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Thursday, May 31, 2007
31st may 2007
So anyway this is our camp photo, apjiaos are on the left. eh sry i pajiao, i mean the right =)
Last two days have been going to Home Team Academy for a 2 day course, as in from 8.30 to 5 course. complete waste of my time.

Sunday, May 27, 2007
27th may 2007
camp was uber uber fun! This was like the best adventure camp I've been to, seriously coz we get to do lots of amazing activities.
On fri, 1st day of camp, NP live shooting squeezed its ass into my schedule. The NP peeps had to go to schl as per normal and when the other sec 3s left for campsite, we had to go to the canteen and w8 for more than an hour, without the guidance of a teacher, which may be a good thing actually.
After a hour of gossiping and boring-to-hell, we FINALLY left for the HQ. And CONGRATUALTIONS to meself coz I got my marksmen badge! WEEEEE. BREN HELD A GUN AND SHOT! WEEEEEE. Amazing thing, I got 15 shots out of 18 into the box which gave 5 pts, 2 in the area outside the box that gives 2 pts and 1 stray bullet on the corner of the board, which unfortunately gives no pts.
Afater that, more w8ing and WAITING and WAITING, until like 5+ and me and stef missed the rock climbing part and challenge rope course (CRC).
When we entered campsite we joined our classes for dinner. The food was good for camp food but thinking of it, when u're hungry everything taste as good. *shrugs*
Then I cant rmb wat happened, I just rmb I was constantly (and I mean constantly) interrupted and jerked up from my womb of sleep by the thundering vibrating airplane noise (esp. SIA planes, they're blooday noisy) AND the instructors who gathered near the dorm screaming and laughing their hearts out. I did haf the urge to pour water down but I resisted anyway.
2nd was incredible. First up was FLYING FOX. OMG OMG it was darn fun. The scariest parts were when they asked you to step up on the metal slab which was at the edge of the platform and you could see everything in front of you as well as everything under you. *shudders* The other screaming part was when you jumped off the slab coz the line or cable or wateva you called it was quite loose (like duh coz if it's so tight it will snap when some fat guy slides (or roll)down) so when we jumped off we kinda plunged down a couple of centimetres before sliding down gleefully.
Next was abseiling. Fabulous experience.
If my memory didnt fail me, next was genreal station. Don't make me tell you bout it.
Next up, KAYAKING! The instructors asked us to lock hands and enter the vast sea, where puke from seasick people, faeces (biologically pleasant term) from seagulls and wateva i dont wan to noe, and microscopic worms join together in collaberation to form a homogenous mixture, seawater. YUCK. ok ok, it wasnt tt bad la. applied loads of sunblock before I get as roasted as stef. 0_0
after that improvies rafting, that was boring. We were using eye power all the way.
Campfire ok ok la, NP campfires are betta than that. But anyway had loads of fun.
What happened after dont have much significance so i'm not gonna post bout it.
But ladies and gentlemen, this is impt. *drums roll* THIS is something so important it can make shudder in fear, scream in horror, shriek in terror, shiver in fear and wateva that may scare you.
This is......
THE PA JIAO CLUB, involving the 6 major pa jiaos (cock-eye): me lishan jiapei huijing tzumi and stef. But apparently we have transformed from pa jiaos to severe mental disabilities coz during the camp we were looking elsewhere (eg. the sky, the floor, the water bottle, the person beside the person u're calling, depending on our degree of pajiaoness) blankly.
I guess we looked darn scary and undoubtedly insane.
But wateva, Stef has the most serious pa jiao and therefore she is the leader of the PajIAO club, founded 25 may 2007.
o= 0.o =o
CAMP WAS FUN FUN FUN, so was the PaJIAO club

Monday, May 21, 2007
21st May 2007
I cant believe I lost by a mere 0.1 and o.2 for the avrg score.
anyway, miss low said she went to pakistan last year for holiday. Of all places, miss low! Pakistan, wats a great choice.LMAO!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007
15 may 2007
Yeah, like exams are long over.
We got back practically all our results. Mine were better than I expected coz I was all lazing around during the whole time. Okay, so erm, the driving-me-crazy, time-becomes-eternity, questions-looking-like-aliens times are FINALLY over! A little late to say this, but oh well.
Anyway, I am so proud of myself coz I successfully shut a teachers BIG, Stinky, DISGUSTING mouth up by proving myself, TWICE. MUAHAHAHAHAHA.
Sec 3 Camp is like nxt Fri. Cant wait but will it be good? Yea, we are all expecting the Flying Fox and probably Abseiling but... the horrible sleeping area and the supposedly eerie places... Tell me bout it. Actually, please dont =)
I'll be going back to Hk on 8th June. YAY finally for some rest and peace. Will be skipping some NP "IMPORTANT" thing. Kinda glad. I cant commit myself to something I don't like. The feeling is disastrous. Huhhur. WHATEVER YOU DO, do what you like, not what u shud or wat u have to. and ignore the stupid CCA points thing, it's just one of the mean ways of indirect torture to one's emotions, mindset and watever BIG words i can chunk in.
I learnt it the hard way. I guess.
Coz now i'm stuck in it. And i cant quit coz of the points I oh-so-need.
Wateva, i"m outta here.

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