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Saturday, March 31, 2007
31 march 2007
Yesterday, Eunice and I plus 5 guys and a teacher went to Singapore Press Holdings for some Interview Workshop thingy specially for schools that subsribes to IN. Yeah, they made it sound we had TRUCKLOADS more of privileges. So anyway, this is how it looks like, minus the irritating palm trees that constantly prevented my camera lens to take a complete picture of the name and addition of the missing letter S,G,A,P,O,R,E,O, and I.

Miss Tan let me and Eunice take the Mercedes cabbie!!!! With a Mr Koo and another guy. We spent our time reading the Her World magazine from the pocket in front of my seat. To think a taxi uncle reads Her World, and it's a May 2005 issue furthermore. He probably left it there to rot. We were making so much noise I think the uncle hates us.

When we reached the auditorium it was so bloody early. Like 20 minutes from the commence of the whole thing. So meanwhile, I took a pic with a protuding head obstructing the whole pic. Thanks dude, thanks so much.

And when we were sitting there, a fat guy, who was the staff there, carried 7 thick books to passed it to us. I was thinking, WAH, SO GOOD, GIVE US FREE BOOK!
and it turned out to be this.

MEMOIRS OF LEE KUAN YEW. Like I care. The guy who later gave us the speech said we can use it as a door stopper. I found a better way to use it. Read on to know what the ingenious Eunice and me did.

So anyway here's the guy who wasted his saliva on us and kep emphasizing interviewing is common sensical but not so common and starts chuckling after that. But he's still Yeak Nai Chai, deputy editor of Life!. I think I read his article somewhere before.

Most, or actally all of the time Eunice and I were playing hangman. LMAO. Yeah, then remember Megan Zheng from Homerun. The pao ba hai zi thing? Yea, we were interviewing her. Photo of her, credits to Eunice Evil Lim coz all my shots are side shots, which apparently doesnt help much.
Honestly, her English sucks. AND I CANT BELIEVE she almost cant answer every question, which is kinda pathetic.

Then E and I were like, laughing at her answer all the and cracking up jokes. Even Mr Koo, who was sitting beside me laughed with us and even added on his comments, which are all negative.

Megan said she liked Robert de Niro. LMAO. And for the question of who she wants to act with, she said Nicholas Cage. I told Eunice, "Yea, she can be the World Trade Centre."

"*LOL* She will be in charged of collapsing"

"*LMAO* And Nicholas Cage can enter her body to save the living cells."

Horrendous laughs from E, me and Mr Koo.

One person asked Megan, "Do you think acting has affected your studies?"

M:" Nt really coz they film during the hols"

Eunice: She shud add a 'duh' behind.


Anyway guess wat Megan's dream is? To live in a 5-room bungalow with 4 dogs and 3 cats.

Me(pretending to pose a q. for her): Your dream is...(as stated). Do you mean you want 1 dog and 1 cat to stay on each flr so the remaining dog can live with you? And probably the last floor can be for the collection of poo to collect methane?

Lol. So lame.Anyway she's from Fairfield Methodist Sec and she's a sprinter. She probably found her talent for running when she filmed Pao Ba Hai Zi. Lol.

So after interview was tea break! Got sandwiches, kuehs and ribena. Coz we are carrying a bag and holding the LKY thick book, AND getting a cup of ribena AND a plate of food. Guess wat Eunice did.


A TRAY =]]

Monday, March 26, 2007
26th march 2007
I know it's like, kinda late to post for something that ended like 2 days ago, but... here goes.
So like I mentioned with hatred about the ALTC camp in my previous posts, guess what? I'm back and I'm still ALIVE!
But honestly and truthfully, the camp was millions better without the huge lump of blubber that has frowning eyebrows glued to that empty space between her eyes and her forehead and a protuding belly wearing shirts which printed "I'M SEXY".
Well, actually not literally, but the feeling you have when you read the fabulously disgusting descriptions is absolutely identical to the feeling we have when we see her.
So anyway, attendance for Sec 1 and 2 was full, I think. For Sec 3, it was 16/29 =).
Don't blame us, blame the blubber.
We fall in at 2pm in the Quadrangle and Stef and me, the forever lamers, started a countdown of 24 hrs. ROFLMAO. And we updated everytime we get to see the clock.
It was rifle drills. The stupid dummy rifle was so freaking heavy I don't know why they invented it for. Probably with the evil intention of breaking our wrists.
After drills was a MOTIVATION lecture. Then that guy went on and on about motivation. At that point I was motivated to sleep but I did not mention that so that I can still keep my life.
On and on it goes (I mean the camp), until it was dinner time. Darn it they made us eat in our houses.
Actually Stef and I so carefully and meticulously planned our dinner the day before the camp. We agreed that she will bring the cocktail sausages while I'll bring the longan. Then in the end we were in different houses so we can't eat together.
Sian. So I had to pair up with 2 Sec 1 cause' you know, yeah, I, being a responsible and awesome senior, I'll have to take care of my juniors... HAHA, bhb.
After dinner was campfire, except there was no fire and we were in the canteen sitting around a stage of benches and tables.
Our screams and cheers was controlled by the the lights. When the lights were off, we started cheering. When the lights were on, we started booing. ROFLMAO.
Let's skip the performance, cause' it isnt exactly very interesting, except for Extreme Elites' performance, cause it's my house =).
But during the whole 'campfire' me and Stef was constantly annoyed and disturbed by that guy who kept screaming in a weird way unnecessarily. And he was right behind me.
I asked him to shut up.
He didn't.
Fast forward to the next day. And yes, we were still counting down.
After a deemed FABULOUS breakfast of noodles we had this game. There were 4 stations. 1st was throwing a bar of wet soap to another member in the field. I seriously hope the grass don't get poisoned. 2nd was dunking your head into a box of flour to find a Polo sweet. Thank goodness I refused unless I would be in the same plight as Stef was in, cause' she got flour on her hair, mouth and her pathetic braces. FYI, I don't have braces =).
3rd was thrusting wide shots towards some water bottles about few metres away using tomatoes and apples with hope that we can somehow knock 3 down.
First attempt I actually knocked 2 down but I missed the crucial shot. SO all the way back we go to the pathetic soap bar that has grass embedded in it after being constanly tortured by falling onto the grass.
Finally, a 'Shen Tong', as we called him since he hit down like 3 and 4 bottles in 2 rounds, help us pass.
The 4th was eating 2 quarters of a watermelon. Actually we were doing pretty well until a fat obese boy in my house took two bites instead of one. But we can't really blame him (though we silently did), coz...
1. he was fat
2. fat means he can eat
3. he's hungry
4. he's greedy
5. the watermelon just look so tempting
7. he made us torture the bar of soap again
8. he made us repeat points 1,2,3,4
Anyway. Reflections bout the camp:
I thought the camp was pretty great, due to the fact that the fat thing that occupies half of the land Earth has was absent! But I totally disagree with the fact that a seemingly BORING guy had to teach us how to motivate people when these kind of thing can't actually be taught. I mean, it's like asking people how come there's a Sun. Totally futile.
I wonder why in every reflection we have to write what we learnt. Since you have a burning desire to know exactly what I've learnt, let me tell you dude. Stef and I successfully mastered the art of escapism! When we had to area clean, everytime the NCOs starts to complain about this part being dirty with stray maggi-mee strands, me and Stef sneaks away. When the NCOs said someone had to clear the on-the-verge-of-bursting rubbish bin, BINGO!, we ran away.
Therefore, I think that the camp was really fruitful for me since I successfully mastered this fabulous art without the need of a master.
I hope this satisfies you.

Thursday, March 22, 2007
20-smth march
tmr is ALTC camp.
it's 8.04 and i havent even packed my stuff.
but it's ok, coz i'll survive it =)
so anyway, today got bio pratical. We were doing tests for reducing sugars, proteins, fats and starch.
I think I was the first few to start doing the reducing sugar test so I threw the two tubes into the water bath. After like a couple of mins, the stuff in the testtubes turned red and orange. Then miss neo was like walking past when she stopped in front of me and asked, " Are you sure you added Benedict's solution?"
I was like, duh, of course i did?
And she was like, are you sure blah blah coz it's supposed to be blue.
So from what appears like, i did the experiment wrongly so I turned off the gas. Like 5 minutes later, when i turned around, you know, to see see, i saw everyone's testtube was the same colour as mine.
HAHA miss neo.
anyway when i was pouring ethanol into the testtubes i spilled some on my hand. I was totally suspicious whether i will spontaneously combust since it is rumoured (or fact?)that people do spontaneously combust and furthermore I had ethanol, which is so highly flammable, on my hands.
I washed it off hastily.
Won't be back home till sat 2pm.
i will miss my comp.

I love practical.

Saturday, March 17, 2007
11 march 07
I shall piss my blog off by reporting that HOLS ARE ENDING!!!
well, if you notice, everything about my blog is HOLIDAYS are ending or starting.
I mean, you can't blame me because hols are really ending.
Ok, kinda getting lame here.
anyway, spent most, or actually ALL of my time watching tv at home, you know, just idling, just watching the ceiling, watching the sky, watching whatever is in front of me, and pretending not to know that the hols are ending and I've yet to complete my assignments.
Yeah. I went to Hougang Mall on thurs with mum and I thought I almost got a heat stroke. LOL. Giddy. I think I almost fainted but I managed to reach home thought, crawling.
Yes, I was just kidding =)
Damn, nxt friday will be ALTC camp. I SO HATE CAMPS.
I will miss my bed.

Thursday, March 08, 2007
8 March 2006
Holidays are finally back!
*welcomes it with red carpet, thundering applause and ear-drum-damaging screams*
And out of the whole week, I only have to go to school on Friday for some silly story-telling camp. Haha. And I can't believed they called it the Amazing Story-Telling Camp. The name itself it's already so amazingly stupid. The course itself looks amazingly dumb. The aim, which is to teach us how to story tell, is also amazing CRAPPY.
So of course, it's of little doubt, that it is AMAZING.
Today we had NP. It was quite fun. I mean, compare with the days when we had to withstand the fiery elements of the weather DRILLING. AMAZINGLY, we didn't have to wear the dumbass uniform.
And they taught us how to SELF-DEFEND (includes lots of tackling, slow-mo demos, but luckily no breaking of limbs) and how the SAF soldiers do their guard duty.
Not bad *smiles weakly*.
Wasn't in a good mood these few days. Sighs. But nevermind, like Mrs Sim said, EVERYTHING ALSO NEVERMIND!
Have been drawing lots of pigs mocking teachers. DOODLING is a great form of leisure and entertainment during lessons. I wonder why publishers don't include "May Cause Drowsiness" labels on their textbooks. Especially Physics and SS.
But WTH, we have, like mountain loads of assignments for the holidays!
CRAP. And to think I was so RANDOMLY chosen to do a Total Defence survey. I hate Index No. 25! Teachers think, let's do multiples of 5. Great, I'm called upon to answer questions.
Another teacher thinks, hmm. Let's do multiples of 5 too. Awesome, I'm called upon AGAIN, this time to enlighten the class about some news report.
And a few days later, I get randomly chosen to do a bloody survey.
AND, I'm sitting in the first row and right in front of the teacher's table. WHEN I am seated according to Index No. Tell me people, what is so good about 25????!!!!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007
2 March 2007
no offence, but I'm just spelling Piss Off out to express the pissed-off mood in me, and not to criticise you that you don't know how to spell P.i.s.s.e.d o.f.f.
I hate to sit in front. Especially when I'm sitting exactly right in front of the teacher's table. Uh-uh, not impressive at all.
It's like, I stare at the teacher, the teacher stares back. Teacher smiles, I smile weakly, then pretend to be totally engrossed in something else, for example DOODLING on the newspapers.
My school life is full of doodling.
I love to draw, I love to do things I like.
But some bloody idiotic arse scolded me for doodling when I was supposed to do corrections. Yeah, I know it's wrong to be doodling during lessons, but come on, fool. Everyone is like, not paying attention to your OH-SO-INFORMATIVE lessons. Oh, is that a clue?
Well actually it is, if you get what I mean.
AND the only one you gave your strict warning to is me.
and you even told me some unnecessary things I don't want to be told, or at least, don't want to be told by you when you're giving out notes to the class.
It spoils my mood, for the WHOLE DAY.
Frustrated and angry.
Maybe next time when you feel that you have too much energy causing you undesirable hyperactiveness, trying kissing your own ass. That will definitely take you some time figuring that out.
Enough about pestering mosquitoes.
So anyway, for Physics, did quite bad.
Bio, averagely average. From almost whole class fail, it turned out only 2 failed.
I told you teachers are exaggerating devils.
Gonna change my blogskin soon. I've already done the graphics, will be up when I'm free and I have the FULL use of the modem.

Thursday, March 01, 2007
1st March 2007
Oh, it's already a new month.
And the new year's ending.
And common test is over.
But so much for these.
The scariest and most worrying thing ain't when you're taking the test, but when you're taking your results. And that's what I'm worrying about.
Coz' I already failed my Chinese paper and I ain't sure what else can shock me. I know I won't do well for Physics, definitely... And for Bio, almost whole class failed, which probably includes me too.
How exuberating can it get.

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