward and helped it up.
miraculously, it spoke, scaring you out of your wits as it said, "BOOHOOHOO! my mammy n papa dont want me!!! boohoohoo..."
you stood rooted at the spot for 5 seconds before you came back to your senses. you replied, "why?"
"coz my mum had an overdose of coffee.. too much caffeine. i now haf one missing toe and abnormal stripes!!! =[ boo hoo hoo"
"and my parents dont want me anymore."
"erm, you can talk?"
"duh~ side effects of the bloody caffeine again"
"oh well, just live on dude"
"yea well... i'be off then", the freako zebra said and hopped to the side.
before you can even wave your hand, a huge creature pounced onto the freako and sent his teeth into its neck. it was a lion!!!
i'm not stressing on the lion killing freak part, i'm stressing about another thing.
moral: when u dont want it, others do.
ok, lets say freako got reincarnated. he was yet another freako =.= yes, with a missing toe but this time, with spots, not stripes.
freako tells another zebra," HA. i wouldnt get killed by lions. i'll let nature take its course. i wont run, its heaven's will for me to...."
freako get killed by another lion again.
moral: sometimes, DONT let nature take its course. run, and you'll live
zebra reincarnates...
"tt's the side-effects of caffeine, dude"
yea yea wateva.
so freako zebra reincarnated. he was galloping on the plains one day when out of nowhere came a python.
ARGGGGHHHH, the zebra screamed and jumped on its hind legs.
"no no no, dont come closer!!!" zebra took steps backwards, before he knew it, he fell down the cliff, into the ocean of agony, the whirlpool of hopelessness...
apparently, he died again.
the moral is obviously obvious
but always, there'll be baobab trees waiting patiently on the sides, providing you with assistance, help and HOPE =]

Tuesday, September 26, 2006
26th sept 2006
EOY are coming, in like erm.
*lifts 8 fingers*
yea, 8 days.
which means, no comp, probably.
boohoohoohoo n a bottle of rum.

Friday, September 22, 2006
22nd sept 2006
today was the annual nan chiau high school cross country. it was held in mac ritchie reserviour.
so i made my mum went down to the mama shop wif me the day b4 to buy some snacks lol.
i didnt have marshal duty coz it was like voluntary and i nt sum1 who would like to be in my np uniform n that silly pair of white gloves that thos kopitiam aunties use too.
but my mum was like, forbidding me from running, coz i havent fully recover from my cough...
yea u MIGHT think she's a lil... erm let's say going too overboard but i think she just being caring coz i had this cough once which dragged on for like 3 mths.
big sigh
so when mr ong, the principal, in his usual worn-till-the-waist trousers, pressed the stupid farting thingy and everyone started running.
but i walked of course.
ha. so everyone was like overtaking me but who cares?
you only get a stupid collar pin but does the schl expect someone to actually pin that onto their collar when they go to schl?
ha but grats to those who got it =]
WEEEE i was like, praying i see one coz the previous year i had to really run so i didnt really haf spare time to observe those monkeys.
it occurred like this.
i was like, walking briskly on the right side of the path when i spotted someone taking a photo of something. i braked real hard and i kinda jumped when i saw the CUTE LITTLE MONKEY!!!
then beside him was a real stupid one who stuffed his head into this box.
yea i can imagine it saying that.
then coincidentally troops of pri 1 noobs from hougang pri were hafing a field trip there.
and i actually heard them say "WAH, so scary!" and there was an even more idiotic one who screamed when he saw those roots of a particular tree protuding from the ground and the dead leaves and twigs which carpetted the algae-grown-everywhere ground.
so we kinda overtook them coz one of their teachers paused them to observe a cross sectioed portion of a tree trunk. =.=
so we walked n scrolled all the way to the ending point.
wahahaha. but we really perspired so much.
then after that we were the first class to be released
went to hougang mall for dinner, then went home.
overwhelmed with fatigue.
gif me a break
gif me a kit kat

Friday, September 15, 2006
15th sept 2006
ytd n todae i didnt go schl =]
coz of cough LOL. which means i can skip the torturing NP today. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
my cough is getting better, thats good thing. i was like so freaked out when i had this cough which lasted for 3 mnths the end of last year. *wipes forehead*
ha. so i kinda mapled during sick leave lol. i make it sound so professional. =.=
and i hunted like 11 Mushmoms in only an hour. LOL
but me didnt get any good things so i guess i was just wasting my time.
oh well.
blah blah blah
oh and its long since i last posted. muahahahahaha.
and anyway we got our class photo =] yay and that stupid sicko beside is trying to hang me in the photo =.=
and i kinda took out our sec 1 photo and i couldnt help but burst out in maniactic (did i spell it correct. it looks weird) laughter. LOL. everyone was like, so different...
i'll pin these photos up in me room when i get me new house =]

Thursday, September 07, 2006
7th sept 2006
ytd was the bloody civil defence course
and can u lief that idiotic ma'am actually told us it was from 8am to 6pm. LIKE 10 HOURS!!!
LMAO. 10 hours course and she didnt tell us to get ready our sleeping bags.
and i cant force myself to believe it and my mum cant blief too. one fucking course 10hrs.
erps. sorry i m getting abit agitated.
the course was quite fun, esp. when that fat malay speaker was like damn hilarious. btw, that fucking disabled ma'am actually criticised him for his lecturing methods.
but honestly dude, take a look at urself in the mirror b4 u criticise someone coz really, i would rather pay $100 to hear him speak rather than listening to you FOC.
coz you're god damn boring and u throw ur weight around,hoping to lose some weight. but apologetically, NO, u'll still be as fat and i hope you'll be even fatter.
it was heavy.
*WHOOOOOSHHHH* *c02 sprays out, flr turns white, dry ice forms, i feel damn good*
then we had this lets say 10mins to play around with the extinguishers.
each schl has one so they're playing around wif it when...
a represantative from nchs picks up the extinguisher and winked n hinted to the other schls.
rep from other schls pick up their extinguishers too.
slowly and menacingly, all aproach NCHS suay ma'am.
chuckles can be heard from the crowd.
"wat..wat you ppl DOING???!!!" ma'am stuttered and looked around quizically but anxiously.
clouds n clouds of CO2 were sent right into her obsene face.
she fell 3 steps back and struggled to raises her bull hands up to shield her face that was overwhelmed with CO2.
however and fortunately, the force from the 4 extinguishers were so immense her hands were pushed back onto her face, smacking her nose so painfully and horribly.
blood ran down from her nostrils but instantly and miraculously, it turned to frozen blood.
crowd goes ILLLLLL.
not long after, her disgustingly orange spec turned into popicles, which even those close to starving wouldnt dare eat.
soon her revolting hair hardens and stood straight at it ends.
everyone in crowds cheers in delight and amazement.
***************1000 years later********************8
alien man to flying camera: we'll be digging this area here for a spaceship landing pad. as you can see here...
indian half alien n man digging the ground: OH MEE GOD! WHAT'S THIS!!!!
*the tip of a frozen structure reveals from the ground*
man to flying camera: we've an extraordinary discovery!!! FOLLOW ME!
*man rushes to the ice structure, grabs pickaxe and starts picking hysterically*
soon, the ice structure was hoisted onto the ground to reveal a shockingly and well-preserved human being.
it was a disgusting one.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006
5th sept 2006
so its 12.01, and i'm here posting
my mum is out doing her shopping and i refused to join her lols.
lets see wat i can talk about coz i haf absolutely no idea wat to post, buy yet, i m right here posting.
feel the lameness inside of me?
*everyone nods head*
*raises eyebrow*
i guess i shud continue ytd's post...
ytd's post wasnt really completed. i mean, i was like so damn tired...
so here would be the continuation + some pics =]
the neoprints we took wouldnt be uploaded here though, but if you suddenly feel the overwhleming urge to have a look, you can always go to Lishan's blog to see. but just pardon the unproportional-ity.
so when we were going back to cp, me and ls kinda made a huge fool out of ourselves.
we were like, posing for my cam.
we did the JP smile pose, the dio stroke pose and some normal poses which turned out sadly, really ABNORMAL.
maybe i shud pixelate my face coz its kinda embarrassing...
and the couple opposite us were like gifing us those wat-are-these-little-kids-trying-to-do kinda look but we feign ignorance.
oh. so i AM a KID =[
but nvm about that.
erm.. after much consideration and hesistation, i've decided i'll just post one...
COZ IF I POST ALL i'll haf to wave goodbye to my reputation =/

we can see how much lishan yearns to be on camera...
and oh boy, her neck is LONG.
and this pic can be considered the MILD ones, coz there are worser ones, which of course i wouldnt be posting, to save me repu.
LS: dig me a hole and bury me in
indian man who dig holes: sorry my child, now mostly the holes all for land filling. we only fill holes with rubbish and every hole is very important to the development of mankind. one hole less make alot of difference! if one hole use to bury you, no hole to bury rubbish. rubbish fill the city, fill my hut, fill my mouth, fill my clothese!!! we cannot live w/0 HOLES!!!
LS: asshole.
indian man who dig holes: *to her utmost amazement, he nods head in agreement* yea, rubbish will oso fill my asshole!!! ~
pardon my lameness again.
MUAHAHAHA and i'll be the self-proclaimed EVIL PHOTOEDITOR.
MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *laughs hysterically and maniacally*
JP: shaddup lar.
Sherlyn *doing DA JP SMAILE*: heehee. shaddup lar

Monday, September 04, 2006
4th august 2006
today supposedly went out with jp, sherlyn n ls for group study...
actually we were supposed to meet at 12.30 but me n sherlyn met at 12 LOL.
then ls, who so innocently tot that she was incredibly early smsed me saying that oh god, i am so damn early.
then i called her LOLS and insisted that she said 12 o clock and that me and sherlyn waited for like 15 minutes already. and she took it for real!
LOLS then after waiting for like, another 5 minutes, i called ls again just for the sake of annoying her...
and so she said she have already reached and asked her to gif her another 10 secs and so i was there counting down.
when i finally counted down to 3, lishan sped down the escalator and me n sherlyn burst out in laughter. LOL.
meanwhile waiting for stupid chee to come, ls felt an urge to push the bench LOLS

so it kinda loocked like this 0_0
then we waited for like another half an hour for stupid chee to come...
lunched at mac, had an upsized fillel meal and ended up wif fries fight.
everyone was throwing at each other's tray but loads landed everywhere except for its target and we kinda ended up dirtying the surroundings with FRIES.
and sherlyn was like "oh. like fries fight liddat..." and the best part is, she continues throwing. ROFLMAO.
then after that went to library to so called study.
beside us was 2 malay SHORTIES who commented that we were silly kids and childish.
YOU KNOW WAT FREAKS? WE DO NOT CARE. AND YOU ARE SHORT, SO SHUT THE ASS UP. no offence though, to those who are short. i was just refering to those kind of short ppl.
we saw this maid with incredibly BEAUTIFUL~ hairstyle...

take a look...
like ls so produly say, its the ovary hairstyle LMAO.
and later on we saw this singtel poster that looked like this LOL

just kinda, tilt ur head to see the pics ok.
i m too lazy to rotate it LOL
haha then probably after like 30 mins, we left. so much for the grp study LOL.
then went to kovan to take neo but den the shop has already closed down. god damn it, it was a wasted trip.
so we made another trip to hougang mall. MUAHAHA and no, the shop wasnt closed down.
and the first neo machine we used was like so ughh... it was like darn dark and the background was red so it made us look like in hell or smth.
the 2nd one we took was ok except for the bg which was yellow. made us look like we're in the Sun or smth.
the 3rd machine was absoltuely great. we had unlimited time to edit them w/o anyone irritating us, as in gg to take the pics and forced the bloody machine to gif us a timing for editing. i mean, it happened the 2nd time...
as i said, the pics were nt bad, finally something that has Earth feeling LOLS.
HAHA. then after that went bac to cp, bought loads of grocery o_o...
my first day at work for cheap amah shopping services LMAO.
uber fun day.

Saturday, September 02, 2006
2nd Sept 2006
ytd was my mum's bdae and i insisted on buying a cake but she refused to let me buy =x
ytd we also went to singapore expo for the COMEX fair or smth like dat. they were selling a huge load of electronics.
our target was to shop for a handphone for my bro, probably a walkman one like mine, LCD TVs my new house (and they said they'll buy one for me!!!), and phones probably???
yea but in the end we only bought a set of phone. LOL
and can you believe it we actually shopped for 3+ hours FOR ONLY A GOD DAMN SET OF PHONE?!
we had lunch at Burger King and i loved their slogan which was printed on the paper they plac on trays.
"We may be King, but you, are the almighty ruler"
WOW. that's great, I'm an almighty RULER~!
i got a fish burger which tasted fantastic, my mum got a chicken, my bro a turkey and my dad's got beef. and my tasted BEST =]
lunching there reminds me of memorable moments when we were in american countries. the scene really looked like those in theme parks...
they haf benches and tables outside of the store with umbrellas...
every bench is practically filled up
there were long queues
their food were similarly expensive.
i miss those times~

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