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Thursday, August 31, 2006
31st august 2006
cool, tmr is my mum's bdae, which is so darn coincidently is teachers day.
and i told her she should have been a teacher
but she is a teacher, she is MY personal teacher =]
i lurve my mum =)
so today was teachers day celeb.
really boring.
so when it finally ended me and stef went back ncps for a short while coz stef had to rush bac for tuition.
then followed my mum n dad to meet some ppl related to the reno of our new home and it took bloody long.
darn it and i was like so bored i just sat on the floor like some idiot and played songs on me phone.
it took like, 1hr 30 mins+ and i actually tot it would only take 30 mins.
so you shud noe how pissed i was
but nvm la. so now i'm bak, like FINALLY.
yea so i guess i'll end here.
posts end here when there aint anything for me to write.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006
28th august 2006
damn it.
so many people pon np yet i was still there like some idiot
and jp and ls laughed at me wearing that freaking hairnet!!!
one day i gonna force your heads into PANTYHOES!!!! =X REVENGE!!!
haha just jk
but toking about revenge... heeheehee
*raises eyebrows and laughs hysterically*
actually, it aint only revenge, its also fulfilling a wish or rather, a request.
pigkaboos.blogspot.com SO PROUDLY presents...
*drums roll*
*no pics appear*
*eyes roll*
"where's the pic?"
"it should be here somewhere!!!" i flustered and started clicking frantically onto my mouse which squeaked and showed its teeth
"god damn it, i shoudnt haf clicked it so hard! now it aint letting me click!" i shrieked in anxiety and flung the mouse into mid air.
and miraculously it spread its wings as it took flight.
"HEY! MOUSE doesnt haf WINGS!"
"oh yea! but the mouse supposedly with horrid wings aint the prob! I NEED TO FIND JP WITH that horrendous moustache!!!!"
"ARGHHHH!" smacks head which coincidently hits flying mouse
*flying mouse squeaks and showed it teeth again*

actually, i kinda haf the pic but in order nt to tarnish her reputation...
i mean, you can imagine what will happen to any photo that reaches my hands and the menacing embrace of my fabulous photoshop!!!
but its irony.
i, being the good genie that fulfils the wishes of a harmless little girl who are externally gentle but internally horrid, have successfully created a moustache for her as she had wished but i, being the kind person, decided not to post it on blogger to save her reputation.
oh~ i m like? so bhb. LOL
so its like fulfil wish and tarnish reputation or do not fulfil wish but saves reputation =]
jp, take ur pick.=x
but wont post it on my blog lar, at most my msn dp nia. LMAO.
lishan caught a glimpse of it =]
JP:"shaddup lar~"
bren, ls and sherlyn:"yea lor yea lor, SHADDUP lar~"

Tuesday, August 29, 2006
29th august 2006
today the blur-like-ass and stammerer mr koh wanted to make an announcement during assembly and so he received the mike from mr neo and bangs it into his mouth.
thats the stupidiest thing someone can do with a mike.

Monday, August 28, 2006
28th august 2006
it was monday and you were damn disgusted.
yesterday was just sunday and the day before was saturday and memories of the fun you have had playing maple all day flowed into your mind like water gushing out from broken dams and then washing you away onto a faraway island which no one ever knew.
You named it lala land.
your dad drove you to schl and when he pulled over at the main gate, the first THING you saw was a fat figure clad in a well-worn blue shirt. he was wearing his trousers really low at his waist and it was definite that he was trying a lil too hard to catch up with fashion. but it made it all the worst coz it made his body looked too long and his legs too short.
you grunted and sighed. unproportional people~
then thoughts of the vertically challenged bamboo stick baboosingh forced it ways into your mind but you flung it off.
"i must not think of weird people..." you mentally repeated your motto.
but so unfortuantely, that guy was ur schl's security guard.
so school started.
"RECESSSSS!!!" a particularly loud girl shrieked in the highest pitch she could go and everyone zoomed out of the classroom with the smoke of dust following thier footsteps.
OOPS, too many cartoons~
you walked into the canteen with ur frens and you saw again, the same OLD security guard, well-armoured in his blue and black outfit.
you gave another sigh.
"you must pretend you dont see weird people!" you mentally repeated your motto.
so fast forward, recess was over, lessons were over and now its DISMISSAL!!!
so you left you class with your frens again and guess who you saw!!!
3 secs for you to think..
yea i think you guessed it. it was DA security guard
you smacked ur forehead in agony as the security guard overtook you and was walking in front of you.
realising he walked really like donald duck.. HEY WAIT! donald duck is SOOO cute!!! you cant use something as cute as DD to compare with an idiotic security guard!!!!
so we shall use just DUCK. yea it will do well.
so realising he walked really like a DUCK, you looked at him to see wat exactly made him walk like that.
and you saw it.
your legs were rooted to the ground and you stood aghst at the horrible sight.
his already really tight trousers was embedded into his butt crack, which made it even tighter and the sight was COMPLETELY REVOLTING.
you ran into the nearby toilet to take a puke before walking out, struggling and looking really pale.
you were completely horrified by the unappropriate sight that had just met your eyes.
"just pretend you nvr did see this crap" you told urself.
"just pretend!"
"just pretend my fren!"
"the art of pretending my child~ (indian tone). you havent master it~"
so this was an awful experience LOL.
haha eunice and sherlyn saw it too actually and honestly this story was really exaggerated.
and NO, thats for sure, we DID NOT want to see it but...
oh well.
stupid security guard.

Friday, August 25, 2006
25 august 2006
today was yet another bloody day of fatigue.
coz there was np and we had to march on the spot for like SO LONG
and the idiot ma'am and sir so wonderfully described my marching as jumping
gee, thanks people, i was SUPPOSED to be jumping, at least you got that right.
god damn it i mean like i m so overwhelmed with exhaustion so i was kinda slacking and whoosh, some idiots describe it as jumping.
at least i looked enthusiastic =]
so i guess thats fine.
wat else can i tok about?
oh and yea, thanks to th self-proclaimed SMART STEF, she actually spotted that there's a spelling error on my blogskin.
but honestly she should have saved that bit of observation and error-spotting for her english papers LOL
but yea, that was really SO unbelievable.
in case you didnt notice, which i didnt too until the wonderfully intelligent stefani melisa karina informed me, it stated that "I MUREDERED..."
let me express my deepest and the most sincere gratitude from the bottom of my heart to the goddess of INTELLIGENCE, miss stef for the kind informing of the really disastrous error in my blog.
please accept my thank you.
i was kidding =]
anyway, shortie ng gave his magnificent speech.
too bad he didnt memorise his script or the effect would be tons better.
but he kind of made me really remorseful coz yesterday i had a little argument with him which ended with me saying rather pissed-offly "wateva la" and gently snatching my paper away from him coz he refused to add me a point. in the end he did but he did that after he collected all our papers back. but wat made me felt better was that i added in a "thanks"after the robbing of my paper from his hands.
oh gosh.
i am apologetic.
guess i'll stop calling him shortie ng though he IS short.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006
23rd august 2006
It was a beautiful afternoon on 23rd august 2006 but no one knew this beautiful and magnificent day would end BAD.
the school bell screamed so darn loudly to make sure everyone, including those pig teachers sleeping, woke up from LALA land.
and it sure did make everyone wake up.
it was unfortunately, once again, history lesson and everyone hates history. but since it was the giving out of papers, everyone anticipated AND anticipated for their results.
just as they were getting uber anxious, a weird giant of a man stepped in, clad in a black and white spotted turban on his obsenely LONG face.
everyone looked up in unison. "oh damn it" everyone went.
"Good afternoon class" that man wif unproportional body parts said and stretched his head as long as he could.
we sort of choir-ed our greeting back.
he sent a glare to the loudest student from the corner of his eyes "I want a proper greeting"
so the class greeted PROPERLY this time and he was all the well satisfied.
"i want to check your history txtbook and workbook" he said in a comical indian accent that sent the whole class laughing.
so forcing his bamboo legs he made his way around the class.
"i nvr bring" murmured one student
the teacher pricked up his ears and slammed the students table with all his energy he got from eating roti prata.
everyone cursed him under their breath.
so the student wrote and then quite satisfied. he continued his inspection.
spotting another student with only her WB on the table, he stormed towards her
"Where your workbook?"
the students smirked and pointed to her desk. "Inside"
like i said he was unexceptional tall, he has to tilt his body to one side to see the contents of the desk. and he failed.
grinning, the student stretched her hand in comfortably and retrieved her txtbook. holding it with both hands, she stretched it out to show the inspector with the long beard and sideburn.
"good. thats the attitude" and he walked away.
the student, feeling a little pissed by the tcher's bloody inspection, shook her both hands and uttered "see lar see lar"
that sent the whole class laughing.
thinking that he was seriously humiliated, he make a swift turn and he was lucky not to have fallen down coz it was such a common thing for him since the dimensions of his body was unbalanced.
"you dont be rude to the teacher! give me ur textbook!"
the studdent shoved the txtbooks to the hands of the teacher-gone-bonkers.
"WHOOSH" before anyone knew it, the txtbook flew high into the air, the cover flapping so joyfully that it finally could take flight but it disconnected from the book and landed alongside the the book which was already resting in peace in the rubbish bin.
everyone's jaw dropped "WOW he's accurate!"
no everyone felt "Damn how could u throw a student's book?"
"you want be rude izzit?"
"i nvr do anything"
"you stand up and get out of the class"
the student hopped out.
and the unreasonable old hag continued his inspection.
FAST FORWARD to after schl, when he requested the 2 students to meet him after schl but actually about half the class went.
and the 2 students and him talked and talked and talked until one broke down.
"SO u say i wrong lah!" the teacher said.
the student said something which no one could hear
then it went on until the class's form teacher, who was informed of the atrocities of the history teacher, wanted to have a talk with the tcher.
and so they entered the HOD room which probably had a secret trapdoor which has a flight of 333 steps that leads to the staff room which was upstairs coz the form teacher disappeared after that, leaving the idiot hist. teacher.
the hist. tcher, who was damn thick skinned a bullet cant shoot thru opened the HOD rm door.
the girl whose book was so innocently and brutally disfigured, demanded "what about my book"
"give me ur txtbook" the tcher said
a student recited a script that was previously written to the girl and she said "why? give you the book let you throw ar?"
the teacher's cheeks went shamelessly red and he began to stammer "noo..noo. why would i throw your book?
"coz u did it the first time" the girl said after the assistance of the one reciting the script.
the teacher's face went red in embarrassment.
"i want scotch tape it for u"
"DUNWAN" the girl replied furiously.
the story u just read was a true life story that happened to an unfortunate class in NCHS.
we hereby express our sincere pities to the class and we will feel extremely sorry for them.
to support the class, JOIN IN THE 2I RIOTS TODAY!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006
22nd AUgust 2006
our class was assigned to do a book review on the assigned books we were supposed to read months ago.
and can you belief it? THE SCHOOL ACTUALLY MADE BLOGS!!!
WAAHAHAHA. really hard to believe and the blog was like so damn funny coz everyone agreed that the little prince was a fascinating book to read and that it was really educational and stuff but this was what everyone wanted to say:
i beg to differ about everyone's comments on the little prince.
honestly, it was the stupidiest book anyone can read.
it was basically about this ass of a boy who hops around planets meeting eccentric people living in asteroids (LMAO) and asking them silly questions. he is dumb enuf to fall in love with a god damn stupid rose and starts asking ppl what are thorns for.
if i was in the book i would say without hesitation it was to poke you (as in the prince)
and wait, he address himself as a prince? LMAO
and he talks to animals too. is he a parseltongue? hey no wait, he speaks to FOXES and even flowers.

Monday, August 21, 2006
21st august 2006
common tests are officially over but honestly i didnt feel a thing...
and i wasnt the only one coz probably everyone pretended CT ended last week and the peper today was extra.
haha but yea, its over and there'll be more to come thoughi am not exactly looking forward to that.
have been playing the comp for like long periods of time since friday. i miss my lappy top too much!
so now i am listening to some english songs on my phone and i am getting kind of pissed by the earpiece.
everytime i move a little it starts getting stuck. dont really know how to describe it but it is darn irritating. yea.
have been posting really short posts...
and anyway, i really cant stand watching wrestling.
they're like so damn FAKE? i mena like there're ppl dumb enough to looked really shocked and then fall face down onto the ground when smacked on teh head. and then after that pretty fake face down fall he grabs his head in agony. i honestly think that last move was the one that hurts.
haas. hope u understand wat the crap i am toking...

Sunday, August 20, 2006
19th august 2006
i dunno why but my life is getting boring.
and i mean so
sighs i have nothing to do, really.
but now i am half mapling my idiotic hunter who has been slacking for months and for years ahead.
so hows life everyone definitely betta than my boring life rite.
anyways, today i went to cp and my mum bought me a pair of CONVERSE DOUGLE TONGUE SNEAKERS!!! OMG i love them man.
they're kinda white, kinda pink and kinda grey and its awesome.
MUAHAHAHA but my mum said that i could only wear it during new year and i was like glaring at her and she gave in =)
i love my mum~

Friday, August 18, 2006
18th August 2006
just one more test to go and then its PLAYTIME!
but actually who cares. since when is D&T important
yea then i was about to go home when i saw errr some frens then they were gg to CP too so i tagged along.
then we ate kfc again.
so erm, then went to shop around but didnt really buy anything.
SO we went to the library that has the fabulous AIRCON and we started brainstorming about something TOP SECRET =]
haha. yea lar getting kinda sick of blogging le. so will be ending ere

Sunday, August 13, 2006
13th August 2006
it had been 5 days since i last blogged
muahaha coz i am having some TOP SECRET business in maple.
yea i stress on top secret. muahaha.
so was kinda busy.
and really annoyed by the coming tests.
a big sigh for myself and the world.
so summary for this week:
you know wat ppl? I LOVE this week coz it was like
monday - go schl (lots of non-txtbooks lessons)
tuesday- half day national day celeb (THATS WHY I SAY I LOVE NATIONAL DAY)
wed- holiday coz of the lovely national day
thurs- holdiay ALSO coz of my beloved national day
friday - lessons till 12.40 AND NO NP PARADE
if every week was like this, I LOVE SCHOOL.
but mayb i shud stop dreaming.
will be continuing my top secret business so blog again someday =]

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
8th August 2006
heartiest congratz to astrid and sijia for being 2nd and 3rd respectively for NC SUPERSTAR!!!
*blows whistle
rangoli got 2nd nia.
and the winner class representative to take the prize started jumping like a rabbit who broke her tooth when she heard her class won. and everybody stared at the rabbit.
nc superstar was good. but then i was separted from MY CLASS!!! coz of the freaking rangoli i represented the class mar so i had to sit at this pathetic side of the hall. god damn it.
prize was highlighters and this erm, pens. betta than nothing. come to think of it lar, at least we won smth, its betta than wasting ur time making this load of rubbish and yet u dun get anything thing.
but it was really heartbreaking when we threw the rice away. SAD! it was our efforts. but we tot we shud win 1st lor. coz the winner class de merlion, sg flag and airport thingy is 2D nia. ours is 3D LEH.
heee actually my art team donated it to the rangoli de lar =]
but wateva, we still didnt get 1st. so buay song. bu gan xin.
but i guess its ok ba.
so after that went to ncps visit old folks home but we didnt bring any fruit baskets for them. HAHA
thne me and stef smuggled ourselves into the staff room to find pasta lim AND THEN WE COULDNT FIND HER!!! we thought she'has been fired or something then stef suggested she promoted to HOD. i was like, cant be lar. impossible de lar. and then stef asked her fren they said ms lim is hod room lvl 1.
haha but its good for her at least she teach so long le...
then she say salary increase 5cents nia. LMAO.
so she gave us her signature lollipops. i maged to get a chupa chups lollipop. IT WAS in a chupa chups box but WITH a thousand non-chupa chups lollipops which looked so cheap scape.
MUAHAHA. choco vanilla flavour yum yum,
haha got a photo of her. later MAYBE i add in ba. =]

Monday, August 07, 2006
7th August 2006
muthu said our key was spoilt so need a new key so he took it away.
then later got p.e so i had to get the freaking key from him... then we cant find him so we walked around the schl to find him.
so lishan was shouting "MUTHHHUUU, MUTTHHUUU" LMAO
then when we almost finished walking past the canteen, i turned my head and then saw the small LITTLE muthu sitting on the small teachers table eating his noodles.
but u see he was dark and the background was a shaodw which was oso dark so had ALOT of diificulty spotting him.
he was so hard to spot, ls kept muttthhuuuu-ing even when he was only 2 meters away, WHICH means she did not see him yet.
so fast forward till art lesson.
had to ask tfor the key again. sian
then muthu wasnt in the office. then there got one aunty say he go eat.
i was like wtf? one day eat so many times still malnutritioned?
LOL. so we walked to the canteen and there he was, in the exact same spot where we found him like 2 hours before. i wondered if he ever left that seat.
i hope he does though. then his stupid key cant open the door haiz. so he went there lock lar. quite good lar.
budden later go art lesson was late for a darn 20minutes!!!
but mdm ngo was damn good, didnt really scold us. anyway we got valid excuses, actually i mean reasons. LOL
was a tiring day lar, run here run there...
and that stupid mr tan pe teacher was darn kum pak.

Sunday, August 06, 2006
7th August 2006
god damn it.
i dio sore eyes.
this morning i woke up realised i cant really fully open my eyes. ARGH and i look awful.
damn it.
and today was damn pissed by my grandfather LOLS.
irritating Haish. yea lar yea lar, fight wif grandfather sure is granddaughter wrong de lar.
its his freaking fault!
but not gonna say wat he did, should gif him some face. i mean he is still my grandad mar...
but he cant expect me to respect him when he doesnt respect at all. always tok tok tok ask ask ask. and he was intentionally trying to irritate me. WTF
the more i say bout it the more angry i get!!! GRRRRRRR.
t(-.-t) i was so damn irritated i screamed over the phone when i talked to my mum bout him.

Saturday, August 05, 2006
5th August 2006
5th august 2006 how time flies
i could still remember the fireworks that was shot into the sky during the beginning of 2006, brightening the dark sky and lighting up everyone's life. it seemed that it happened just ytd, yet it wasnt. it has been 8 mths after.
every single thing has to end one day, good or bad so we just have to live up to the fact that's how life unfortunately is and its something we just have to accept (bren's law no.2)
i'm already 13 while i was 6 ,7 years ago (duh~)
the good old memories flows back into my mind. *squeals*
oh well...
i really miss the good old times really. when i can have dinner with my family everyday. now my dad is in hk and can only come to sg for at most 2 weeks every time.
when u haf something, u'll take it for granted. and its only when u cant haf it, you'll then start to cherish it.
yea ok.
common tests are coming and i couldnt wait for it to end. i noe it havent even start lar but... it will SOON end rite? right? i guess i m self-consoling myself...
so how's life everyone?
i m darn bored here... ...
and i dun feel like studying nething.
i guess i'll end here

Friday, August 04, 2006
3rd August 2006
YTD was darn fun!
15 people went to CP tp eat wif ah lim!
we ate the cheesy bites thingy. it was delicious and ah lim paid the bill. $135 leh. must have burnt a HUGE hole in his pocket.

i always thought pizza was nicer =.=

oi, shoot leh.
lishan lookin damn pissed off my her BEAUTIFUL DEMON FINGERS!!!
muahahha. lishan finally gets her retribution.
wahahaha wait i eating now later hten i edit =0
later we played arcade. spent like $10+!!! haiz but its occasional so its ok actually. i mean wats the whole fucking point of life if we DO NOT allow ourselves to enjoy?
u feel like doing anything or buying anything, just do so before u regret.
this is bren's no.1 law in life.
but i so poor no money leh. LOL
nvm ba. everyday bring bread go schl eat lor. *force myself to rmb bren's no.1 law*
haha wateva.
then after go arcade for like 1 and a half hours, me and lishan was dead broke.
actually wanted to takeAWAY old chang kee de, budden like i so proudly say,. I M DEAD BROKE. cant even afford one curry pok! T.T
then me and ls went to mrt there sit sit. non-arcaders were all sitting there with mr lim. haha give u some intro ba.
this is mr lim:

this one leh is AJP.

geeeheeeheee. i block my face u cant see. geeheeheeeee.







er. i guess i got ya XD

Wahahaha. ok lar enuf liao lar.

it was one happy day~

Wednesday, August 02, 2006
2nd July 2006
wanted to blog ytd but my connection seriously have problems and so i was disconnected and i cant be bothered to type again so no posts.
yea but today yea.
i m getting restless u noe.
i dun feel like studying at all, i dont get why we haf to learn art, geog and erm, lets say history.
you dun expect us to be an artist or archaeologist?
i mean like, they shud let us choose wat we want so that we will like pay more attention during classes and stuff and not start yawning and drooling during history lessons where the teacher just keep talking to herself.
there was a change in time table but we werent informed so let the teachers settle it themselves. let them haf something to do and not shake their legs in class and expect the class chairperson to "maintain class order". this kind of bullshit is not acceptable.
and i realised sitting at the back of class rock u noe. its not like i just chnaged seat today or smth but it was only today i kinda realised its kinda good.
i mean, teachers wont spot wateva extra things u r doing under ur desk and u can STTRRREETTCCHHH ur feet and push the chair all the way back without anyone from behind banging ur table and ordering u to move back up.
so u see, its good. and then there'll be no one peeping at u from behind and then suddenly pulls away ur chair and then u start screaming hysterically and starts smacking the person who pulled ur chair.
get wat i mean?
so erm.. wat can i talk about?
yea, so i was making the horrid PKB for dnt. and i just realised the previous design would have been MUCH better but i am already half way completing. and the hippo teacher has slightly improved and abstrained herself from calling "2i, 2i" too many times. coz if she does that, everyone's gonna kill her before she can even touch up on her eye shaodow, which was so darn thick it looked so horrid.
and then saw our geog teacher fro 2nd flr waiting outside a sec 1 class, she was again wearing her grey erm, shirt? it looked so like a towel wrapped around her upper body greek style. can she haf betta taste coz honestly it leads to ppl thinking she rushed out of her house right after a bath and had only so much time to put on her trousers and grab a grey towel. and then she proceeds to the lift in one long leap and heaved a sigh of relief and stood there proudly, glad that she was barely on time. she felt soap droplets dripping onto her bare feet so she turned to face the mirror and screamed in her ost high pitched voice it almost cracked the mirror. she was lucky it didnt break or she would have difficulty adjusting her new towel outfit. realising she has nothing on her upper body,she jolly well use the grey towel which was so long it can easily turn lets say 4 times? around her body. with her new outfit she left the lift with the security guard puking at the sight of her from the CCTV camera tv screen he has outside.
kinda getting exagerrated huh. i guess so.
thats enuf for today ba byebye

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