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Friday, March 13, 2009
Now I see the difference
I just keep recalling how free I always was when I was in NCHS. It's like, so few projects and stuff. And now, exhibiting themselves in front of me are truckloads of tutorials, projects, CCA camps and some lame class video contest.

Lol, although I agree that the very thought of having a class MV contest for April's Fool Day is rather stupid and time-wasting, we still have to do it since its MANDATORY for reasons a sane mind will fail to discover.

Since we got to do it anyway, must as well make the best of it. And since the whole idea is LAME in the first place, it actually suits LAME and crappy people like myself. Haha, so Tzumi, Yicen and I were discussing about what we can include in the video and came up with parts we thought were funny. Notice the keyword is 'thought'.

We were discussing during the Chem lecture and I was so distracted that I didn't really catch what the lecturer said.

A picture of my class!!! Somehow, I feel that we are blending into the background as well. I guess, apart from mugging, NJCians are pretty good at camouflaging too.

Saturday, March 07, 2009
First class outing!
We had our first class outing today!

Not bad for a start, one-fifth of the class turned up!!! Which is erm, 5 to 6 people. LOL.

We went to Plaza Sing for the movie, Push. I liked the special effects and the different terms for the various people with different powers. The movie was shot in Hong Kong. Some parts are funny in a stupid way. Watch it and you'll know. The ending was quite cool.

"Put the gun in your mouth and pull the trigger"

Went to have our dinner at Kopitiam, after that we hanged out outside PS until like 9.30. Most of the time we were talking and gossiping.

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