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Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Introducing Hexic!
Hexic is the game I am addicted to currently! It's really fun and addictive! Well, for this you'll have to use a lot of the brain juice and need to have some luck.

You can play it over here: http://zone.msn.com/en/hexic/default.htm

Usually, I play the Normal Mode. The timed mode adds on to the stress, which is already a lot to handle at the later stages of the game.

If you start clicking wildly in the beginning, you may get flowers easily. That's because you're lucky. And that's also because it's the beginning stages. BUT, later on in the game, time bombs will endanger your lives! Sometimes if you're lucky, the bomb falls in a place where you can easily get rid of it. Otherwise (which happens quite often), the bomb lands somewhere with no similarly-coloured pieces surrounding it. And that's when you have to crack that brain.

After DAYS of practice, I've finally beaten Tzumi's highscore!!! She got 222175. It's a very high score! And that time she got it, my usual standard is around like, 80 000+.

She was blogging about how her Hexic score is so good and how pro it is. While she was blogging, I was playing Hexic. AND...

Just as she was about to finish the post about how great she is...


So funny la! She had to edit her post again just as she was about to publish it. Haha!
Aiya, but I think she can beat me score again la! =(

I am extremely busy these days, travelling from relatives's house to another, with regular gambling breaks in between. LOL.

Yesterday, I went out at around 11+am and came back at 12am. Yikes. But since it's a once-a-year thing, should be alright. =)

Muahahahaha! Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Sunday, January 25, 2009
CNY is tomorrow!
My dad rented a car for the CNY so we decided to go cycling at East Coast yesterday. You know, usually when I cycle, we stop at the bridge and make a U-turn. But this time, we decided to break our record and continue the journey, which is astonishingly long.

After some distance beyond the bridge thingy, was the campsite we had the Sec 3 Camp! I didnt know it was so near! The place was eerily empty, but it brought back lots of memories. Some a bit xia sway too.

Anyway, a stone's throw away from the campsite was Changi Airport already! Though I don't know which terminal it is, it's still darn cool to see the SQ planes and the airport infrastructure through the fence.

We wanted to go further, but seeing that the whole stretch is like, only beside the canal, we decided to go back. I shall explore further next time!

Anyway, going to a relative's house for Reunion Dinner later. The gambling shall begin! I played Mahjong just now, but luck is not with me, sadly! Tsk.


Friday, January 23, 2009
Another PJ outing!
Finally, the 5 PJs come together again with a few agendas!

1. Exchange Tzumi's present for something else because Tzumi's other friends bought the same one for her already.
(Moral of the story: Don't tell two groups of friends the same thing you want for birthday)

2. Sing KBox.

3. Force Jiapei to sing KBox with us. (She refuses to because she already did so yesterday)

We were discussing on MSN yesterday, whether to go to Kbox or not because Jiapei didn't want to go. The rest of us wants to go sing though, so we really wanted JP to come along.

bren says: i got a perfect idea. we go to starbucks, order a coffee, then
talk and sing at the same time

Stef says: ...

tzumi says: LOL

stef says: so xia suay

bren says: good idea? perfect right?

stef says: whole world looking at u

bren says: nah,the whole world isnt in starbucks, although starbucks is in the whole world

tzumi says: really arh. so we talk la

stef says: force her go kbox with usss

bren says: ok then

tzumi says: so we ask her out and cheat her to kbox. good??

bren says: stef in charged of the tape, tzumi in charge of the gag, i in charge of the ropes

tzumi says: ok set!

stef says: LOLLOL

tzumi says: perfect idea

bren says: tmr at 12.30 we grab her and go

stef says: lishan in charge of the sack

bren says: perfect!

bren says: yeah, this is a major plan. no screw-ups!

tzumi says: k

stef says: to kidnap cheena mei

bren says: YES!

tzumi says: so i sms jp and say we going out tgt tmr right? as plan initially

stef says: ok

bren says: yes. then after she arrive at somerset. i say i go toilet. then we lead her into a dark alley, then lishan use the sack to cover her head. meanwhile, i shall use my ropes to tie her hands and legs

stef says: i use the tape to tape her mouth

bren says: on the count of 3, stef and tzumi carry her up and bring her to kbox, set?

tzumi and stef says: k

bren says: great, now must make some evil laughter.

In the end, after countless refusals from Jiapei and the steep rates for KBox, we went with any alternative, a movie! Love Matters.

It was quite okay, funny at some parts, although I think the other audience's laughter is a tad too exaggerating. Hmmm, maybe it's just my sense of humour.

Photos we took:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009
The NEW rooster hairstyle
Apart from our favourite Afro hairstyle, Babara's Hairsalon has once again came out with a new and equally ridiculous hairstyle.

Introducing to all, the NEW Rooster!

I saw this guy in the airport. I was there earlier today to fetch my dad, who came back for CNY. His hair isn't tied up or anything, so that tuff of hair which is out of place isn't a ponytail.

Pardon me, the pictures aren't clear because a little chick walked by and told me that it would be downright obvious if I approached its father and snapped a picture of it. Carefully, I took these pictures from far with my phone camera.

I think it's because he did not comb his hair properly! Maybe he spread the gel, wax or maybe glue unevenly on his hair, resulting in this cataclysm.

Resembles, right?!

Okay, maybe not THAT much =(

Monday, January 19, 2009
That is... *GASP* INSANE!
I just got the shock of my lifetime! A bit of an exaggeration, but I know you will feel the same after you read this.

Viewer's discretion is advised. Please read warnings in detail before you proceed.

1. Article may give you unnecessary pressure.
2. Article may cause distress to reader.
3. Article may (will) make you gasp.
4. Article may make you change your opinion --- what may have been an exciting new phase in life before may now be a ticket to experience hell.
5. Do not open your mouth too wide when you're in shock. You don't want some airborne spores to settle in your mouth.
6. I know you will still read on despite the warnings. The warnings are thus, redundant.

So, buckle up your seat belts, we're in for a ride! A horror ride.

I was happily Google-ing stuff about NJC just a moment ago until... *gasp*

Their 3 top scorers got... 8 DISTINCTIONS.
Notice the figures! THREE insane geniuses got EIGHT Distinctions.

As for 7 Distinctions, guess how many got it. SEVENTEEN. 17! Crazy stuff!

56 other students have scored 6 Distinctions and another whopping 134 students scored 5 Distinctions.

*breaks into a massive round of applause*

OMG! Isn't that like crazzzzyyyyy?! It's A levels, you know. Not the O Levels! Wah piang! *smacks head*

And this is for NJ only. I can't believe I actually considered HCI! If NJ is already of that standard, I can't imagine how many got these kind of results in HCI and RJC. Thank goodness!

This is so depressing la! Well, to those who just read this, erm, do some mental preparation for JC life. Cherish the remaining of your holidays now, from what the statistics show, JC's not gonna be easy.

Sunday, January 18, 2009
Getting ready for the Chinese 牛Year!
Okay la, I know I plagiarised the stupid title from Mediacorp =(

WARNING: It's a very boring post. Skip if you must.

Anyway, I was (and always am) a helpful person! Yesterday, I helped my mum with the spring cleaning. I was in charged of wiping the doors and the picture frames. From my daily observations, I always thought that the doors and picture frames were clean. Not until I took the bloody cloth and wipe those antique dust magnets.

I mopped the floor too! Being a very spoilt child (not that I am proud of actually), I seldom help out with the chores. Mopping is actually quite fun too! It's like, you must think of strategies to help make your mopping efficient. For example, you must remember the areas you've mopped already so that you won't re-mop the place again. I don't know why I'm making the whole mopping thing sound like a war.

Anyway, today I went to Giant. They were selling those Emperor Tangerines. The small ones that are quite sweet. My brother and I were happily crowding around the trays like those kiasu aunties and grabbing the tangerines as the Giant staff unload the new ones. As I was picking halfway, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked around, expecting to see my mum, but instead I saw a toddler who was being carried by his dad (explains the ability to reach my shoulders). He was quite cute, so we're like smiling at him until we saw him place his fingers into his mouth.

For those who have slower comprehension abilities and do not understand the point I am trying to deliver, let me explain. Erm, it means he used his saliva-stained fingers to tap on (not wipe on, please!) my shirt.

After dinner at my Grandma's house, went to Jalan Kayu to get the potted Four Seasons Lime. $25 for two. Carried it back to the car while the leaves tickled me. I was being paranoid the whole time and kept feeling that some worm was crawling on me. It still feels itchy now, for some psychological reason.

I've risked my sanity for these! Hopefully it gives me and my family good fortune!

Friday, January 16, 2009
everything is so impromptu!
It was a bright and sunny Friday morning until it began to drizzle for a while.

There I was, reclining comfortably on my armchair as I watched IP MAN on the computer. ( I loved the fighting scenes! It was cool. My favourite move was the continuous punches, though the sound is obviously editted) I was proceeding to my second movie, Bedtime Stories, when my phone vibrated on the study table.

The message read "Eh i got half day leave liao. Wan go out?" from Tzumi, the birthday girl who wanted to spend her birthday in a factory somewhere packing peanuts (her cheap labour job). Apparently, her supervisor or whoever she addresses as Chio Bu (whom I heard, is the exact opposite of what her nickname suggests) has granted her the half-day leave she had requested for since Tuesday.

We (Lishan, Jia Pei and I), being very nice people, decided to cancel/postpone all our current plans so that we could go out with her. Afterall, it sucks to celebrate your birthday without friends. It's even suckier to celebrate it with... erm, peanuts?
The message came at 11.55am. After contacting everyone else and planning the location, what to do etc, it was already 12.35pm. We chionged to meet at 1pm in Compass Point. See, we're such good friends la! Even under these impromptu conditions, we still try our best to accomodate!

Watched Yes Man. It was hilarious and light-hearted. If you're those serious kind of people who cannot tolerate those nonsensical stuff, don't go near the cinema hall showing this movie. Maybe go to the one showing Seven Pounds (about car crash, suicide, organ donation. Serious enough huh?).

Right after the movie and a visit to the toilet, this Tseng ar... She did something impromptu again! She said she had to leave to help her dad deliver flowers!

Wahlao eh! One message, and we're all out. One call, and we're all going home. Tsk! Got pissed off for a while. Muahahaha.

But anyway...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TZUMI, the peanut packer who hopes she gets the sack!

Happy Birthday to you,
you have got things to do,
packing peanuts all day,
till you smell like them too!

*throws some confetti*
Oops, ran out of confetti*
*throws empty peanut shells instead*

And Tzumi, just a warning. I heard... HEARD, okay, that if you pack too much peanuts, you'll become like...








*hears shouts of "LAME!"*

Good, which means, MOTIVE ACHIEVED!

Thursday, January 15, 2009
vexed no more
I've made up my choice, after days of consideration and many changes-of-mind.
Shall apply later then, to put a halt to all the messed-up thoughts.

The moment I click the Submit button will be the end to all these!!!

The vexation will not go long though. Next thing to vex about will be the subject combination.

I hope I won't regret my decision.

Monday, January 12, 2009
Finally got back the O Level results.

I think I did very well.

Shall give myself a pat on my back.

Sunday, January 11, 2009
The Day of Revelation!
The hall.
The results.

That's all I have been thinking of for these few days.

The clock is ticking away, until it reaches 2pm. Right at that moment, the palpitating hearts of thousands will miss a beat as they receive their results.
Not just any results --- THE O Level results. The results that they worked hard for, for 4 whole years.

I'm feeling the nerves already!!! Hopefully, I do well, all of my friends do well, I am happy, so are they, the teachers, the principal and everyone's parents. The whole world is happy.

Good luck to everyone and myself!

Thursday, January 08, 2009
Had a not-so-magical day
I am back in Singapore. I guess good times do pass extremely fast. Before you know it, it’s already over.

Disneyland’s Hollywood Hotel was pretty much a new and great experience for me. I’ve been to a few Disneylands, but had never stayed in any of their resort hotels, probably because of their gasp-inducing prices. But since they were having a promotion for the HK locals, we were able to get rather okay hotel rates. There was also this Stay and Play promotion which allowed hotel guests to visit the Theme Park for two days, but for the price of one. It’s pretty redundant anyway, since the theme park is small and can be easily covered in a day.

Expose us to a panoramic sea view too!

I know I’ve been telling everyone not to go the HK Disneyland because it’s small, the games suck and all that stuff, but now after visiting the theme park once again (very contradictory of course), my stand had very magically (Disney’s favourite word) NOT changed a bit.

The place is still small. Yes, it is.

The rides aren’t thrilling. Yes, they still aren’t.

The only thing I’m going to give them credit for is the addition of one new ride, Autopia and the new show, the Golden Mickeys. I’ll have to give Autopia my brutally honest comments. Riding a slow car with a track between the wheels just isn’t the thing for me. I prefer the Buzz Lightyear shooting game, whatever it’s called. All I know is you just grab the gun from its holder as your vehicle enters the play area, and start pulling the trigger wildly as you aim at targets to score points.

The Golden Mickeys show was fantastic. In my humble opinion, I think the shows are better than the games. Their shows involve a lot of cast members (Disney’s magical name for their staff) and they usually put up a great show.

There were no Parades, very regretfully. It’s not exactly the best time to visit the theme park, because their Christmas celebrations were over, and their CNY celebrations haven’t started. AND there were no parades, perhaps due to the fact that the dancers are preparing for the CNY one.

Disneyland aside, let me complain about this particular incident that almost spoilt the entire Disneyland stay. We had an enjoyable time in the Disneyland hotel. They had comfortable beds (lousy pillows though) and good service…

On this eventful morning, the sky was clear and the Disney birds were chirping happily while perched on a wobbly tree branch in an imaginary jungle where Snow White and her seven midget friends live. The frolicsome deers galloped across the green fields as they welcomed yet another beautiful morning.

A family of four dragged their bulky luggage, which contained the bounty they have collected over 18 days, over the pretty Mickey Mouse carpet wand-stitched by the Fairy Godmother in the hotel lobby and out through the exit. Today was the day the family returned to Singapore. The bell boys helped us with the luggage and beckoned for a taxi to drive up from the taxi stand.
As the vehicle pulled up, I caught a glimpse of the driver. Disheveled and messy, with a toothpick clamped between his rotting teeth. Poor toothpick, clamped between the yellowed teeth of a dickhead.

The bell boys and the driver loaded our luggage into the boot. Three luggage, 2 paper bags and a laptop went into the boot. We reached the airport in no time. The meter read $122.40. Usually, taxis charge another $5 for the use of the boot but his particularly greedy madman clicked on the “Extras” button (adds $5 to the fare with every click) as if it was the button on a faulty vending machine which failed to give him the packet drink he had already paid for.

He shamelessly added $30. When my dad asked him what that $30 was for, he said that it was for the SIX pieces of luggage we placed in his fucking boot. WTF?! Who in the right mind will count a laptop and the two bags as three pieces of luggage? Does this ignorant old man know the difference between a luggage and a bag? My dad argued with him and he reduced it to $20. Still a rip-off, we realized later as we remembered that the taxis we usually take only charge $5 for the use of the boot, regardless of how many luggage (and small little bags) you put in. But that was NOT enough for that greedy conman.

Recently, the taxi company revised the fare system. The new starting fare is $18, instead of the old $16. For short trips under $80, the fare under the revised system will be a bit more expensive than the old one. But for long trips above $80, the new fare will be cheaper. Taxis who have not altered their meter are supposed to display the conversion table somewhere obvious in the taxi, but for the case of this taxi, the only thing obvious was the driver’s fucked-up face.

There was no conversion table. And his meter started at $16.

*lightning flashes and Disney birds fall off the branch, scorched black with smoke spiraling from its burnt feathery head*

Very sadly, we only realised the fare thingy when we were already in the airport, which means it’s too late to question the driver. The good news is… We had the driver’s license plate and his name. We got the license plate because the Disney bellboy gave us this card with the crook taxi’s license plate which we are supposed to show the driver in case we didn’t how to converse with the driver in Cantonese.

My dad called up the Disney hotel to complain because since the taxi was from the hotel’s taxi stand, it is also the hotel’s responsibility to ensure that the taxis are reliable and will not overcharge their guests. After much complaining and laments about how unworthy it is to let a taxi tarnish the hotel’s reputation, the hotel called back soon after to inform my dad that…

The taxi came back to wait for more potential victims.

*Disney birds instantly revive and start chirping happily again while the humans rejoice by setting off the fireworks*

I can imagine the hotel people complaining after receiving my dad’s call, “Wahlao, how to find the taxi? Hongkong is so big, it’s like searching for a needle in the h…” and shuts up abruptly as they see the taxi entering their premises again.

I guess they confronted the conman, because they called back again to inform us that the conman admitted to overcharging us. He got blacklisted and will be barred from Disney’s premises, according to the Disney manager.

The driver’s integrity is only worth HKD $25 (SGD $ 5). I think he has conned many tourists before, but his scheming methods were always left unnoticed. We all bear witness to the man who lost his integrity due to his insatiable avarice.

Friday, January 02, 2009
What an Ass!
The visit to the Chimelong Zoo in Panyu was very educational, and partly hilarious as well. The best thing about the zoo that makes it stand out brightly is the fact that most of the animals are in close proximity with you. As in the tamer animals are probably just separated from you by a low glass wall, while the ferocious predators are separated by a full glass wall or a moat and some fence, thankfully. They housed several albino animals, like the kangaroos, lions and tiger.

I've witnessed things I've only once heard of, but not seen personally.

I've witnessed animal-to-animal assaults.

I've witnessed a species whose name must have been laughed at by millions.

I've witnessed so many asses, all which I will never ever forget. Never.

All here, in the Chimelong Zoo.

The first thing you will do when you go to the zoo or theme park is to grab and examine the map, right? Of course. My brother was examining the map in great detail and he suddenly laughed out loud. Pointing to a particular spot on the map, I looked where his finger pointed and broke out in guffaws.

I didn't know they had a wild ass loose in the safari park.

Initially, I thought it was a spelling mistake or something. You know how some China people who are not good in English create jokes using the language translator. But I was wrong. The species exist, and the name is CORRECT.

Be wary, peeps. Asses may be running loose in the Asiatic jungles next to you.

It turned out there were many more asses around the zoo.
There was the...

Thick-hide Leather Ass (belonging to the Rhino)

The Black-White Fur Ass (belonging to a panda, like duh, who was in the processing of clearing its bowels)

And lastly, the Grey Furry Cute Ball Ass!!!

Guess what animal does that furry ball of an ass belong to!!!





Won't that picture make you go AWWWWW?! These koalas are so cute even when they are sleeping! They seem to be smiling as they drift off to sleep! So adorable, I want to kidnap one of them, but again, maybe not. I may end up getting caught and thrown into the chimpazee enclosure. And BLOODY HELL NO will I ever allow that to happen! And it's isn't because of being locked, it is because of being locked with two chimpazees, one which eats... IT'S OWN SHIT.

It' so disgusting! I didn't see the chimp pop the shit into its mouth, but my dad did. He said it directly grabbed the shit as it egested it and then pop it into its mouth as if it is some delicacy. Yeah, only the dung beetle and this particular insane chimp will consider that a delicacy.

What I saw was it chomping the pile of dung and chewing happily, as if it was a gift from heaven. I even took a video of it. Eeew. I think even my camera will find it so disgusting it starts puking pixels.

Feel your lunch going the wrong way? Moral of the story: Never shake a chimp's hand.

Anyway, I witnessed two kangaroos fighting. I thought I saw images of kangaroos wearing boxing gloves before and I always wondered why they associated this boxing element with the hopping animal. Now I know why.

There was also an Orangutan that looks like a tiger.

And pandas that look like pandas. My favourite picture!

Since this post is primarily about animals anyway, I might as well talk about the Ocean Park seal. During the performance by the dolphins and seals, there was one seal that wasn't following instructions. When it was supposed to return backstage, it stood there beside the pool like a big blob of immobile blubber.

Should be the one on the right.

Two days ago, the HK news reported that one seal bit its trainer's arm. They made a big fuss out of it. Somehow, I have a feeling it's the same one.

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